"Do Sadists Dream of Flaming Sheep: The Discipline"

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Special thanks to: Naelwyn, Legion, MichCat, Rygan & Mitch.
Offensive and disruptive discipline that caters to destructive urges.
Spells are reliant on harnessing energies to imbue the user's weapon, or cast harmful techniques. The casting of a spell comes down to an operative use of subspells, the steps to perform an action.

As the instrument of the Evist's conduction,
it is near absolutely mandated to keep their arcane weapon on-hand. The instrument is remarked by the three components that shall allow the caster to use their spells.

Where the spells are cast, and energies collected.

The bridge between the Heartstone and Emitter.

Where energies are stored, a glowing stone that showcases the arcane connection in the weapon.

Every spell is requiring of components within at least one branch, but not limited to just that. Each energy therefore must be handled appropriately if the caster hopes to utilize any aspect of Eviscism.

Volatile and brutal, the projection of lightning.
A crack in the sky at the tip of your focus shows the ability of the mage to harness command over electricity. Instantaneous and raw in nature, as should be they that cast with this power.

Alteration to iron and steel through forces unseen.

A warping of metal to the will of the user, causing it to repel and connect to that which it nears. Sturdy and simple to those that can cast it.

Bolstering the powers of force and sound.

Strengthening and weakening the ability of invisible forces, granting sound and wind great boons, as the wielder of these forces becomes as resilient as stone.

Controlling the ebb and flow of extreme fire and frost.

Prepared to freeze and melt their opponents is the mage that orders ice and fire. The fear of the extreme temperatures cannot phase them as they push their abilities to their utter limit.

Projection of light, darkness, and the shadows between.

A glow in the abyss and shadow before the sun, the wielder becomes a spectacle as their focus illuminates their environment in moon and starlight.

Conducting unknown arcane abilities.

Aberrant changes to the earthly energies are remarked by this unknowable source. Those that can graft and sew these arcane spells can achieve effects unworldly.
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