Formal Legacy Character List

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Formal Legacy Character List

A Legacy Character is deemed “Legacy” by an official Lore Coordinator or server owner. Legacy is an arrangement with lore to justify old traits with a new setting, but fundamentally focused on ensuring that they're both compatible. Characters can be played so long as they don’t break the system and abuse their positions via powergaming or metagaming.


Old Magic:
Naelwyn - Naelwyn - Thaumaturgy | Faelin
Michcat - Tzemik - Mysticism | Faelin, Lannis
Estes241 - Vallahad - Cogitation| Faelin

FrostGuardian - Rex - Extinct Race | Naelwyn, Faelin
Spawn were approved to have half-blood:​
FrostGuardian - Rian | Faelin​
Elz - Sylvi | Faelin​

Baron - Vorar - Automatron | Naelwyn
The Living Ghost - Cloud - Homunculus | Naelwyn
The Courier - Sif - Muscular Elf | Readij
Jstar - Vaeril Semori - Buff Silver Elf | Niah

{List of Earthspawn}
{List of Nakam}
{List of Greylings}

Dummy - Dum'ni - Armor and weapons | Solus, Thedeester, Lannis
Dum'ni Plug's Equipment:

Plate armor, "Skraag's Vesture"
Sword, "Tongue of Skraag"
Battle Axe, "Skraag's Embrace"

+The equipment, while metallic is not alike any other metals found in the current world. The pattern is alike that of several different textures overlapping in such a way that seems similar to the patterns one finds on shattered diamonds and obsidian. Blue and yellow light scintillate from the material.

+The armor has some of the physical properties of modern steel as far as combat is concerned and is half it's average weight. The armour does make sound, but it is akin to a lower pitch of regular armor clanking. (Not CLANKCLANKCLANK, more so clank clank). People still hear it.

+These can be worn under robes or items that conceal it, but it is noticeable.

+Armour can be repaired by a skilled smith. Straps on equipment can be adjusted to fit another if the equipment allows.

BoredBrit - Charlemagne du Lavoyarde - Purple eyes (recessive trait) | Squidziod
Tideborne - Ardaric Tideborne - Purples eyes (recessive trait), archaic knowledge | Squidziod
Scardrac - Calder Dormus - Archaic knowledge of the divines and dead-languages (old-Arcturian) | Squidziod

+The fact the listed are Legacy does not mean they are all powerful beings. See definition above. If issues arise, they will be worked with to make things fair and reasonable for the character in this setting.

+A Legacy Character's abilities cannot be 'passed on'. (Exception was the children of Rex under his height/weight.)

+Any character older than around 2014+ and said to be 2000 years+ or around there is due to the Sisterhood who had once halted aging. Those that are still active player-characters are said to be ‘legacy’, but the limit is that- they're just normal characters that have seen a lot of the world. Any powers or special abilities they have should no longer be in play unless a lore coordinator/council approved it already. They should be aging normally. No returning players should continue playing their old 500+ yr characters unless spoken with Solus

Revoking of a Legacy Position comes within a few parts:
Inactivity of 6months+, wherein upon return, they must speak to the current lore council
Abuse and confirmed reports of Legacy Status with Powergaming or Metagaming

How to be Legacy:
We’re not inclined to slap on the title of ‘legacy’ to just anyone. But if you were approved by a previous Lore Coordinator’s take on your character and you’re still active, please send us this form:

Character Name:​
What makes them Legacy:​
Intention with Character:​

This is not a guarantee we’ll fully approve it if nothing was given permission, or if it even needs a legacy title, but it’ll definitely help us sort out the character list and make things public so that folks are aware it's been approved and/or don’t abuse roleplay abilities when left to their own devices.

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