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Finished [Event] V Enchanted | Sept 12, 3pm EST


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Party Roster [10/10]

Thure @kaiser_harding
Kethron @Heie
Falliren @Old-Seadog
Briarwood @Retro
Valtae @The_VALKYRIE

Marian @mageaegis
Xozu @AionTbird
Branko @Kostadim
Umbra @tyufiire7
Malark @MercurySteve
The Party is set and if anyone drops out, I'll bump the queue up.
I'll post rules day of event. I'm generally asking people not to be speedy loot goblins or else.... See you Sunday


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Simple Rules:
-Pace yourselves when moving, be reasonable. Like the last- if you're chasing someone, or reaching somewhere faster, contest with evasion rolls. Don't zip around the event area.
-Spells are allowed
-Try not to loot everything you see- stay true to your character, but be a bit mindful
-Have fun

Thure kaiser_harding
Kethron Heie
Falliren Old-Seadog
Briarwood Retro

Marian mageaegis
Xozu AionTbird
Branko Kostadim
Umbra tyufiire7
Malark MercurySteve
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object oriented
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Hey lot, I am furiously sorry for the clusterfuck of my internet at the end. I didn't mean to make you wait so long to get through a bit of combat. I'll do my best resolving the artifact and where it's going, so we can get through what's happening, for those still following its pull. I'm sorry this ended up this way.


"The thorned walls and vines close around the village, closing it off to the outside. Any who touch it will be pricked and gain a blister on their hand. The pull of the artifact no longer comes from the area, but heading towards another direction- to Storm's Landing. Among the group that explored."