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Dissolution of the Fuvurian Empire


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- - -

Let it be known that the Fuvurian Empire is no more, formally disbanded to release all vassals from their oaths and fealty. The lands of New Veilmere, Sanardu, and New Riseport (Otherwise known as Veil Isle) will be ruled by the Autarch, Lady of House Fuvur, Aelyth Fuvur, and remain part of the Fuvurian Dominion. The silver crown of Fuvur will remain in the possession of the Autarch, and should future heirs see fit to reclaim the titles of old, they may do so.

- - -

OOC: Aelyth is Autarch/Lady and rules my regions still, but an Empire is huge and I do not have the time nor energy to keep it going as one. In being smaller scale I can feel like the presence it has on the world is alright to feel lesser, and any vassals no longer have an empty Empire over them. If you want to RP about stuff let me know.​