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Every day, prayers and wishes of guidance are dedicated to the Divine, each member of the Pantheon leading their flock and seeking to empower and protect those faithful. Yet it has become difficult to give each seeking their blessing their full attention, and as faith waivers, divine servants are sent forth to bolster the numbers and assure the many that the Gods remain.

Moving forwards, a new divine team will formed to better handle the sheer volume of prayer logs, divinations, artifacts, and reviews of ranking up. This divine team will represent ‘Heralds’, the ones to review different parts of the divine system, in order to keep things moving and not rely entirely on one individual. These members are expected to be unbiased and to separate their own characters or views from the job they hold, as they are permitted to be within the divine system. These heralds will also be the ones to respond IC to divinations, prayers, or sermons if they see it fit to do so.

Divine conversations should now include the Divine Lead and Herald of Divinations only.

Divine Lead
Representing the Gods themselves, the divine lead approves and oversees the Heralds and the work they do.
Current: Elz

Herald of Artifacts
This member is expected to write artifacts for those reaching the second tier that are fair, and thematic to the divine in question. It may be made based on the wishes or suggestion of the player it is made for, but does not always involve this. Items will always be approved by Divine Lead. Any issues with current artifacts may be taken up with this Herald for discussion / improvement.
Current: BoredBrit

Herald of Ranks
This member should be contacted via forum conversation when a player believes their character is ready to be ranked up, and all discussion can be done with this Herald before the Herald brings it for final review with the Divine Lead.
Current: Null

Herald of Divinations
This member answers Divinations as a herald of the God it is meant for, with the Gods themselves no longer being the one to respond to them. They will propose a response to be approved by the Divine Lead before sending it.
Current: blargtheawesome


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This is updated with a new process to help with how much I do. I have yet to find someone to fill the 'Ranks' Herald, but once will be appointed soon enough so hold off on rank requests until then. Generally this changes little for the players - You add me and blarg now as Divinations / Lead, but theres more of a team behind it to keep things going.