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|| Eren Abel ||


|| Son of Valiant ||
†General Information†
|| Name:
Eren Abel
|| Other Names: Human Eren, Bee-Bee, Abuelo....
|| Titles: Sir, Warden of the South
|| Age: 24
|| Race: Human
|| Gender: Male
|| Sexuality: Heterosexual
|| Current Residence: Blackrush & Linistel
|| Relationship Status: Taken
|| Social Status: Knighted
|| Profession: Blessed of Valiant, Knight of Blackrush, Warden of the Southern Faith (Holy Valiant Phalanx),

†Physical Appearance†
|| Height:
6'2 ft
|| Weight: 203 lbs
|| Eye Color: Forest green
|| Skin Color: Fair
|| Distinguishing Features: His eyes
|| Build of Body: Eren is a large man with broad shoulders. It is apparent that the man works out quite often due to the amount of muscle he has and lack of fat.
|| Hair Color: Dark brown
|| Hair Style: Eren doesn't do much personal styling to his hair. It is usually seen parted down the middle and sometimes pulled back or parted on the side. It's long enough to reach his shoulders and has a hint of waves in it. Eren now ties the hair back with some left loose.
|| Posture: He is usually straight but occasionally slouches when he wants to relax, it is not proper but he is working on it.
|| Scars: There are none outwardly visible to anyone but he has burn scars across his torso.
|| Voice: He has a young deep voice and he can make it a bit softer when he wants to. It sometimes can hit a high pitch if he's excited enough, but if he were to sing he'd be a baritone.


|| Likes: Honor, Justice, Loyalty, Humility, Determination
|| Dislikes: Cowardice, Dishonor, Disrespect, Cockiness,
|| Strengths:
- Loyal
- Determined
- Does his best to protect the people
- Indomitable will
|| Weaknesses:
- Stubborn
- Reckless
- Too patient sometimes
- Too trusting in people sometimes
|| Fears:
- Losing the ones he loves
- Being outcasted
- Losing favor with his God
|| Values: Honor, Duty, Justice
|| Education: He is a lowborn so his education when he was younger was not the greatest, but he taught himself how to read and write common. Though now he is a knight he is actively trying to improve his mind.
|| Languages:
- Common: Fluent in all aspects
- Elven: Fluent in all aspects
- Rede: Just started learning from Sugar
|| General Attitude: Those who first meet him might see him as stoic and somewhat expressionless, but he always tries to show that he is kind through his actions. When he gets comfortable he is usually wearing a smile on his features, and is more friendly.
|| Religious Inclination: He is devout to Valiant
|| General Intelligence: Eren is a very analytical and logical man. Though he isn't book smart or close to any scholar he can come to solid logical conclusions using his reasoning skills.
|| Alignment: Lawful Good

+ - Done
/- In-progress
x - Failed
~ - Abandoned

Short Term Goals:
Run Blackrush with his brothers
{/} Reclaim the southern Rahas shrine and turn it into his own bastion

{+} Save Blackrush from the figments
{+} Finish his business with Magic

Long Term Goals:
{/} Get married and have a child with Sugar
{/} Create a school that teaches anyone who comes how to defend themselves
{/} Protect the people across Altera

Medieval Armor.jpg

|| Wardrobe:

- Eren is usually seen wearing a dark blue gambeson with sturdy trousers and boots. Whenever he goes out to travel he always wears his gloves.
- Eren has a baggy laced tunic and comfortable trousers with boots when he is relaxing or doing some manual labor
|| Jewelry:
- He wears a steel Rahas pendant around his neck. The pendant dates back to the previous realm, the Northern Kingdoms, and was forged during the Anhald-Marr war where those of Ignis attempted to oppress those of Rahas.

|| Pets/Animals: He owns five dogs and one horse.

