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Event Request Thread II


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- Event Request Thread II -

{ Month of October - December 2021 }

Hello Players,

This is the Event Request thread. Here, you can follow the format and type out a request for an event for you and your party. We want to open up the world to events again, as that helps players with their own experience and progress. However, here comes the hard part: I want to make sure that people know this is a careful process as DMs have to organize a plot, content, and schedule with the Requester before anything actually takes hold -and it could be more than a week or month before anything can happen. We’ll attempt our best, but there is no guarantee that your request will be accepted -here are the following reasons why:

-Didn’t fill out the form
-It’s too specific, or vague
-It isn’t within lore bounds
-The concept doesn’t need a whole event or arc
-It isn’t feasible
-There’s a backlog of requests and we can’t get to you anytime soon
-No DM is available

This new format may allow for more flexibility for the DM, while minimizing the chances of their burnout. There will be more focus on themes rather than a specific gain. Everything is still in trial- and if the DMs cannot keep up with the player influx of requests, we’ll go back to the drawing board.


The form also includes a section titled 'IC Basis'. This is to ensure that there is a premise for the event IC, and that you have gone through the proper channels to know about locations, or creatures, or occurrences. Random encounter events are still available, just specify your character is going from A to B and you OOCly would like them to be attacked by bandits or wendigo or something like that. This section is mostly for people actively looking for things IC.

An example of a good IC basis:
"Jackson is looking for BIG BOY STEEL and intends to find it, using the prior learned knowledge that BIG BOY STEEL is generally found in the tundras of the north. He intends to look for it in any abandoned mines that can be found among the hills and mountains of the tundra."

An example of a bad IC basis:
"I want BIG BOY STEEL and am looking for it."


The DM will edit your post status and give you a rating involved. Moderate rating means the experience will be relatively tame, and may not involve a lot of risk for characters. Violent rating means the experience will involve character risk and involvement. The difficulty is specifically for those involved with the stat system: Low difficulty means you don’t require a high experience to be involved. High difficulty means those close to max stats will consider it a challenge.

This means that Violent ratings with a low experience difficulty will still bring a challenge to newer characters without setting the bar too high.

Status: Claimed / Declined
Rating: Moderate / Violent
Experience Difficulty: Low/Average/High


Moving forward, there will be no guarantee or reliance in gaining artifacts or special trinkets. You may still aim for it as a goal, but our intention are to focus on story rather than loot.
Reasonable loot will be available, as well as HC items.


  • If you’ve put in a request, do not put in another until that first one is complete.​
  • We will be valuing “community” this round. Your Arc request must affect at least one region wide base, or at least involve 5-10 players. Your regular event requests must include at least 3-4 players, even if 2 end up attending. We want to avoid players going on solo adventures as there should be risk that comes with most events players ask for, and your DM shouldn’t be focusing on 1-2 players for a 3hr event. Not unless they want to.​
  • As the Party Leader, you must make sure all your players can attend during the same time as you for at least 2-3hrs, during your availability, so that scheduling is easier on the DM. You don’t need to pick your members at request time, but once the event is accepted and set- you’re responsible for organizing who attends.​
  • Gaining special items: artifacts, trinkets- will no longer be the focus of these events. And the majority will not have any. We want to look into experience and roleplay, first and foremost.​

The following is a prompt list of potential event themes:
Adventuring, Treasure-Hunting, Lore Discovery, Hunting, Mystery, Horror, Battle.

For the time being, Event’s scope is limited to: Beasts, Flora, Supernatural, NPC interactions.
Figments & others will be tbd, unless the pitch calls for it.

Current Active Arcs:
- Run by Ruu Darling


Should your event be accepted, the DM or you can make a thread after discussing it, and upon this thread you and your designated party (The DM will decide if its private, or if they want to open it up a bit) should post the following with your sign up:​

Character Name: [Who is attending?]
Profile Link: [Character profile link here, please!]
Magic Link: [Magic form link]
Equipment: [The DM can ensure you have these items in game with props if required, but a simple list of what you’re bringing to this event is ideal.]




IC Basis: [Write up a small blurb about why your character is doing this, how they know of a certain location or beast, their motivations, etc. This part is to ensure there is a solid IC premise for the event itself.]
Overview: [This should be a rough outline of the event you are looking for. If it is a hunt, or a bandit attack, a seige, etc.]
Location: [Do you have a preference to a location, can it be anywhere, would you like it at a set region? Wilderness?]
Party Size: [Roughly how many players will be at your event? 8 or less? 3 or less? Is this a personal event with you and a friend only?]
Rating: [Would you like it to be a moderate or violent event? Peaceful events are not required to have a DM. The DM will adjust the rating if it does not match the request.]
Preferred Date/Time: [Whilst it is up to the DM to discuss specifics, a rough day and time would be good. When works for you?]

