Finished [Dec. 22nd 4 EST/9 GMT] Funeral of Duc Henri Bayard & Francis de Courtnay


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[Found art online, by Frank Hong, link to his deviant art:]

While Thorne’s farms are replanted, its walls reinforced, and its laws reformed, a final event is prepared to dedicate the end of a period of suffering. The corpses of the fallen have been periodically and carefully collected and brought to the newly constructed catacombs beneath the Cathedral, designed by Mikhail of Thorne.
However, there is one corpse that has yet to be laid fully to rest. Sir Podric Flanders invites all who knew Duc Henri Bayard in his life to come to the City, to witness as what remains of his mortal flesh is burned, so he may fully ascend to the embrace of the Lightbringer.

Following the public funeral of Henri Bayard, a private ceremony will be held for Lord Francis de Courtnay, killed on the first day of the final assault against the Blight.

Priest/Priestess/Religious Leader: Sir Podric Flanders
Public/Private: Public.
Temples or Shrines Involved: The Cathedral of Thorne.
Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved?: Indeed.

Where: Thorne.
When: Tentatively, December 22nd at 4pm EST/1pm PST/9pm GMT
What: The Funeral of Duc Henri Bayard, along with a sermon to Ignis Synnove.
Classification: Moderate, but feel free to engage in Godly Shenanigans.
Tags: Archbishop Lannis BoredBrit

Hey, look another thread. There's a lot of stuff I've been meaning to do, and this should be my 2nd to last thread for the near future.​


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I will be on a plane right around then. Can maybe do it this Wednesday, otherwise I will be busy for a little while with holidays.


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Hey Luam is this on the 21st as is was put into the calendar or the 22nd as it says on the thread?


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Should mention for anyone attending:
The cathedral is the southernmost building in the city, and the biggest aside from the main palace build. Might be starting a bit late to wait for a couple people