To Be Resumed Foothold in Darkness - Progression Thread 2


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In the "Foothold in Darkness" series, players get a number of actions they can use to interact with the event-site. Through these actions, they progress along a progression sheet which offers choices on what to work on first, but must ultimately be completed to reach the new stage. This is the thread of stage 2.

The current group consists of:
Jazzper - as Milah
with kits: Armor Lootkit

Jeroxia - as Gerry
with kits: -

Olligreen - as Jin
with kits: Item Lootkit

Fronslin - as Fronslin
with kits: Item Lootkit

GhostKairo123 - as Raigo
with kits: Weapon Lootkit

Sir Andrew Wallins - as Vlad
with kits: -

Ruu Darling - as Sugar
with kits: -

Magic Intern - as Cyrus
with kits: -

Tideborne - as Ardaric
with kits: -

They've unlocked the following abilities:
Can use a total of 4 actions to interact with the event.

Can use the communal storage to swap and store items without using actions.

Can repair, but not re-create loot that is found.

Can trade 3 materials for 1 action with "The Northerner" who supplies crafting material.

Can dig tunnels from the base to wherever they wish to go, using Dynamap.

Can use 3 actions to create a kit to specialize in any field, which makes future endeavors more useful.

Can smelt down Arachian loot and salvage to create Arachian Steel bars (awaiting lore approval for extra effect)


Overview of actions:
These are the unlocked actions so far, it will cost 1 action to:
Move things around
Clear rubble
Get equipment from a trader
Expand base by digging
Repair equipment / books / builds
Pick up items while exploring outside the event area
Get supports from the Northerner to tunnel 10 blocks in any direction
Create a toolkit for 3 actions

Arachian Awareness - The Arachians know of their presence, but they do not know where their base is located.
Essence of Chaos - Once all essence has been encountered, the adventurers will be able to adapt to them easier. All but 1 (#08) have been encountered.

Event Site:
Yellow area is within event site. Green locations have been secured.

Kits overview:
These are the kits that can be made and how to use them:
Lootkits: To find one piece of loot of your choice from the matching loottable. Use an action to find the loot, or use no action for random loot.
Item Lootkit: Statue / Object / Salvage / Page
Weapon Lootkit: Flail / Halberd / Axe / Sword / Crossbow / Bow
Armor Lootkit: Helmet / Chestpiece / Shield / Leggings / Boots
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Spots have opened up, if anyone is interested in joining they are welcome to come tonight at 2pm EST (1 hour from now), lemme know if you intend to come and I'll brief you on how to attend.