Rumor Eastwatch Calls for Noble Wards


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The hamlet of Eastwatch under the control of Elizabeth Kane is seeking young noble wards to be raised into proper men under the tutelage of the household in order to build stronger relationships with those noble houses from which it originated. Already with one more, they are seeking at least one, perhaps two additional wards to bring into the fold. This information is spread by herald across some of the major cities of the continent.

OOC: I'm picking with Niah some people ot become wards and raised by House Kane. They need to be nobility and no older than fifteen but no younger than, I don't know, ten. I don't care if it's from some wealth Veracites or a spawned in noble house or yet another Hallon. Feel free to either DM me on discord with interest or respond on the thread and I'll take pickings.


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(Also, if you're a lady and want to be a ward, throw your name in the pot. Aleksei is looking for boys, but if an outstanding young woman wanted to be involved, Elizabeth would consider it for separate purposes.)