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Finished [Demonicon] The Quest for the Final Book


An Alteran Bard
The Hunt For The Demonicon
The Quest for the Final Book
Demonicon book 3c.png
The crabs were left alone, but the Red Finned Ferocity wasn't too kind on the flesh.
With the third book found and yet more pieces fitting to the mysterious broken hourglass,
the party solved the riddles and now sets out to find the true Demonicon!

What is this event?
The book hunters will travel the Ashlands in search of the Demonicon.
If and once it is found, there is but one final event where they may attempt to reach it.

How to join?
We're fully booked! (get it?)

[Reserved slots 8/-]
Aelnic - Astalgon
Freia - Goldbeean
Candice - Galaxy
Luna - Opal
Miya - Sir
Xozu - AionTbird
Avalyn - Juvix_
Andrew - Mr.Slime
Kethron - Heie
? - Possibility some more of the party may be able to make it once the thread is up.

Date & Time
Sunday, 14th of November
8 pm CET

Starting location
You'll be TP'ed!
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An Alteran Bard
This is in about 7 hours and 45 minutes from me posting this. Try and be a few minutes early, we start at 8pm CET sharp.


Lord of Altera
Something last minute has come up. I won't be able to attend, though I hope you all have a blast!