|| Owned Homes: A home in Blackrush and a home in Linistel

|| Carried Inventory: He typically carries a pack to carry all the necessary things he needs for travel, and he carries his blue steel poleaxe. Around his waist would be a belt with a longsword, a dagger, and a hunting knife.
|| General Inventory: The items in his pack include, some pouches of radiants, waterskins with water and holy water, dried rations, stakes, and rope.

|| General Wealth: Eren has made a small fortune selling and breeding hunting dogs. He is easily upper-middle class now.
"Nothin' for us after each battle, but makin' sure my loved ones are alright... That's good enough for me."
|| Illnesses:
|| Allergies: None
|| Injuries: None that haven't been healed already.
|| Sleeping Habits: Eren has recently had trouble sleeping most nights due to what he has been through the past couple weeks. He goes to bed quite early so he can wake up early and get a good start on his day, not allowing his lack of sleep tire him but it's slowly creeping up on him.
|| Energy Levels: He is typically energetic but recently has had a dip
|| Eating Habits: When he wakes up he gets some bread, grain, and ale for breakfast. For his midday meal he cooks up some salmon with pottage and bread, this time with mead. Then his evening meal is random.
|| Exercise Habits: After breakfast he goes out for a small run before doing some lifting and body work outs, and if there is no business to attend to he does some manual labor around his house and crops.
|| Memory: Eren has a solid memory except when it comes to remembering people he meets, especially if it's only one introduction.
|| Unhealthy Habits: He likes sweets too much and never refuses them if offered to him.
|| Drinking Habits: Eren has suppressed the heavy desire to drink that he once had, and now drinks in moderation.


|| Birthplace: Halbed, Northern Sangria

|| Childhood: When he was a boy he'd spend most of his time playing around and learning from his father. During this time his father wasn't too rough on him but still stern. This was the time he taught himself to read using books his father bought him.

|| Teen Years: Eren spent most of his time away from the house as his father continuously got worse and more harsh, mostly due to his alcohol addiction. He wanted to distance himself from the issue while making sure to look after his brothers and mother who desperately needed the support of an actual family. This is when he began to have feelings of refusing this fate.

|| Adulthood: He decided to leave home once he became a man, his home life too toxic for him to actually become the thing he wanted to be, a knight. He left with his two brothers but eventually split, journeying alone to Storm's Landing to hopefully make something of himself. There he was sent to Blackrush and his whole life changed for the better

|| Family History: It is not relevant enough to him to recall any history past his parents. He has two brothers, Erik and Eredan. His father, Erenon, and his mother Erika.

|| Past Places of Residences: Halbed (Backstory). Eren still lives in Blackrush and Linistel.

|| Places Traveled: Blackrush Crossing, Linistel, Astrahkan, Storm's Landing, Mockingbay, Eastwatch, Compendium, Halbed, Queensport, Eldpoint, Stoltfar, Blackstone, Linlea
Medieval Aesthetic.jpg
|| Peaceful or violent: Eren is a violent person but only when he needs to be, but overall he would prefer things were solved with peaceful means.

|| Armor:
- When preparing for battle Eren summons his full steel plate armor paired with riveted steel chain and a sturdy gambeson. Additionally, the individual plate pieces bear the Mark of Korog on the inside. As a result they will be more resilient to damage, be immune to both rust and dust and provide him protection from mundane hot and cold areas alike. Neither the frozen North nor the burning Nether will be an issue now. This was crafted by Thordil
Eren Armor.jpg

|| Weaponry:
- Eren wields his divine artifact, gifted to him by Valiant. Rankbreaker
- Eren wields his ancient reforged longsword, blessed by Korog to be unbreakable, Radiant's Blade.
Eren Pole 2.png
Total Length: approx.152 cm
Width of the head (from axe blade to hammer): approx. 18.5 cm
Weight: 2.2 kg

Overall length: 46.5" (118 cm)
Blade length: 35.25" (89.5 cm)
Blade width (at base): 2.25" (5.72 cm)
COG: 3.5" from cross (8.9 cm)
COP: 19.75" from cross (50 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz (1.47 kilos)

