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[ Cults ]


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Divine Organisations

Cults are a formal gathering of like minded individuals dedicated to the faith and worship of a Divine or Entity. Through their strength in numbers they receive boons and rewards for their efforts, with enough long standing worship said to make changes possible.

Some cults are formed with one main goal in mind, whilst others will gain and complete goals over time, which is entirely up to the founder of the cult to decide with direction. Cults are not limited to having some members be of higher rank than others, nor is the founder punished if someone is removed from the faith, though they will be expected to remove said members from the cult if they have caused offense to their Divine in question.

Members do not need to be blessed, but should at least have either an ‘Unranked’ profile or a clearly stated section of their faith on their character profile, and they should be at least the age of twelve (allowing for younger characters to partake, though Founders must be adults). Mages can be part of Cults, and members can be in up to two cults if the Gods do not conflict (Jishrim and Shalherana for example would not work). You can contact divine staff to clarify if it’d be okay.
It is also possible to have a Cult for something like ‘Magic’ or ‘Shoreless’, but these non-divine entities do not grant Graces or get results in the same way and are very much a case-by-case basis.

As a disclaimer, it should be noted that whilst players are able to try any number of things under this system, it is not a guarantee to it being successful.


To form a cult you must post in the Cult section of the forums using the format below, ensuring to update it with members (or keep an additional private log if its members are secretive for Divine Staff to see). Events hosted specifically for the Cult should be logged, even if it’s meetings, with a brief note on what occurred for it to be of note.

CULT NAME: Light of the Dark Sun
FOUNDER(S): Character and Character
[URL goes here]
“This event was a meeting to discuss as a group if we want to seek out the holy grail”
[x] Seek out the Holy Grail
[x] Try to shift Ignis to accepting there are other Gods to be worshipped
Character (IGN)
Character (IGN)

There are ranks within Cults that make boons and bonuses available to you, eventually allowing requests for events with goals in mind. These rankings apply automatically when you have achieved the requirements, you do not need to submit anything, but you should update your Cult page to reflect it. Rank one is the rank set when a Cult is first formed.
You can be in a maximum of two cults if it works - Being in two opposing cults does not make sense and if your worship is not genuine and it is to bump up numbers you will be removed from it. Don’t do that.
Rewards given such as items do not get re-given out if the cult goes back to rank one and up to rank two again, but the graces will be removed and then re-applied.

To have your Cult be rank two, you must have the following:
[x] Five members of the cult, regardless of being blessed or not.
[x] Have achieved a total of at least five Cult events.
[x] Have completed at least five goals thematic to the Cult/Divine.
[x] One Grace from the options under ‘Graces’, from the options available to their Divine.
[x] The addition of one free casting per day of a 1SP tier one spell.
[x] A minor divine trinket that is given to all members of the cult (such as a marble, ring, quill, etc) upon approval by the divine team (apply via ticket).
[x] A cult event focused on achieving a minor goal such as seeking a lost artifact for example, but discuss this with the divine team. This may become a chain of three events or less, depending.
Cults based around non divine entities can submit a ticket to see if they can apply for something like the minor trinkets, but do not get a Grace.
To have your Cult be rank three, you must have the following:
[x] Ten members of the cult, regardless of being blessed or not.
[x] Have achieved a total of at least ten Cult events.
[x] Have completed at least ten goals thematic to the Cult/Divine.
[x] A secondary Grace from the options under ‘Graces’, from the options available to their Divine.
[x] A ‘Cult Artifact’, a sacred relic of sorts that is in possession of the Cult itself. Submit this under the same format as a Divine Artifact.
[x] A ‘Cult Marking’ if desired, a sort of brand/tattoo/scar that is the same for all Cult members and can have unusual qualities (such as being like shimmering gold). Submit a request for approval via ticket to the divine team.
[x] A set of Cult events focused on the keeping or stealing of a Mantle, at the discretion of the divine team. There is also a chance of creating a new Mantle (or claiming one that has not been ‘claimed’ yet). This should be discussed.
[x] A submission for speaking to an Archangel of their Divine to try and discuss the changing/tweaking of a tenet or domain. This is not a guarantee, and must be discussed.
Cults based around non divine entities can submit a ticket to see if they can apply for something, but do not get a Grace.

