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Lord of Altera
Fronslin Caldwell (formerly Coamenel)

Named by his father, Forgot his mother
Nickname/Alias: Fronselli, The Fronslin, Frons, Frost, Frostlin, That odd elf, Gramps, Sweet cheeks, Granpappy, Fronny
Full Titles:
High Warden of Mist
Sir Fronslin of the Lake
Former Knight of Hawklight
Steward to the Guardians- Second in command
Guardians Member

Long time [redacted]


Age: Looks to be in his late 20s to early 30s but it's hard to pin down {180}
Gender: Male
Race: Forest Elf (Half Silver on his mother's side)
Social Status: Scholar
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Marital Status: Married? Kind of?
Height: 5 Feet, 8 Inches
Weight: 169 pounds
Homeland: An Island prison he called Mist
Current Home: Linistel
Other homes: Arget
Date of Birth: 21st of Lightshine 2084, Year of oceans
Date of Death: N/A
Status: Chummy as hell


Build: Improved from long periods of time in platemail. Could still probably benefit from extra training.
Hair: Long, overgrown,Well kept, Brown; Usually has helmet hair floof up when wearing platemail.
Eyes: Cold brown eyes
Skin: Typically pale, tends to fluctuate but blemishes are seemingly nonexistent
Identifying Marks:
While he has multiple scars the most notable would be the following:
The "X" scar on his left hand - Only fully seen from the palm side of the hand
A very large scar on his upper back
A circular spider spider brand burned into his lower back, It's warped over time but is still identifiable
Appearance: Very youthful looking, It's easy to mistake his age He's usually clean and acceptable whenever seen. He tends to take care of himself when he feels like it which is usually often;clothes are rotated out when dirty
Hygiene: Bathes when he can because he enjoys it, nails get a bit long but eventually see trimming otherwise they are clean. you'll see him mask his scent by rolling around in the dirt when he's hunting but that's about the dirtiest he will be content with staying
Posture: Tends to only care about perfect posture around a few people, he has a slight slouch when people aren't looking
Gait: Usually wider than normal when carrying his messenger bag, reverts to walking very silently without it. Can run pretty fast but is out of practice
Habits and Mannerisms: Bites his lip when nervous or hiding something.
Rubs the peach fuzz on his chin when thinking about something
Dominant Hand: Left, But due to consistent drilling in his early childhood, is able to do a lot of actions with his right hand. He typically writes with his left.


Some previously listed above but further elaborated upon here
+The "X" Scar
- Two separate dagger stabs on the left hand, healed the first stab healed by a potion by [redacted] during the corruption war the second healed over time. Oddly enough, both related to the same person. The second stab was not through the hand.
+A very large scar on his back- Received from a giant guarding the port silver cathedral portal during the corruption war Healed with a potion but still rather large
+A circular spider spider brand burned into his lower back [Healed recently by Leofaren] Shankster
+Another small scar on right shoulder very faded- Was literally stabbed in the back during the time period of the corruption war
A notch on his head; A scar from a ruffian bouncing an arrow of off his forhead.- No memory of this happening

Broken Bones: -
Grateful For every meal offered or purchased.


Accent: Extremely hard to pick up any accent would probably sound northern
Pitch: A little higher than many of typical males.
Range: Surprisingly wide
Volume: Typically room level;More then capable of yelling to get attention
Laughter: Occasionally snorts when carried away but will typically keep to a low chuckle. His larger guffaws sound more sinister.
Impediments: None.


Intelligence: He's Above average at first glance but surprisingly resourceful. He's usually capable of picking up skills he desires given he has a proper teacher. Typically only tends to read in the pursuit of knowledge but is a deep thinker. Very open minded.
Writing: Typically writes in extremely legible commoner print unless signing a signature, his Elven looks much prettier in comparison
Known languages:
+ Common (Fluent)
+ Elven (Fluent)
Fae (A good amount of words and phrases, not able to write it)
Dwarven speak (will change to it's proper language; A few words and Phrases)

+ Lav (Just hello so far)
Lures: Skills he might find useful + Weapons and tools he might find useful + Knowledge + Magic + The Divines + Power of the self + The desire to do good in the world + Valtae Dur + Astrology + Divine worship
Memory: The past is slowly coming back to him, able to recall much of the corruption war but not remember most of it. forgot a lot of it around the time he lost his family. The current events are recalled very easily. +Remembered original name
Allergies: None
Addictions: Pipe weed - Off and on
Strengths: Survival +Loyal + Adaptable + Friendly + Perseverance + Half- educated + Martial + Deadly + Sneaky + A bit more confident as of late
Weaknesses: Children + Loner + Idle + Has a slight astigmatism in his vision, would probably benefit from glasses + Puts foot in mouth sometimes (Metaphor) + Too headstrong lately + Will probably be a downer upon opening up to people + Paranoid + Can't move on +Based on the past, Has a soft spot for female criminals+Easy to manipulate given proper incentive.
Fears: Relationships with children + Letting go of the past + The past + Being forgotten + Drowning + That thing he saw in the snow + That thing he fought at the mill job + The divines shifting + Being cursed by a divine + Being misled +