Overall Length: 18 3/4' Blade: 13 1/2'
Weight: 0.4 kg
Thickness: 13.3 mm - 6.6 mm
Width: 13.3 mm
Grip Length: 3 3/4''

Eren arming.png
Overall length: 39.25" (99.7 cm)
Blade length: 32.25" (81.9 cm)
Blade width: 1.87" (4.75 cm)
CoG: 4.25" (10.58 cm)
CoP: 19.75" (50.2 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs 13 oz (1.275 kg)

Eren warhammer.jpg
Overall Length: 24 1/4''
Hammer Head and Pick together: 9'' long
Weight: 1 kg

|| Combat Training: Eren has been trained by Raalvara Edelmonte and James Varyn in multiple weapons, he is proficient in many weapons but not yet a master. He has a good amount of experience fighting under his belt as well.

†Other Trivia†
|| Favorite Types of Food: Eren absolutely loves anything meat related and will devour, and he really likes anything sweet as well.
|| Favorite Types of Drink: Nothing could surpass mead in his mind besides cocoa and that is a strong maybe.
|| Hobbies/Pastimes: Eren enjoys walking his dogs or taking them on small game hunts that he casually does to get more meat. He also enjoys a good book once in a while, though he doesn't read anything too high level for him just yet.
|| Favorite Colors: Blue, Green, Red, and purple.

Gib Eren.jpg
By Gib :D
Eren Real.png
By Me
Pledge with good faith. For Honor binds you

Fester not thy body to disrepair

Meet thy sword of words and blade in fields of diplomacy and war

Defend those that cannot defend themselves

Do not betray thy companions or thy people

Cower not upon thy enemy's field
{+ R E L A T I O N S +}
Loved 100-90% | Treasured 89-80% | Friends 79-70 | Neutral 69-50% | Disliked 49-30% | Hated 29-0%
[ Credit to Morbid and Jeroxia ]
{+ Loved +}
Whoever is in this category has truly won Eren's heart.
|| Name: Sugar Silveira { Ruu Darling }
|| Percentage: 99%
|| Relationship description: Su Amante
|| Quote: "Though I am duchess I do not place myself above my people... I want to see peoples unite together and live equally."
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Eren has found himself completely in love with Sugar, and has become a more confident person because of her. She makes him almost forget all of the bad in this world, and provides a place of love and security that no one else can come close to.
|| Theme: "Senorita" by Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes

{+ Treasured +}
These are the people Eren fully trusts and loves. He would protect them with a fierce passion and without hesitation.
|| Name: Rowley Durandel { Philipe }
|| Percentage: 89%
|| Relationship description: Closest friend and Brother
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Rowley was the first person he met when he first arrived in Blackrush and since then they have grown in Brothers in faith and has learned true friendship from this man.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: Jorvun Aersvar { GhostKairo123 }
|| Percentage: 88%
|| Relationship description: Brown hair Valiant boys
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Jorvun has always been a constant for Eren, and has kept him humble. He can easily be called one of Eren's close Brothers.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: Azalea Silveira { Sophe }
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description: Close friend... Also with her mom
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Azalea has somewhat changed his views on mages, a good number of them are power hungry for many reasons good, bad, or neutral. She is not and she shares many qualities with that of a Valiant worshipper, which relieves Eren on his views.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: Illyrana Silveira { The Cartoon Witch }
|| Percentage: 85%
|| Relationship description: Daughter figure
|| Quote: "Don't die on me again."
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Illyrana has brought a happiness he never expected to have this soon in his life, the happiness of a father watching his daughter growing up. Even though he is nowhere near being her actual father, he'll try his best to be there for her.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: Uriel Valhart { BoredBrit }
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description: Brother in Faith
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Eren admires the man in more ways than one, and Uriel has shown him what it means to truly be close to their Father and has strengthened his faith.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: Marceau LeFlamme { Morbid }
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description: Illy's not so little anymore Knight
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Marceau has completely convinced Eren that their is true hope that the ignites will not revert to their old ways, and looks forward to seeing this young man continue to grow.
|| Theme: "Coffin Dance Astronomia Sad Orchestral" By Arpit Gari

|| Name: Quill Emiryn { Juvix_ }
|| Percentage: 80%
|| Relationship description: Best friend
|| Quote: "I hug my orchid to make it live."
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Quill has given him a strange sense of home, and she was one of the few people that did this. When he first met her he was homesick and she helped remedy that, and he has been forever grateful. He only hopes her pain will be over soon, and wishes things could be different.
|| Theme: WIP

