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[Era of Renewal] House de Courtnay | Succession


Lord of Altera

C'est mon droit par dieu.

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⚜ House de Courtnay: ⚜

Francis de Courtnay II
Designated Regent:
Njorun Wilkstrom-Eldsvart

Pretenders (In order of Succession):
  1. Fleur de Courtnay III
  2. Elnaril de Courtnay I
  3. Arabella Iding I
  4. Edward Iding I
  5. Mylaela de Courtnay I
  6. Benjamin Iding I
  7. Ylva Varyn I
    1. Garen Buschell I
    2. Jeor Buschell I
    3. Lucia Buschell I
  8. Carlos de Courtnay I
⚜ Branche du Lion: ⚜
Lord: Maceo de Courtnay
Lady: Serafina de Courtnay
Heir: Francis de Courtnay
Pretenders: [See Above]

⚜ Branche du Cheval: ⚜
Lord: Sebastien de Courtnay
Lady: Mylaela de Courtnay
Heir: Fleur de Courtnay
Pretenders: Elnaril de Courtnay

⚜ Branche du Fleur: ⚜
Lord: Carlos de Courtnay
Lady: [N/A]
Heir: Maceo de Courtnay*
Pretenders: [N/A]

* This is until Carlos produces an heir or names
someone other than his brother to be such.
Lord - The male head of a particular branch.
Lady - The female head of a particular branch, typically the Lord's wife.
Heir - The chosen child to inherit the titles of the current lord, typically the eldest male.
Pretender - All successors who are not the direct heir.

This information can be used ICly by those
would know of it, for example: those named.
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