Upcoming [Dec. - TBD] Festival of Renewal


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Through a period of ill, as we overcome monsters beyond what many thought imaginable, we must rebuild and regrow. To commemorate this morale, a festival will be held with available amenities for all people that attend. It will announce a new era where we will work together regardless of creed. We cannot just depend upon chance to make our way, though it helps; we must instead make our own luck.


What: A religious calling for those of Sallana, Korog, and even of Jax, as well as any others to help commemorate the start of rebuilding in the wake of crisis. No DM required.
When: TBD.
Where: TBD.

Confirmed* Attendees:
Olga Stonecutter Kamaoe
James Varyn TheDeester

Will add more event details as they are affirmed.

Relevant tags: Lannis, Jazzper, Kamaoe, Cymic_, Rossu, Ruu, Charybdis, RagingLunacy
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