{+ Friends +}
People that have earned Eren's mild respect and trust, and those he has seen frequently enough to call friend.
|| Name: Damien Ulamyar { Baron2537 }
|| Percentage: 79%
|| Relationship description: Aza's Fiance and good friend
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Damien has always shown Eren through his actions and decision how intelligent and logical he is, and has taught Eren that it is always better to think before making any choice in life.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: Jenette Vow { Ruu Darling }
|| Percentage: 78%
|| Relationship description: The Shalheranan
|| Quote: "Shalheranan's mostly stay away from the danger and violence in the world... I don't want to do that, if I can't save lives in the midst of chaos... Then I have failed in my faith.."
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Eren always believed that Shalheranan's were too passive and stayed within the safety of their own walls or groves to make a real difference besides revival... Jenette has made him begin to rethink his views, and has shown him that Shalheranan's can be noble and protective as well. He knows she will grow into the finest Blessed of Shalherana and looks forward to that day.
|| Theme: "Loyal Brave True" By Christina Aguilera

|| Name: {}
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description:
|| Quote:
|| Impact on Eren:
|| Theme:

|| Name:
Rook Corvus { ZeAfroGentleman }
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description: The Theodran
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Rook has brought Eren closer to his hunting side and has shown him that the world must be strong to really progress anywhere, although Eren protects the weak gladly Rook has made him think of how he could make the weak strong.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: {}
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description:
|| Quote:
|| Impact on Eren:

|| Theme:

{+ Neutral +}
These are the folks Eren has no real view on, rather just a faint memory of an introduction or a passing conversation.
|| Name: Branko Callas { Kostadim }
|| Percentage: 69% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
|| Relationship description:
Dysfunctional Friends
|| Quote: "You're my favorite Valiant worshipper, and that's saying something."
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Branko has really shifted Eren's views on evil god worshippers, giving him a more optimistic outlook on them. Though some are far from changing, some are not... Hopefully Branko is the latter.
|| Theme: "Red Dead Redemption 2: The MODDED Wacky West" - By BedBananas (This is a more accurate depiction of their relationship)

|| Name: Lana Wake { I am Wake }
|| Percentage: 67%
|| Relationship description: Friendly Scholar
|| Quote: WIP
|| Impact on Eren:
~ Lana has been nothing but kind and respectful to him, and is very intrigued in some of her studies. She's definitely made him a bit more interested in the work of scholars, and has always been pleasant company.
|| Theme: WIP

|| Name: {}
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description:
|| Quote:
|| Impact on Eren:

|| Theme:

{+ Disliked +}
People that have left a bad taste in Eren's mouth, he doesn't really enjoy these people's company and would prefer not to interact with them.
|| Name: Set'iki { Jase }
|| Percentage: 49%
|| Relationship description: The nice Jishrimite?
|| Quote: "I don't want fighting, fighting bad."
|| Impact on Eren:
~ One of the few Jishrimites Eren is aware about but not entirely hostile towards. He doesn't know whether she's playing him or she truly is nice, but whatever it is he finds conflict about making a real opinion on her so he tries his best to stay away from her.
|| Theme: WIP

{+ Hated +}
Eren is not a hateful or spiteful man... Those who are here should really reconsider their life choices.
|| Name: {}
|| Percentage:
|| Relationship description:
|| Quote:
|| Impact on Eren:

|| Theme:
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