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Discord & You: Staff Involvement

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Greetings Alterans,

Due to a recent influx of inquiries pertaining to Moderation's policy regarding matters that occur on Discord, we felt the need to clarify through an announcement.
The HW Discord is subject to the HW Code of Conduct, which is outlined in the Discord & You thread. Conflict that occurs within personal Discord chats/messages are subject to the same manner of guidelines outlined within the 'Involving Staff in RP/OOC Disputes' section of this thread.

Should anyone exhibit offensive/harmful behaviour within the official HW Discord Server, we encourage you to report it. Should it take place on Discord within personal chats or PMs, we advise leaving the chat or blocking the individual. If you find an individual within the HW Community that you simply clash with, please take these measures to ensure that you stop it in its tracks and it does not escalate further. Should any conversation go into a direction you are uncomfortable with, please make it known immediately. Tell the other(s) involved no, and request that they stop. Should they continue, please block the individual.

That said, Moderation will take it seriously should you truly feel harassed or unsafe. Even though we are most often limited in what we can advise or do, we will look over any and all reports made regarding (sexual) harassment, ostracizing or similar behaviour. Should you wish to discuss matters in a more personal and less official manner, please feel free to discuss this with any Moderator. Even though we might not be able to help in any official capacity, it is our hope that we can still alleviate any issues and assist you in handling the matter in the best way possible. The Moderation Team currently consists of Kam, Ruu, Rygan and Myself (for future readers, check here), and we can all be reached through Discord should you wish to talk in a more informal manner. Do note that casual responses given by members of the Moderation Team within these personal (and potentially 'off the record') conversations do not count as an official Moderation response, and should therefore not be used as such.

Kind regards,
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