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Da cludnae tahkul a da naeurba maddurs a da Irrsten benbin a Korog


Bored Brit
T A H K U L - A - D A - N A E U R B A
M A D D U R S - A - D A - I R R S T E N
F A M U Z - A - D A - D W A R G A R

Az writah a stena byr Kristoff Stenashieldar; Syggyt a Irrsten, benbin a Erik Stenashieldar;
locunae Kharuz a Dunasten. Thir tahkul zull kold da vraw thar oal goarnae et sarud zull eta
magh goar. Korog kourt oal wo eta speza et kartar dem ta da durrzus spak et lenir dem dar.

Mour magh goar.


Altatirr-Kharuz Grief
Da barruz a Altera et oal wo mour a di.
Da baruk a Karuk-Thol ta da graitmagh.
Da baruk a Thraall ta da graitmagh.
Da magh a da 'Greylings'.
Da magh a da 'Earthspawn'.
Da magh a da 'Moor Elves'.
Da burd a Altera.


Kharuz Hrothgar
Fer lenir da Dwargar.

Magh goar a mour.

Kharuz Krummi Stenahurr
Fer da thyv a da Crawn.
Fer da barruz a Jaret.

Magh goar a mour.

Khorug Stenahurr
Fer da ruegn a Erik Stenashieldar.
Fer da locunae a Dunasten.

Kharuz Thordil Barumur
Fer kold Erik Stenashieldar frem har famuz.
Fer thyv da Crawn a Dunasten.
Fer thyv da Crawn a Dwargar.
Fer eta truznae khorug a Korog.

Kam Hakiaz
Fer da mour a Kristoff Stenashieldar.

Oal da Bagerak
Fer da thyv a da ruegn a Kublai Kull.

Da Bwabo
Fer deyr barruz a Hurr Nor.

OOC: An IC book kept IG by Kristoff Stenahurr, written on the forums for ease of formatting and access.
Translation on the post below.


Bored Brit
The book of unresolved matters of the Frostpeak clan of the Dwarves.

As written in stone by Kristoff Stoneshield; Chief of the Frostpeaks, son of Erik Stoneshield; King of Dunasten. This book will hold the promise that all wrongs and hurts will be made right. Korog judge all who are named and take them to the cursed place and leave them there.

Death makes right.

Queen Grief:
For the war with Altera and all who died in it.
For the loss of Karuk Thol to the Exodus.
For the loss of Thraall to the Exodus.
For making the Greylings.
For making the Earthspawn.
For making the Moor Eles.

King Hrothgar:
For leaving the Dwarves.
Made right in death.

King Krummi:
For stealing the crown.
For attacking Jaret.
Made right in death.

Khorug Stenahurr:
For the corruption of Erik Stoneshield.
For the fall of Dunasten.

King Thordil Barumur:
For keeping Erik Stoneshield from his family.
For stealing the crown of Dunasten.
For stealing the crown of Dwargar.
For being a false prophet of Korog.

Kam Hakiaz:
For the murder of Kristoff Stoneshield.

All the Giants:
For the ruin of Kublai Kull.

The Bwabo:
For the war for Hurr Nor.