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The Alchemist
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These are a series of events that I am interested in pursuing. I am happy to expand upon any of the following, I just wanted to gage what was most likely/easy to construct. I am a fan of all three. I am sure I would have Player DM's interested in such.

Ruin Puzzle
IC Basis: A ruin of sorts that has been discovered on a study journey - a series of puzzles and different exploration type event that would get the whole of Candlewood involved.
Overview: A series of puzzle-like events that would be in a dungeon type scenario. Both combat and mental puzzles in order to find an answer to a question posed at the beginning of the journey, whatever that may be/worked out. Possible loot/fun things to research at the end of the journey.
Location: A select Ruin & Candlewood.
Party Size: Anywhere from 5-10, most likely.
Rating: Moderate.
Preferred Date/Time: Time will likely have to be worked out amongst DM, myself, and the team. But EST timezone preferred.

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Legend of Altera
IC Basis: Recollecting the existence of Kralak's army, Branko has opted to try and locate what remains, in order to further his own agenda with the help of those he works with.
Overview: Attempting to locate the remnants of Kralak's forces, and bring them under Branko's command.
Location: Any location is fine.
Party Size: I imagine roughly 6 players give or take
Rating: Utterly violent
Preferred Date/Time: This can be discussed with the DM TagTeamChampion

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Legend of Altera
IC Basis: The greylings are an almost extinct race, almost. The few that remain still want to re-ignite the race into a grand and formidable force again.
Overview: Attempting to locate the few, dwindling numbers of hiding greylings in the world if any.
Location: Any location should be fine
Party Size: Does not need to be a private event, but I feel at least 3 from my group will come.
Rating: Violent
Preferred Date/Time: Whichever time works best for the DM.
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Loyal Servant of Altera
IC Basis: Its been a good while since he added anything to his hoard, and now that he's got jax's greenlight, hes ready to add another shiney to the collection. Leo would be using his ability to glean rumors from taverns and alleys, and consulting his fellow treasure hunter to find an old ruin to plunder, or place of interest to explore and map.
Overview: I am wanting a treasure hunt/exploration! This doesnt have to be shineys, it can come in the form of lore or random doodads. Sometimes the real treasure is the journey itself. Shineys are definitely a plus tho.
Location: no specific preference
Party Size: [I would expect him and three others for now. His gaggle of gremlin goons.]
Rating: [im fine with moderate or violent.]
Preferred Date/Time: [weekends just work best for me. Im flexbible and can probably do a weekday but it would be like 5 or later. On the coming thanksgiving break wed and fri im off, but wednesday would have to either be before 5 or after 5. (Est i should clarify)]

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Settling in Altera
IC Basis: A servant of the Grey Lady in the form of a Reaper recently confronted him, teaching him new abilities in order to track down and destroy idols of Skraag. One such idol was destroyed successfully, how it is said that more are spread across the land, requiring him to hunt them down.
Overview: Raelur's goal is to search for areas of unnatural undead activity that could indicate another Idol having been erected, taking a small group to clear the way and destroy the idol with his blessings. Depending on how well it goes, this can be a singular event or a small series of hunts to investigate.
Location: The location of these idols is unknown to Raelur, so their locations could vary across the whole continent.
Party Size: I'm considering allowing a party of around 3-5 people, as a smaller group is better to coordinate with and allow for combat to run at a better pace.
Rating: Definitely violent
Preferred Date/Time: As of now, weekends would work best, but I can do weekdays if they're in the afternoon. It can be deliberated further once I know who may be interested to come along.

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object oriented
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Retro Unfortunately- There are no npc greylings to locate in the world. The Greylings that do exist now are the only ones you can gather. You can try and seek other means in finding help or information first, but the event as is will be declined. We can talk in Discord chat if you have any more questions or wanted to clarify


Lord of Altera
IC Basis: Eren wishes to follow up on a skeleton of a sea creature that a small group of sailors discovered. Eren wishes to gather a crew to collect the skeleton and lug it back to Candlewood.
Overview: Eren and a crew will take a larger ship to the site where they first discovered the skeleton of the sea beast. Hopefully, excavation, collection, and transport will take place in a single event. Anything extra that happens is up to the DM!
Location: The ocean floor. Eren knows the location.
Party Size: 4-8
Rating: Moderate
Preferred Date/Time: Will discuss with DM

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