[Farming Village] Eastwatch


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[ Moderate ]

[ Rulers ]
Duchess Elizabeth Kane { NIAH }
Duke Charles Kane { Lannis } (Infrequent)

[ Political Affiliations ]
Kalstaat - The independent duchy belonging to House Kane
The Magister's Exchange - An organization of mages
The Rangers - Well-known protectors of the realm

[ Connected Ports ]
Blackrush Crossing
Emberdust Mines (Coming Soon)

Flanderberg (Coming Soon)

[ Exports ]
Fresh produce
Absinthe (Serpent's Bite)
Red Wine (Anima Red)

Mutton & Lamb (Small stock)
Apples (Small stock. Seasonal.)
Lemons (Small stock. Seasonal.)

[ Languages ]

[ Religion ]
There is no singular religion within the Kalstaat.
Small shrines to certain members of the Pantheon may be erected by the request of the citizens.
No Jishrimites shall be welcome in the lands of Eastwatch or the Kalstaat as a whole.

[ Census & Housing ]
-- The Manor --
The Kane Family
Elizabeth Kane
Katherine Kane
Wolfgang Harrister
Aleksei Ivanov


-- The Winery & Distillery --
[Business available for Purchase/Rent]
-- The Eastwatch Smithy --
[Business/Home available for Purchase/Rent]
-- The Shadow's Crown Tavern --
[Business available for Purchase/Rent, or for a resident Innkeeper]
-- The Lehrling House --
[Free housing for Animancy Students]

-- The Schatten House --
Harwig var Horen Angathgul
-- The Stein House --

[Home/Business for Purchase/Rent]
-- The Brise House --
[Home/Business for Purchase/Rent]
-- The Garden House --
[Home/Business for Purchase/Rent]
-- The Market House --
[Home/Business for Purchase/Rent]

-- The Klein House --
[ Home available for Purchase/Rent]
-- The Osten House --
[ Home available for Purchase/Rent]
-- The Seele House --
[Home available for Purchase/Rent]

If you are interested in any of these properties, let me know and we will RP in game.


-- Current Job Opportunities --


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[ History ]
The village of Eastwatch has a rich and complex history. While it is currently the main source of the Kalstaat's agricultural needs under the oversight of Duchess Elizabeth Kane, it has not always been so. The area was once an unpopulated valley in the bounds of the Dominion, under the control of Theodosius Herennius with nothing but a few ruined farmhouses and the remnants of old farms. However, after a knife was thrown at Duchess Alison Kane, she and her husband Brennard sought reparations for what they viewed a direct threat against her life. The leadership of Astrakhan came together to offer the lands that would become Eastwatch as compensation for the injury and as a show of good faith between their lands. This incident, however, would become the spark that started the Kane-Varyn war in which Brennard continued to call for justice and demanding that Theodosius come forward and suffer the same injuries that his wife had endured, despite already being given the land as compensation.

Eventually, the war would come to its end with the signing of a treaty in Arget and hostilities ceased. But a further meeting was held in the neutral city of Sanardu. Alison, Brennard, and Elizabeth Kane traveled to meet with the Basileos of Astrakhan to sign further agreements that Eastwatch would never be used as a military outpost against the Asrakosian people. It is in this meeting that Alison voiced the intention that Eastwatch was to be under Elizabeth Kane's jurisdiction, and from there onward, Eastwatch became a key territory for the Kane family.

Upon Alison's untimely death, the lands were officially bequeathed to Elizabeth, who came to be the new Duchess of the Kalstaat. Following their mother's death, the Kanes swore fealty to the new crown of Anhald, and the valley was briefly under Anhald rule during this time. But upon the tragedy of Elizabeth's unexpected death, it fell to her twin brother, Duke Charles Kane, to oversee. While Charles oversaw the valley, he began the construction of an estate house and winery, as well removed the ruined farmhouse remnants. Fields grew and the region began to see new fertility in the soil and the beginnings of prosperous trade.

An interesting turn for the city came when Elizabeth Kane was brought back into this world after a year spent in death. Because of Anhald Law, Elizabeth no longer held claim to the lands, nor possessed her former titles. She left the city and the Kalstaat to Duke Charles, and lived in exile in the city of Compendium, far to the south, which was a minor holding she had laid claim over before her untimely death. It was not until the Blight of Qlippoth that Elizabeth and Charles reconciled and her isolation ended. Duke Charles reinstated his sister's titles and restored her claim to Eastwatch officially.

By this time, the crown of Anhald had disbanded and disappeared into obscurity, leaving the Kanes to lead their people into a new era of prosperity. The Duke and Duchess declared the Kalstaat an independent duchy, once more making Eastwatch solely a Kane held territory. Duchess Elizabeth cultivated the valley into a prosperous village, with houses springing up as quickly as new farms. It is currently a staple of trade, as much of its grain and produce is shipped north to the cold lands of Queensport. As well, it is a welcoming home to mages, rangers, and artisans alike.

[ Laws & Punishments ]
The village is considered part of the Kalstaat. Because of this, Eastwatch falls under the rules of the duchy as a whole. Any and all violations should be reported immediately to a member of the Kane family.

To read the laws in full, view this link: { Laws of the Kalstaat}

[ Environment ]
The area of Eastwatch is most notably compared to certain areas of France, in its climate and wildlife. Its climate has traditionally temperate seasons, with winters being a bit colder than normal due to its proximity to the colder North. Most of the area is a mixture of mountainous plateaus and grasslands, with very sparse tree cover. The trees that do dot the landscape are massive, with extensive, gnarled branches that grow outward. To the east, the Dogwood forests blossom and the river provides fresh fish and river trade year round.

---- Native Fauna ----

  • Wild boars
  • Martens
  • Deer
  • Hedgehogs
  • Shrews
  • Foxes
  • Hares
  • Squirrels
  • Badgers
  • Weasels
  • Bats
  • Wildcats
  • Mountain Goats
----- Gems and Minerals -----

  • Gypsum
  • Jet
  • Malechite
  • Citrine
  • Jasper
  • Serpentine
  • Epidote
  • Irone ore
  • Zinc
  • Feldspar
  • Stone
  • Marble

[ Economy ]
[ Exports ]
Fresh produce
Absinthe (Serpent's Bite)
Red Wine (Anima Red)

Mutton & Lamb (Small stock)
Apples (Small stock. Seasonal.)
Lemons (Small stock. Seasonal.)

[ Imports ]
Goats - Tylla Goraya
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Hey I finally finished this post six months later. If anyone's looking for a quaint little farming village, hit me up in RP.