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“Rotten, lurching, and toxic — The Devourer, as they are called, are dedicated plague carriers.
They are nauseating to every sense we possess and incredibly dangerous to be in proximity to.
Anyone in their right mind would give this foul abomination a wide berth.”​


Arms and legs — It has two legs and two arms, the arms being disturbingly and disproportionately long. The left arm ends in what might be called a hand, but which is closer to an arrangement of slug like tentacles. The right arm ends in what is obviously a hand, though it is more muscular and has longer fingers. Its feet are wide for stability. It is relatively quiet as it moves, though a soft squelching sound may be heard if nearby. It walks in a lurching, jagged gait.​
Hands — The left hand is used to seize a person's face and force fungal rich slime down the throat and over the face. If completed, this results in a serious developed or late-stage infection. The right hand is equipped with claws that can slash through fabric if not too thick. The right hand may also be used to keep a person in place while the mouth stretches and engulfs the victim.​
Eyes, mouth and features — The face has a wide, gaping hole for a mouth with no teeth or tongue. It has three eyes, one large one in the center, and two much smaller ones for depth perception. The Devourer will ‘swallow’ a victim and quickly process them through their system of basic and delicate organs before expelling them in a early terminal state of infection. They do not have ears or a nose, but they are very sensitive to vibrations. Loud talking, walking, scraping metal, and instruments will alert them. Mostly, they navigate with their eyes, which can see in total darkness and which are sensitive to bright light such as bonfires, direct sunlight, or torches if close enough. If light is too bright, it will close its larger center eye to compensate, though this degrades its vision.​
Size and physical description — The beast is covered in thick, viscous slime which carries a strong sulfurous odor. The beast stands about seven feet tall, with most of its height coming from its body rather than its legs. On rare occasions, the creature can be as small as four feet, or as large as eight. The slime makes up a surprising amount of the beasts physical mass, accounting for at least half, perhaps more depending on the individual beast. It is completely toxic, because it is made from fermenting fungal material, which is in advanced decay but highly potent with infectious spores.​


The Devourer has mostly been spotted in swamps, marshes, and other wetland climates, but may also be found in surrounding forests. Some have been known to venture into urban areas.​

Sexual Dimorphism

There are no reproductive organs present, and therefore there are no distinctions to be made.​


The Devourer is aggressive towards practically everything, but from observations, it is noted that it places a priority on people over other animals. It has not been known to kill, but instead likes to subdue its victims so that their infection might increase.​


The Devourer has a lifespan of two weeks before organs fail and the bones begin to break down. At this point, the Devourer will collapse and start to lose form. The remains are toxic, but they usually don’t die in nature — they disappear somewhere else instead.​

If some part of the abomination has been captured or claimed, such as a body part, teeth, spikes, etc. and you wish to experiment with them or simply wish to receive more information, please send Squidziod a convo. Thank you!
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