Discord ban request ("warning" for some reason)


Lord of Altera
I am requesting to be unbanned from the discord server. I dont think my meme is inappropriate if it Is I want a explanation.

There was no nudity, nothing racial or anything bad in my opinion although that is my perspective. I just want to know how this meme can be offensive to anyone. I got it can be or get political and I am deeply sorry about that. The meme in question is.....



Staff member

Just to clarify, you've posted three versions of this same meme and we're aware of the meaning of it. Not quite appropriate for the server. There was also another image you posted, that was very creepy and were warned about that as we had to remove. Continuing to post such things led to the ban. I'll pass this on to other staff to have a look and the team will get back to you.


The Shadow Admín
Retired Staff
Discussions were had among staff and we're going to keep you banned from our Discord for the time being given the dual factors of multiple warnings and your no longer being a member of the community. The Discord channel in general is meant to be used by members of the HW community, which you posted back in June 18th that you have left permanently. If in a couple months time you still wish to communicate we are willing to lift the ban from discord.