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[Cult] Nameless Coven


Daedric Prince
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[Not Common Knowledge]
The Coven of the Nameless is a Cult dedicated to the Figment, Magic. They believe that this Figment, as well as the resurrection of the Arcane in this world indicates a return of the ancient goddess,
She Who is Beyond Names.
The Coven exclusively only allows those with some capacity for the arcane, taking a bit more favor in those with power and competence. However, all mages are the children
of Magic, and none will be turned away so long as they are deemed to hold potential, and have proven their mettle otherwise. The sole purpose of the Cult is to empower Magic and help her collect her desired
domains, in order to apotheosize her into a Heretical Deity. "Magic has bestowed power upon us, and it is us that should return this favor."

The intentions of the coven itself is to expand their knowledge of the arcane and share magical wisdom amongst one another, to cast spells in tandem and perform ritual workings of any sort, to navigate the
Infinity and other realms beyond in search of power and insight, as well as the collecting of arcane artifacts and tomes for various purposes. To become an official member of the Coven, a mage that
is brought in must undergo an initiation that formally interweaves them with the rest of the circle. (It should be noted that any who join are not required to partake in the veneration aspect, though will
be unable to access some of the Coven's resources in turn.)

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Art Credit:
John William Waterhouse - The Magic Circle
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Daedric Prince
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The ritual begins when the initiate signs their name in blood in the Black Book, effectively signing off their soul to the rest of the coven, and the in turn the coven's souls are
bestowed unto them as well, binding the initiate to the circle in full. The rest of the process remains a secret, they step into the initiation as a meager mage, and step out with
the esteemed title of "Witch," or "Warlock." Some remain as a 'Neophyte' even after initiation until their gift and understanding of the arcane waxes in full.
For the Witch or Warlock that wishes to rise into the ranks of the Clergy, they undergo an additional initiation rite to display their reverence and loyalty to the Figment Magic.
Upon completion, they gain their deeply respected title of 'High Priest' or 'High Priestess.' These men and women offer spiritual counsel to the rest of the Coven, among other
important duties.
One night of each month, the Cultists of the Coven gather beneath the night sky to collectively praise Magic. They spend the duration of the evening providing offerings, casting,
and reveling - likely under both magical and substance influence.
A goal of the Coven is to gather proficient Witches &/or Warlocks from each Arcane school, in effort to divert from the necessity of Divine Resurrections. While this is provided to
Coven members that wish it so, it shall also be offered to the public for those that actively seek it - though everything comes with a price.
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Generally uninitiated or inexperienced mages remain in this tier of the hierarchy. Upon completing initiation, any inexperienced mages will be nurtured and encouraged to progress
in their gift, to rise to the ranks of the rest of the Coven.
The very blood, flesh, and bones of the Coven. Every member, Cultist or not, is regarded highly by one another - as each are a valuable component of keeping the organization breathing.
Members are tasked with exploring the depths of the arcane and exhuming hidden knowledge together, to contribute findings to the coven, teach each other spells & discover gestalts,
and to offer magical services to the public in exchange for coin & artifacts.
They remain Witches & Warlocks, though have a small increase of authority over the Cultists within the circle. The Coven's clergy serve as spiritual guides to members, as well as
official advisors to the leader. They are also trusted to conduct larger summonings, as well as assisting in arranging the Sabbaths each month.

The leader of the Coven. The High Sorcerer or Sorceress performs initiation rites, conducts summonings of Magic and other beings, banishes members as necessary, and generally
preserves order within the organization while also being provided the same tasks as everyone else. Serves as a guide & mentor to all who seek such.
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