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The dwarves are a historically proud race. In the past, their cities and societies have focused around Korog, and rooted many of their traditions around him. In times of old, the dwarven traditions lent themselves to giving the race a reputation for being great craftsmen and smiths, rowdy lovers of drinking halls, and fierce warriors. Now, many dwarves find themselves living among other races and forging their own traditions. Although frequently found in multiracial cities, the dwarves still hold a great sense of pride and feelings of superiority.

Height: Males can range from 4’2ft to 5’ft. Females range from 3’10ft to 4’10ft.
Weight: Males and females can range from 130lbs to 170lbs. These weights could increase or decrease based on muscle mass, diet, health, and/or height.
Build: Dwarves are short and incredibly stocky. They often have thick limbs, though whether this is attributed to girth or muscle largely depends on the individual. Their bones are thick and their bodies are wide. Faces tend to be squat and pudgy with rosy cheeks.
Eyes: Blue, grey, brown, green
Skin: Frequently fair skinned. Tanned dwarves tend to be an uncommon sight. Ruddy complexions are common.
Hair: Dwarves tend to have light colored hair. Blond, red, light browns, charcoal grey. Their hair is thick, coarse, and abundant. Males often take pride in their sideburns and facial hair.
Other Traits: Small, rounded ears akin to a human’s. As a result of their physiology, dwarves tend to suffer from degenerative bone disease as they age.
Lifespans: Average lifespan is 250 years. They are considered mature at age 25.
Pregnancy: 12 months

Languages: Horghaan (Any other languages dependent on subcultures)

The dwarves once had three thriving clans. The Deepforgers, The Frostpeaks, and the Duskhammers. While these clans once thrived, they have since dispersed as the dwarven people have lost centralization. The once mighty clans are a mere echo of their history.

(Credit to Cherry, Fitz, Michcat, and the Lore Council)
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