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There is a shift in the Divines, a changing of power. The connections felt from devout to divine strengthens as they are granted more power, and they find that they have an expanded knowledge of their new abilities in place of the old. Artifacts change, sometimes warping entirely, and there is an acknowledgement that their faith is not without reward...
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As you all know, I've been working on getting the Divine rework completed and ready to use by 1st November. I am glad to announce that I think I've managed to cover all the bases with it, I've reviewed the spells and begun the process of going through Artifacts, and enough has been done that I'm content to release it now. I want to thank everyone who's helped me along the way (Brit, Blarg, Lannis, Rygan, Suss with the huge review, Brown for the follow up, and so on and so on), and I apologise that there has been a lot of upsets and changes but I would hope its at a comfortable point now that it isn't too harsh. I'll try to explain below the main changes, but consider the system released, and good to go.

In the old system, a passive effect was gained once you hit T3, but this is now changed to provide a minor passive effect at T1 which improves over each tier. They do not stack in the way they are written, but it is a full explanation of what their passive is at that specific tier. You don't know how to find North 4 times more effectively by T4, for example. I think this explains itself.

Each Divine now has a set of 16 unique spells, each tier getting an additional four. There are no longer 'custom spells', which weren't really done under the old system by me anyway. Some spells are similar in what they do, each T2 gets a sort of small divine grounds, each T4 gets a type of servant/minion. There are some common themes through them.

On top of the Divine specific spells, there are a small selection of universal spells that are available to all blessed. They do have some specifics, like the feast one, where it is the same spell but with different flavour. You'll notice a lot of the old ones are cut out of these. Stun and Ruin are no longer with us, for example, and I apologise to folks who used them.

At T3, there is a process to go through in order to form an area of 'Divine Ground', with information { here }. These were not really explained too much prior to the rework, and I never found the time to get into them, but this should be now open to players far more easily.
Note: At T2, there is a sort of miniature 'Divine Ground' that you can cast as you like, but I will state that the 'custom builds' are not yet done and so I ask you refrain from getting them cast outside of regions until 1st December. This gives ample time to get them built.

There are a lot of Artifacts, and there was never an official format or guide on how to get them and what they should be. This is on me, for I could have sorted this a long time ago. You used to wait for me to decide what you got and they're, as a result, all generally mixed up in level and with some having more abilities than others. This is now in the progress of changing over to a more defined system that is easier to follow and keep track of - I've given a deadline until 1st December for people to start sending their artifacts through under the new form. Please take a look { here }.
The other change is that at T4, you have the option for a second artifact or the improvement of the old one with an additional 'trinket'. More explained in that link above.

Exalts have not been part of the system for a long time, but now they are. It's a big change but really I don't want to consider them immoveable and excessively powerful - They gain more SP, a better passive. They'll be more 'in tune' with their Divine and be able to better speak and communicate with them. But this position can be challenged directly by other T4 characters. It is meant to be competitive. It is also, always going to be public knowledge - I know this does not work for secretive types but they are meant to be well known as the Exalt for various reasons.
This is no longer necessary. It states in the first tier that you start with a prayer at the start of the day, but really every single spell has its own requirements and I do not care about you having things prepped or updating them to be listed. Use the spells properly as they're written and with the requirements stated, and I am content.

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