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They once existed in the First Realm, prior to Exodus I, however they disappeared so long ago that many doubt that they even existed, dismissing them as wives' tales and folklore. Other peoples have been known to see dragons as very real beings of old - venerating or despising them according to their beliefs. Some say they've seen one in the last continent.. But it is quite hard to believe such creatures exist in our realm.

The dragon debate has also long been a point of contention amongst scholars and natural historians, but even those who believe in their former existence will argue furiously over their nature and appearance. Were they vicious? Could they speak? Did they hoard treasure? Were they wise? Did they possess wings? Did they breathe fire, and use it to terrorise townsfolk?

Below is a sample of the true nature of these beasts during their prime. This is all strictly OOC information, and should not be meta-gamed.


I: Drakes


Drakes are the least of the three kinds of dragons - they are the smallest and least intelligent, around as intelligent as a smart animal.

Drakes are around the size of a horse, with an appropriate sized wingspan. Their skin is leathery, and has no scales. They have leathery wings, that end in a three-pronged clawlike vestigial grabbing hand.

They have long, powerful legs ending in wicked talons, used for grabbing and snatching prey, and a tail for stabilization and balance.

They hunt and act mostly like a large, predatory bird, snatching and killing prey with their large talons and finishing it off with sharp, rending teeth.

II: Dragons


Dragons are the apex predatory dragon. They are big, they are cunning, dangerous, and prideful. They look down on everything that is not themselves.

They're big, between the size of an elephant and the size of a large oak tree, with huge wingspans. Their skin is made of hard, thick metallic scales. They have four powerful legs that end in three sharp claws and a side 'thumb' like claw, a powerful armoured tail that can have spikes, heavy wings, and a maw full of steel-razor sharp teeth, all of which they know how to use and employ to deadly effect.

They are greedily covetous and proud, and hoard treasure to boost their egoes further.

III: Wyrms

Elz Wyrm Entry.jpg

Wyrms are the wise, refined dragons.

Their bodies are long and tubular, like a train or a subway car. They lack wings, instead having long dorsal fins that undulate. They fly magically through the air like an oarfish in water.

They may have whiskers on their face, and they have two short, almost vestigial arms, that also end in the three-claw-plus-thumb structure of the larger dragons.

If forced into a physical confrontation they are liable to squeeze and constrict like a python or slam with their massive tails.

Their skin is almost like an exoskeleton, hard and chitinous, and they shed and molt it as they grow larger.

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