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Elementals are a unique form of being, created by the Immortal Kings and left to their own devices once they disappeared and died. They are spirits that inhabit a material medium or one of energy. Without the medium, they're spirits that float in the Planar, either seeking purpose to be or wandering. Their existence in other realms are projections of their chosen form, not tangible, through the Planar Infinity.

In the mortal plane- they are associated with an area or feature of land.- much like mountain ranges, ridges, volcanoes, or oceans. They grow from smaller clusters into larger ones if enough energy or matter (depending on their form), is consumed for power.

Elementals were once rumored to be sentient in some form. But as the threads of magic in the world slowly began to change, so did they. They do not think, process ideas or communicate as some beings can. Animancers are able to become in-tune with them to an extent, while Formists and Evscists are able to interact with the 'element' part of Elementals to a degree, depending on its form. Enchanters are able to do the same to an even lesser extent with Enchanting.

An Elemental's purpose is to inhabit and consume power for themselves in order to grow. Lesser Elementals fall into line from Royal Elementals- much like an un-spoken society and hierarchy. Like all beings, not everything individually associated with the makeup of what makes an Elemental /is/ an Elemental Being, and they are not as noticeably existing in the world to the average mortal.

Pure Elementals - These Elemental spirits are wistful and exist in Nature. They are a raw part of the world around them- embedding themselves into either matter or energy.

Matter: Water, Earth​
Energy: Fire, Lightning, Wind​

Mixed Elementals - When Elemental spirits inhabit non-pure elements, they are considered 'mixed'. Some mixed elements cannot hold spirits and cannot become an Elemental. But others can maintain that bond.

Matter + Energy:​
Water + Wind (Storm)​
Earth + Fire (Lava)​

"Royal" Elementals - These entities exist to consume and grow more powerful than their lesser counterparts. Material or Energy, or Mixed, they are vast clusters of many smaller elementals working beneath them in veins. The current known remaining "Royal" Elementals are the following:

The Shoreless Gulf​
The Sea of Storms​

Lannis and Solus for expanding Lore
Older lore coordinators and staff writers for the base idea and direction​
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