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[Cult] Court of Conflict


Bored Brit


Name of Cult: The Court of Conflict
Founding Members:
- Uriel Valhart [T4]
- Eren Abel [T3]
- Rowley Durandal [T2]
- Jorvun Aersvar [T2]
- Rolland Schiff [T2]


God of Justice, War, Conflict, Loyalty, Courage, Defence, Honor
Storms and Unending Endeavor

1» Hold true to thy given word.
2» Fester not thy body to disrepair.
3» Do not abandon diplomacy out of lust for war.
4» Defend those that cannot defend themselves.
5» Do not betray thy companions, people, or traditions.
6» Tremble not upon the field of battle, but always
remember the better part of valor.


Cult Type: Mystery Cult.
Mission Objective: The Court of Conflict is a sect of the Valiant faith
that is focused on following Valiant's tenets and ideals closely. Their
divergences from the standard faith are found in their stalwart belief in
the eponymous group of Archangels that comprise the court of Valiant,
the belief that Valiant is the God of Storms and also of Brotherhood. It
is common practice for members of the Cult to refer to each other as
Brother and to refer to Valiant himself as Father. Some members have
also taken to naming a 'Patron Archangel' akin to a real-world Patron-
saint and follow Valiant in a manner that reflects both the God and their
chosen archangel.


-The Valiant Order is founded. It is the sole Valiant sect until Raalvara
Varyn disappears.
- The Sons of Valor is founded. It is Uriel Valhart's cult intended to take
on the role of the Valiant Order in Raalvara's absence, but also to uncover
secrets about Valiant such as the Court of Conflict and its mantle.
- Raalvara returns briefly. The two cults coexist until Raalvara's second
- Uriel invites members of the Valiant Order into the Sons of Valor in an
attempt to consolidate the faith. It is successful for a time but cracks begin
to show in the redundancy of both existing. There are also OOC issues -
with the Valiant Order being a Cult of Perpetuity and the Sons of Valor a
Mystery Cult.
- A reformation is discussed. The Court of Conflict is founded to replace
both cults which are promptly disbanded. The Cult's aims are promptly
discussed and agreed upon. It is decided that once the aims are met, the
cult will shift into a Perpetuity to ensure the changes are not reversed.


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