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A brief overview of the Storm's Landing 'Festering' arc:

Phase I: Spreading
Tavern infestation: Nineteen rats slain, one to remain. It travels home... Vengeful?
The Ratcatcher's Appearance: A rat was caught, protection was offered. Was any taken?
The Ratcatcher's Goods: ???

Phase II: ???

Phase III: ???

Phase: IV: ???

The tale woven so far:

A fright was had when through crack and zap of lightning's reflection, a swarm of rats popped up in Jack's upstairs kitchen. Through chemist's might, monk's stained staff and tavern owner's rage, most were slaughtered, scattered across furniture and floor. Though, through the door, one little tuft slipped out, skittering to places unknown. Unknown too was the name of Madeline Hamelin. Until, but a few days later, she appeared to sell her services to Jack, promising to return with goods for all. Skittery like the rats themselves, she seemed like a pleasant girl to most. Some offered her drinks, she taught others how to catch rats, and yet others offered to help her out with an army of cats. Her jute pouches of rotten fruit, meat and ground seeds that come with a strange acidic scent remain, mostly untouched...
Will you help write the next chapter of this tale?
(Storm's Landing, starting between 4 and 5 EST on random days. Look for the LegendWeaver account.)

OOC Notes:
  • This event arc, as it stands, will not have its events announced. They will just be hosted for the people online at the time.
  • This event arc will attempt to incorporate the concept of the personalized events I proposed in THIS thread.
  • This event arc might also be partially hosted by the other members of the Storm's Landing event team.
  • This first post will tell you everything you need to know, so feel free to speculate, meme or spread rumours in the rest of the thread.
  • Please provide feedback. I would prefer feedback to come into my inbox since it will prevent other people from responding to it and provides a safer environment. If you want to tell me how much the events bangle your beans publically, though, go right ahead.

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Also this one, for something I don't know yet. Possibly all the speculation?

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