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Format for Nakat Application (Non-Playable)

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The Nakam Race has now become Extinct.
All contact from Kavdek has ceased, as if the entire island and outside population of Nakam has ... vanished. No new Nakam will be arriving or appearing, and no new Nakam characters may be created.

The only exception to this is two existing Nakam having a biological child and special circumstances.


{Questions and Answers} - Ask questions to clarify the Lore!
{Lore} - All the official lore can be found here (ORGANIZED)
{The Art} - Ever wondered what the Nakam look like?
{Applications} - How to play a Nakat + List of Active Nakam
{Lexicon} - Verba, the language of the Nakam

A Nakat is a member of the Nakam race, a race of bipedal feline folk from a frozen jungle-covered island far from the Nothern Kingdoms.

If you would like to create a Nakat character, please follow these steps~
Know that you must approve another character if you wish to play a different Nakat. Of course, returning members will probably have an easier time.

Step One: Click -{Here}- and read everything. Every. Last. Bit. It is also a good idea to watch that thread, as updates are often made.
This is important, for you will need to next-

Step Two: Write a fairly detailed backstory. Be sure to explain who you are, what you do, where you come from, how you got to the Northern Kingdoms. All of this must pertain to the Alteran Lore and the Nakam Lore. Then, Send it to Michcat in a Conversation! I’ll correct mistakes and judge your skill as it is protrayed, so be sure to apply thought and pay attention. I highly recommend you use one of the Character Profile Templates.

Step Three: Once you’ve got the OK, this character is approved to play a Nakat! Know that any future Nakat of yours must also pass through the same process- But I will probably already be confident in your abilities.

Send me a detailed explanation of your Nakats appearance, and I will provide you with a skin or approve one you already have. Since we are a singular race within Altera, I’d like to keep our base-appearance consistant.

Join the server, stay in character, and find your way through Altera!
Know that its’ difficult to keep the knowledge required to play a Nakat, and the Nakam are reserved for those who will set themselves apart from others with their depth of personality and writing/roleplay skills.

The Nakam now go by a 'Per Character' basis. If you have an approved character and he/she dies, that is it. Your time as a Nakat is done until you apply once more.
Because there was a cap on the Nakam, anyone inactive is generally removed. Your character will have died and not be revived.
This is to discourage alts and flippant applicants.

"Active" does not mean you have to be online 24/7. It merely means you do not neglect your character while someone else wants your spot.

If any of you cause any lore infractions your status as a Nakat will be revoked. If you are unsure about something, ask me.
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i'm the wench if you're the cake ;)
Common Mistakes.

~This section will be updated as misunderstandings arise~
All misunderstandings here have been had by two or more people at least, so don't feel bad if you see one of your mistakes here :D

~Kavdek is a large Island (about the size of real-life Madagascar), far to the west of the Northern Kingdoms, a ways North as well.
~Kavdek's inhabitants are either part of Native tribes, or Verbali. There is no known middle ground between the two, including the Tribes who trade with Verbali.
~Kavdam has only been active for a year, which means that your characters cannot "grow up in Kavdam"

~It is moderately rare for Nakam to leave their lands. It takes a hefty initiative to get them to leave, as travelers often tell of a world full of bigotry and hardship. (Even now, there're only a handful of Nakam in the Northern Kingoms out of the millions of Nakam in Kavdek.)
~Kavdek's general climate is VERY cold, with temperatures reaching 15 below 0 (Fahrenheit)
~ Despite Kavdek's climate, the lush jungle covering most of the island (save the coastline and Verbali) is still VERY healthy, meaning that these are otherworldly plants and trees able to sustain life within such hostile conditions.
~ Because of the thickness of the jungle, most (98%) of native Nakam villages are suspended within the trees, this is also to avoid the hostile wildlife amongst Kavdek (Teshvadiik, wolves, saberdogs, etc)
~Not all Nakam speak Common tongue, some may not even have heard the language before!
~The written language of the Nakam is called “Ludkava”. The spoken language is “Verba”.
~Our claws are only about half an inch long. Good luck doing substantial damage with them.
~*Our height varies anywhere from 5' to about a maximum of 6'2", though a 6'2" Nakam is considered a giant amongst his/her peers.
~As with any Gen.2 Nakat, you'd be required to apply as if applying for an adult Nakam character from pre-extinction, to demonstrate you are eligible for the restricted race and have a good grasp of Nakam physiology and culture (as well as being able to separate this from the child gen.2 character). I recommend making a non-existent psuedo character to apply with.
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i'm the wench if you're the cake ;)
-Current Nakam-
+The cap has been removed. This is subject to change.+
+This race is 'Extinct'! Although a better term would be 'Endangered'+
+There currently are 28 Nakam+

*IGN: Valcust ~Loremaster~ (Inactive)
-Valcust Sajek Alkam

*IGN: Michcat ~Loremaster~
-Iem'ien Sevis

*IGN: Shrimpsy
-Er'danku Tule

*IGN: BraveRubberDuck
-J'dar Kahest

*IGN: dacoutts
-Akela Tjali

*IGN: Sigurthur
-Snorri Eld'ita

*IGN: Soccernut13

-Tajay Arjit

*IGN: Dummyplug

*IGN: Deathmoron
-Vukrell Sub'kilk

*IGN: Rygan_
-Ketskyr Vorir

*IGN: HighClassBrass
-Cerh Keivja

*IGN: D47DR34M
-Misrir Kailan

*IGN: Arwstuv
-Tzemik Kevasn

*IGN: Mario_Luigi_Mage
-Saluk'tem Devep'tem

*IGN: apollo6000
-Sxoki Kesser

*IGN: Sophe_Deathblade
-Er'een Leiani

*IGN: ComplacentOwl
-Ekkil R'khu

*IGN: OliveOnion
-Hazrin Dak'ar

*IGN: TurtlePrada
-Vhaejek Sivlid

*IGN: ForestRose
-Zerin Ak'li

*IGN: Chaoticdog118

*IGN: Azur_Deathblade
-Kal'tek Arli'en

-Nak'ir Tjali

-*IGN: Hiraetha
-Eni'nu Akul

===Generation Two===
--- Offspring of Characters ---
*IGN: JustWater_
-Jastae Sub'kilk Kesser

-Vevirh Sevis

-Mi'ssa Sevis

*IGN: Kelta_Brinn
-Ev'ren Sevis

*IGN: Arcana_
-Kexi Leiani

-IGN: Faothain
-Veijashil Kevasn
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i'm the wench if you're the cake ;)
-Jastae Sub'kilk Kesser added as a "Second Generation" nakat, offspring of two existing characters.
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