Discord Ban Appeal


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To the esteemed Staff and Players of Hollowworld,

I'd like to initially apologise for my statement regarding culling the Chinese and to also clarify that this statement does not in any way represent my true feelings - a joke, poorly told and in bad faith. I see no reason for such a joke to be made and understand much more clearly now the limits of what is humorous and what is not. I would also like to apologise to any Chinese players we have who were offended by my statement - I did not mean offence and certainly did not mean to cause distress to anyone.

I would therefore request, that having served my time away from Discord as penance and thought about how to improve my behaviour, if I could be un-banned.

I feel there is little else that needs to be said, other than another apology for other jokes I have made that, while not ban worthy, were perhaps too crude in nature to be acceptable.

Thank you in advance, and I hope summer is treating you all brilliantly,



Hi [Unsuspecting Comment], I'm Jazzper
Staff member

Apologies for this having taken a little while.
We have thoroughly discussed your appeal, and have decided not to lift the Discord ban for now.
Several times before, you were warned about your behaviour in regards to the Discord Guidelines.
You were later kicked for breaking them, a few days before the ban.

In addition to the apology for your behaviour that you have already provided, we first wish for you to ensure you have read and understood the Discord & Me guidelines.
Once you have, you may appeal once more in a week's time.

Hollowworld Moderation


Magus of Nothing
Hired Gun
Just curious what the extra week hopes to achieve with regards to reforming my errant behaviour?

I've read the guidelines.