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[Cult] The Fortune Runners


Better than sliced bread

The Fortune Runners
Nothing Venture Nothing Gained

The bold, adventurers, drunkards all scramble. None back down from any gamble.
Where Jax's realm is gold and gilded. We rummage through caves and pick up what's spilled in.
Treasure and glory, to sit in retirement. All shall reach it if they fit the requirements.

The Cult & Mission
The Fortune Runners have existed for years acquiring treasures from the snowy ruins to the sandy wastes. To hunt treasure, seek adventure, and live life to the fullest extent. To die in the name of adventure is to have lived an exciting life. A risk that most men and women of Jax are willing to take in order to gain, so the saying goes. A great treasure lays waiting to be claimed. To seek it is our mission.

Tenets of Jax
-You shall chase all opportunities, to better thy standing upon these lands. "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"
-You shall honor all debts and oaths, and give largely to those who do so in return
-You shall not reveal your entire hand in one play
-You shall resist temptations of blinding greed

+ Cymic [Blessed] Cymic_
+ Agnar [Aspirant Blessed] Kamaoe
+ Korchek [Runner] Squidziod
+ Joakim [Runner] Ced
+ Kethron [Runner] Heie
+ Cloud [Runner] Jeroxia

The organization is going through a reboot, PM me if you are interested, or wish to opt out from the runners.
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