Fearsome Beasts of Altera

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In the wild and lawless Lands Beyond the Kingdoms, many strange and depraved beings dwell deep in the darkness, ready to prey upon unsuspecting travellers to the Sorrowlands or beyond. Born of magic, madness, or ancient myth, these creatures are many, varied, but, most importantly, they are dangerous. Unseen forces prevent them from passing the borders of the Kingdoms, but beyond, their devilry goes unbridled. Beware the adventurer who challenges them, for these are not beings of compassion or mercy.

Here, you will find a list of the more... unusual beasts to roam the further reaches of Altera. Note that not all creatures inhabit the same regions or exist in similar numbers.


• Cave Spiders, Spiders
It is said that long ago, in an effort to create something more sinister, Jishrim put together this twisted creature from poison and string. Having pity upon the monstrous creations, Shalherana made them a part of the life of Altera. Athough they dwell most often in the dark, it is said they lose the hostility of Jishrim when bathed in light, as it reminds them of Shalherana's influence.
Jealous of the Undead that Skraag commanded, Jishrim attempted to change a few poor humans into Undead of his own. It did not quite go as planned, and now these creatures roam alongside Skraag's Undead in eternal torment. They implode upon sight of mortal beings, another old trick of the Mad God, and their corpses can only be recovered in the form of an ash-coloured powder.​

Guardians, Elder Guardians
Giant fish existing as little more then a rumour, the so-called Guardians can grow to incredible sizes and live for centuries, found around old ruined civilizations lost within the Southern seas. Due to rubbing against the sides of the temples they reside in, shards of Prismarine rock become embedded in their skin, giving them a natural armour. Occasionally, strange reflective crystals form between the scales of these beasts - similar to those which form on the ancient structures in which they reside.
Also referred to as 'Stonefish', these small, insectoid creatures inhabit quarries of rock, and are said to be some ancient vestige of something long lost and forgotten. Nowadays, one can be hired to exterminate silverfish infestations in the basements of townsfolk, as they are relatively unimpressive and only pose a threat in large numbers.
With the influence of Skraag bringing to life the Undead, ectoplasmic creatures often roam in swamps and marshlands beyond the borders of the Kingdoms. Never seen on the night of a new moon, it is rumored that the lifespans of these creatures wane and wax with the moon itself. They are often hunted and a gooey substance scraped off them for practical uses. Only very mature Slimes pose a significant threat to Alterans.
Constant in his efforts, Skraag brings the dead to life nightly in the lands beyond the borders of the Northern Kingdoms.
> Zombies/Zombie Villagers - Creatures risen from death who, in life, would have been familiar; soldiers, mothers, farmhands, infants - Skraag draws no distinction in who he raises to join his foul armies.
> 'Pig' Zombies -
These poor, depraved beasts are those Undead who were raised from death too malformed and simple to be anything more than passive unless provoked to aggression. For this reason, they are generally only a threat in droves - though this is unheard of in Altera.
> Skeletons - Held together in stasis and in motion by forces unseen, these Undead are those who command the old weapons of slain Archers and Bowmen from times long past.
The fumes of alchemy often pose a deadly risk to the alchemist. They say on stormy nights when lightening strikes close, brewed potions can get to one's very mind. Those driven insane by their own alchemical practices can sometimes be found exiled, or hiding out in the Sorrowlands, hostile to approach.​

Endermen are stolen souls that are stuck in limbo in the material plane. Skraag failed to successfully necro them into his corpses. Rejected, distorted, long-limb, and broken- They are made of the shadows of flesh and formed from the anxiety and fears of their souls. Endermen wander the Sorrows, attempting to recollect who and what they were. They steal objects, building parts, tools.. then wander for weeks in an attempt to remember what these things meant to them, to little avail. As with a few things distorted from a metaphysical plain, they can whisp from one place to another, limited to a few paces a part, within the blink of an eye. When un-provoked, they continue to exist without issue, but turn hostile when looked upon, as if judging gazes inflict anger upon the emotional anxiety of their existence.​

Michcat for base lore and writing (provided March 2015).
Cherry for introduction, formatting, subsets, and edits.
Solus for Endermen writeup (2017).
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