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[Culture] The Frostpeak Clan

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T H E - F R O S T P E A K - C L A N

"In days long since passed, when the children of Korog were numerous, there stood the great Dwarven Kingdom. The days of Yearnen are oft remembered as our people's finest hours. In those days we were united under one banner. Oh, the glory that was felt when we stood 'neath the flying banner of Lars and of Hrothgar! Yet it was nothing compared to the pride in our hearts when we stood side by side in our clans, forged as one and built to last. Alas, with time, the bonds of unity once shared between our people began to crack and crumble away, and we can no longer boast the same numbers as we once did, but we will not forget our roots. We will not forget the call of the mighty Frostpeaks, for we will reforge those bonds with the burning passion that fuels our inner furnaces."
- A Frostpeak Clansman, talking to his brethren.

A true Dwarven Clan is something quite unique; the fires of the forge burn brighter than the warmth shared between a traditional family, and the desire to strengthen its own standing is pursued far more fiercely than any noble house. A claim to have originated one of the Three Clans is no small thing; as to pledge your allegiance to a Dwarven clan is to accept your duty and set aside your personal ambitions so that you may become a singular stone in a great monument that dates back eons.

The Frostpeak Clan was one of three core clans that Korog brought to being, perhaps even the strongest of the three. Unlike the mining folk of the Deepforger clan or the metalworkers of the Duskhammer clan, the Frostpeaks were the stock from which the Kings of Yearnen saw fit to recruit their generals, commanders and infantry. After all, it was an uncontested fact that the Frostpeaks were a hardy folk forged with stubborn hearts and fierce resolve. Even as the years passed and the Kings of Yearnen faded into the pages of history, and the Frostpeaks were forced to integrate with the surface societies, it was no rare sight to see a clansman seeking to bring honor and glory to his ancestors under a foreign banner.

As the slow crawl of history seemed to finally accelerate, away from tradition and away from the Dwarger’s favor, the Frostpeak Clan came to terms with the loss of the age of the Dwarves and of honorable battle. The honed swing of a trained warrior was now performed whilst clutching a hammer and nail, replacing the lost pillars of their clanship with the scaffolding of a new life of hard work and its rewards. Calloused hands learned to treat scrolls and books with respect and reverence while axes and bows collected dust on their weapon racks. Determined to never again lose themselves to the unforgiving passage of time, they poured over every scrap of information on their lost tradition. Piece by piece, forgotten tomes were rebound. One by one, the hearth-families of the lost clan stepped forward as one to reclaim their history.

BoredBrit for premise and initial writeup.
AkteDutch for compiling his thoughts and
making them more coherent and read better.

(Lore Note- This is an initial pitch. There is potentially more to come when writing and collaberation is complete. With interest of release, the pitch is published to promote the main aspect of the culture in the mean time)
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