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Discord & You

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Discord & You

Discord is a voice and chat site for players of the server to communicate. As this is a feature Discord hosts and we allow players in by invite, our rules still apply and roll over into Discord. Including the {TOS} {Kings Law} {Player Conduct}. Players are responsible for how they act and speak as they would be on the forums and server. All server rules apply. Staff on Discord will be moderating it when needed.

+Don't be mean. We will continue to promote a welcoming community, and this means pressuring, harassing, discrimination or bullying other players is unwelcome and will be met with bans on discord and/or our other platforms. Jokes are fine within friend groups, but outside the scope it comes off as rude or aggressive. Tread carefully. If you mess up, just apologize to the person in question. Any suspicions, reports, or chat proof will be in light of the reporter’s view.

+Images must be appropriate. If you can’t post it on the server, it shouldn’t be posted on Discord. The same goes for statements/phrasings.

+Recording is only allowed on the server if all parties taking part consent in text and the Server allows it. Recording and consent of it has been in question since it first came up. After some discussion, the server now sticks by this statement in regards to recording itself.

You must make a conversation with a staff member, server owner and players involved if a recording is to occur. Please do not record in the Lobby. The appropriate channels for approved recordings will be: Recording Station. Report any such behavior if it occurs.

Example: Podcasts are allowed. Secretly recording someone isn’t.

+Additionally- If you've donated to the server, we can update your rank to match with the color chosen. Just post in the lobby of discord and make sure your Discord ign matches your forum/server one so that available Staff can confirm who posted.

Credit: Antilogy for guide on recordings
Solus for setting page up & rest

BoredBrit Warwolf for the Discord color initiative​
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