[Forlorn Bestiary] [Extinct] Hard Back Prowler-drake


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“The Hard Back Prowler-drake, Prowler-drake, or simply the “Prowler,” is a lizard-like abomination that stalks the Harvester’s tunnels. It is about the size of an alligator, and can swallow a man whole.”


Eyes, mouth and features — The Prowler has solid blue eyes, lacking sclera. It looks very much like a massive lizard, it has four legs with small pads on its feet, and a snout. Its mouth has a thin row of teeth, and its tongue is purple. The jaw is strong enough to be able to keep the victim within its grasp for maybe a few minutes of vigorous thrashing. The Prowler prefers to weaken its victim with poison, then try to swallow it. The poison’s immediate effects are: dizziness, nausea, loss of motor coordination, and loss of eyesight. These effects develop within 2 to 5 minutes, and reach their peak after about an hour.​
Size and physical description — It is about the size of an alligator, and can swallow a man whole — some may be smaller or larger, there is serious variation. Their skin is slick, slimy, and completely transparent. Their veins, much like those who have been in the pods, glow with an aquamarine translucence. Their organs are visible, as are their bones. The only thing that obscures view to the inside (besides light refraction) is the rocks and crystals that have fused to its back and head. These offer protection from attack, but its underbelly is vulnerable.​


The Prowler-drake only lives in the caverns under Mockingbay, though they are now quite rare.​

Sexual Dimorphism

There are no reproductive organs present, and therefore there are no distinctions to be made.​


The Prowler-drake is openly hostile to intruders within the Mockingbay tunnels, and will treat them aggressively. The Prowler hunts by seizing prey, thrashing it about wildly, and then allows the poison to subdue them before trying to swallow them whole.​


Fairly short, three and a half months provided it doesn’t see any serious action. They do not typically die in the wild unless they are slain, a Prowler who is about to die will instead return to where it first came from, and die there instead.​

If some part of the abomination has been captured or claimed, such as a body part, teeth, spikes, etc. and you wish to experiment with them or simply wish to receive more information, please send Squidziod a convo. Thank you!
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