Fearsome Beasts of the Nether

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The fires of the Nether are inhospitable to fragile Alterans, and so it seems outlandish that life is sustained in such a foul and perilous place. Outlandish, however, describes the denizens of the Nether perfectly, for truly these are warped creatures, warped further still by terrifying accounts and mythologies. Often beings of fire and heat, the creatures of this place have but one true likeness: all are hostile to intruders to their lands.

Here you will find a list of all known beings to reside with the Nether. Note that populations vary in number.



Due to the Nether existing as a Corrupted part of the Planar Infinity, lesser, infant Elementals can be encountered there. Of these, Blazes are usually attracted to old vestiges of the defeated Armies of Naught. Fire-based Elementals of this weak, young sort are as hostile as they are mindless, and can easily be destroyed. While the act of defeating one usually destroys them in full, rod-like fragments can occasionally be salvaged.
No one is quite sure what powers influence Ghasts, but onwards they drift, weeping as if in great pain, spewing forth fire, and floating on gusts of air. Seemingly neither material nor immaterial, their nebulous forms are disconcerting to look upon, but if one can reach their remains before they fades away, a rare alchemy ingredient is salvageable from what looks to be their eyes.
Magma Cubes
Due to the Nether existing as a Corrupted part of the Planar Infinity, lesser, infant Elementals can be encountered there. One sort, the 'Magma Slime' or 'Magmoid', is a lava-based being, which moves with a series of undulations across the landscape. Attempts to destroy these beings simply fragments the creature into smaller Elementals, yet if their burning can be fully extinguished, there is a slim chance that a useful, gel-like substance may be scraped from the remains.
Perhaps even more terrible than the Undead which wander the Lands Beyond the Borders are those which reside in the Nether - rumoured to be darker and more dangerous still.
> 'Pig' Zombies - In the Nether, these depraved creatures roam in droves - all of those Undead who were raised from death too malformed and simple for aught but wandering unless provoked to aggression. While, from one alone, an attack is not difficult to overcome, together they are wilder, more vicious, and far more dangerous a foe.
> Wither Skeletons - Charred, blackened, and found in the deep recesses of the Nether, these Undead, like their Alteran counterparts, are bound to wield the weapons of the fallen - their tendency to stray close to the foundations of the Grief fortresses having led to the theory that these were once soldiers in the Old Wars.
Imposing in size and strength, this strange, dark demon makes a truly terrifying foe. Once created by Queen Grief for use in the war against Altera, the last of these beings endure in the vilest depths of the Corrupted Planar infinity - the Nether, awaiting challenge from mortals brave or foolish enough to attempt it... Brave, foolish, or perhaps mad with greed. If it can be defeated, the crystal found embedded in its core is priceless.
Endermen are stolen souls that are stuck in limbo in the material plane. Skraag failed to successfully necro them into his corpses. Rejected, distorted, long-limb, and broken- They are made of the shadows of flesh and formed from the anxiety and fears of their souls. Endermen wander the Sorrows, attempting to recollect who and what they were. They steal objects, building parts, tools.. then wander for weeks in an attempt to remember what these things meant to them, to little avail. As with a few things distorted from a metaphysical plain, they can whisp from one place to another, limited to a few paces a part, within the blink of an eye. When un-provoked, they continue to exist without issue, but turn hostile when looked upon, as if judging gazes inflict anger upon the emotional anxiety of their existence.​

Michcat for base lore and writing (provided March 2015).
Cherry for introduction, formatting, subsets, and edits.
Solus for Endermen (2017).
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