Mantles are functions of the universe which were maintained by the Immortal Kings, but following their deaths were left to stagnate and run the risk of either failing or simply no longer functioning properly. The Gods took up these Mantles, and they act as prestigious, powerful points of responsibility for the Gods.
Gods which hold Mantles affect and change them in meaningful ways. Shalherana has vested interest in things being born and for life to prosper -- but under Jishrim, life is not quite the same.
When a cult to a God is made, every cult to that God -- no matter how prestigious, how new, or how ineffectual that cult may be -- gets the passive benefits of their God’s mantle.

The Mantle of Life, Held by Jishrim.
Cult members may revive wrong, children born not seeming normal.
The Mantle of Death, Held by The Grey Lady.
Cult members know instinctively if any loved one or cult member has died, feeling the pang of loss.
The Mantle of Decay, Held by Skraag.
Cult members are immune to infection, seeming a little thin.
The Mantle of the Sun, Held by Ignis Synnove.
Cult members cannot be blinded by any light, always comfortably warm.
The Mantle of the Moon, Held by Visage.
Cult members can see as if they hold a faint light source at all times.
The Mantle of Conflict, held by Valiant.
Cult members are unaffected by the smells of carnage and blood, seeming more toned.

Upon a Cult reaching rank two, the founder/s may choose to apply one of the Graces to the Cult, applying to all members. It must be from the options available to their Divine (Ignis cults may only pick from Ignis Graces). At rank three, a second one may be applied.
At rank two all Cults get the following in addition:

[x] They get one free cast of any tier one spell that is 1SP per day. Does not include universal spells. Must be of their Divine.

[x] Small white and green flowers grow throughout their hair and occasionally on their clothing.
[x] Small creatures have less fear towards them, occasionally landing on them (such as butterflies).
[x] Their touch may provide a subtle sense of comfort, and calmness.
[x] Webbing occasionally forms over parts of them, their clothing, and their hair.
[x] They occasionally make clicking or skittering sounds, and seem a little twitchy.
[x] Their touch can instil a subtle sense of unease and discomfort.
[x] Their voice becomes more metallic in tone, and louder, more bold.
[x] Clapping their hands or hitting a surface sounds like something metal hitting the surface.
[x] Their touch can subtly inspire a creative urge.
[x] Their skin feels softer, holding a healthy glow to it, and carrying a floral scent.
[x] Flower petals are found throughout their hair and upon their clothing from time to time.
[x] Their touch reminds others subtly of a loved one or fond memory.
[x] Steam from held cups or their breath in cold environments seems more like mist.
[x] Rain that falls upon them includes occasional snowflakes instead.
[x] Their touch can be a little cold and subtly give a sense of calm.
[x] They carry the air of the sea with them wherever they go.
[x] Gold and silver gleams brilliantly when in their possession.
[x] Their touch may provide a subtle sense of joy and merriment.
[x] Feathers and leaves can be found in their hair from time to time.
[x] They take on a natural smell, such as pine, mint, or even floral scents.
[x] Their touch can instil a subtle sense of clarity and focus.
[x] Rain appears blood red when it lands on them, though fades to normal within a few moments.
[x] Small insects are occasionally found upon or near them, such as locusts, flies, or maggots.
[x] Their touch can remind others subtly of a bad memory or nightmare.
[x] When rain falls upon them, some of it seems to steam away.
[x] Harmless embers or flakes of ash can appear upon them or nearby, flickering away upon contact with a surface.
[x] Their touch can be somewhat warm.
[x] Their voices become somewhat louder and more commanding in tone.
[x] Metallic items upon them occasionally hold a blue or red sheen to them.
[x] Their touch can instil a subtle sense of bravery.
[x] Reflective surfaces become a little clearer to them, be it water, mirror, or polished steel.
[x] Their voices become a little softer, quieter.
[x] Their touch may remind another of something from their past.
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This system replaces existing Cult passives - Characters find they will undergo a shift however you wish to emote it. Please update current Cult pages if you can. I'll make a FAQ thread for questions but I'm not blargtheawesome and won't be so dedicated. Mystery/other cults are no longer a thing, every cult is a cult in this system.


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+ Mages are now able to be in Cults and will get the Grace benefits if applicable.


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+ You can have an Unranked profile or a dedicated section on your character profile for those with no intent of going for the blessed system.