Rare Desert Spirits


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Colossal (~11ft.) plated creatures, only departing the earth once they've exited their yet unseen pupae stage. Plates vary from a burnt maroon to a drab brown. It's 6 legs are spindly and thin things, with the beast only able to retain balance when standing on all of them at once. Two long sets of wings emerge from there too, directly beside a long, straight tail that holds thin barbs along the plating.

The creature's giant maw has teeth outward on each side over a mouth that lacks them. It looks as though to be smiling, but likely only for the giant spherical eyes it has, marked by a polygonal shape.

The Desert Spirit naturally resides in the dry, arid desert.

They tend to nest in sand traps created in their larval state, taking to digging deeper as they grow. Loose sand is of course preferable for this reason. They are not territorial creatures but will gravitate away from others of the same gender.

The creature is omnivorous, but remains strays from the threat of pursuing humanoids. It will sooner attack spiders, scorpions or snakes in pursuit of a meal. If lacking the above it will devour root and grubs from it's sandtrap and cactus when in desperate need. Because of it's raw size it must eat often, the ill-equipped prone to starvation.

It is wont to emulate a sort of "song" that appeases other desert-dwellers, often luring them to the creature's sandtrap. If it is unable to do so it will depart the sandtrap to find prey. Predation begins with giant wings kicking up storms of sand to disorient prey as it descends on them.

Dormant in nature, the desert dweller does not often depart the nest lest it need food or it has detected stress in nearby sapient life, via it's own cogimency. It is capable of communing with others, but cannot speak directly. Thoughts are primitive and alien, often just images or feelings. For this reason it feels an inclination with humanity and other sapiens and the particularly bold may intervene on behalf of those in trouble. Should humans not take to it, it is quick to flee.

The Desert Spirit's ability to fly impedes it from carrying large creatures on it's back, as it's wings are built to pull objects from the earth, rather than push. It is not timid, and will unfurl loose growls when threatened.

Lifespan: Downwards of 15 years.

Aging: An adult form will live up to 5 years, larvae needing around 7 and pupae around 3. In the latest stages of life, their wings will begin to weaken and break down, no longer able to carry their bodies. They die of starvation.