Temper: Avoids conflict, Seems to Restrain outbursts.
Sense of Humour: Very wide range of humor. Depends on who he's with. Typically hides behind a low chuckle.
Pet Peeves: Rude people, Rude commoners, Over zealous Ignites, Ignorance to a certain fault.
+Sometimes He'll dream about the corruption war And all the people he refuses to forget. some names forgotten but faces remain.
+He'll dream about his family, Usually hunting with the twins.
+He'll dream about the thing that took his appearance in the snow and have nightmares about it once in a blue moon.
+He'll have dreams about being woken in the middle of the night and running military drills from his childhood
+He'll have nightmares about being an executioner
+He'll have a dream about looking at the back of a silver haired elf, wearing a big white hat. He thinks this might be his mother but he's unsure.
+He'll have nightmare about his human wife, and her insanity.
+He'll have nightmares about a world where Haraheth won And the silent peace that would have come with it.
+ He'll have nightmares of the corrupted people and that little girl laughing as people burned
Silas dying, and the lapses of memory not being able to be recalled in the dream resulting in a fair amount of confusion
He'll have dreams of his other Spending time with him while he's away from home. Perhaps homesick

+Nightmares over a burning tree.
Sleeping Pattern: Sleeps well when secure in the confines of civilization When in the wild he will wake at anything that makes a noise and then remain awake until he's determined the source safe, or eliminated the threat. Hours be damned, he sleeps when tired and when he feels safe. Falls asleep on his back bit wakes up in a different position usually
Quirks: Tends to obsess over things until he's satisfied with the outcome. Spends alot of time preparing for things. Perhaps more time than events would actually take. Likes talking about the corruption war particularly the divines.
Hobbies: Gardening, hunting, Fishing, Reading, camping.

Colour: Black, white, green
Music: Mood music, with no lyrics typically.
Food: A yet unnamed dish which is actually pizza Ruu
Drink: Juice
Literature: Anything that he doesn't know that he wants to know.
Entertainment: Magical party tricks
Animal: Dog

{ TRAINING & SKILLS } -------------------

Eviscism- Adept- Able to Kill with his magic now- Hoping to improve with time. Link to index Rank 3/5

Survival- Years of living in the wilderness alone has taught a great deal of things on how to survive as well as thrive in harsh outdoor conditions he has a great experience with a variety of traps used to make living out in the wild a bit easier. Hunting comes secondhand but is more than capable of foraging a meal up. (8/10)

Fishing- decades of experience with fishing whether it be from rod, net, spear or even a basic trap on a stream he knows how to get food from water. (easiest 10/10 in my life)

Section listed below and still a massive WIP For the most part I'll say that he's got alot of work to do to get to a respectable level of fighting again. knows how to throw knives and have them hit their mark. Pretty good with ranged (if I had to say, he's probably at a 4.5 out of 10, needs a regular teacher)

Enchanting- A skill taught to him by Kethron that he's very quickly mastered, He does not find himself enchanting much these days, and is very hesitant to pick up students again (9/10)

Alchemy- Has been taught a few other things, but they haven't stuck; needs a teacher (3/10)

-Regeneration (enhanced duration)

Medical skills- Able to patch people up, and care for people decently, don't ask him to do surgery needs a regular teacher (4/10)

Horse riding- Out of practice, sticks to carriage typically. jousted a good amount back in Hawklight days, Would probably come back to him like riding a bike (5/10)

lockpicking- No where as good as other people, doesn't have a reason to be breaking into things so would have to relearn if ever needed. Originally taught by [redacted] as a way to pass the time (4/10)

Educated- But not of a high degree as it would seem. Seems to be learning alot of things as he goes picking up things he deems fit to learn. Typically from word of mouth but occasionally a book will be needed. It's slowly becoming clear to him that through talking to the right people, He's got alot of knowledge other people do not know about. (7/10)

Apothecary knowledge
Very limited he's forgotten the three things he used to know, Including a recipe for a salve someone taught him a long time ago (2/10)

Carpentry and crafting- Used to make wooden carts and whittle things, Hasn't done anything with it in a while made a flute recently but it took a long time (5/10)

Music - He's remembering more and more about this from his childhood, Most of it painful ruler smackings and strict rules and rivalries with other people, He's starting to transpose. (5/10)


Peaceful or Violent:
Capable of being threatening- Peaceful.
Ability: remembers the fundamentals, Could stand to practice with a bow as well as be properly retrained to his glory days status.
Has knowledge on how to attempt to fight an elemental.
When all else fails he knows how to tactically retreat and then hide.
Strengths- Tactics, research, implementation, Military upbringing,
Truly goes out of his way to learn, create, and acquire useful things for fighting things that are usually not his fellow mortals.

Doesn't strike unless he feels he has an advantage. Takes forever to get prepared before major fights.
He's extremely out of practice however and probably wouldn't even strike an enemy without months of planning, or a damn good reason.
Finds his largest scar giving him issues in not just everyday life, but combat in general

Exercise: A ridiculous of walking at the moment no active training or drills yet. Currently focusing in on learning useful things will occasionally hunt, or throw knives or find an activity to not get too out of practice.

OP's note: The arsenal will be getting it's own thread one day
+Two higher than standard steel quality daggers, one of them enchanted with a mid level smite effect.
Both made by Jhaeros

+Hawklight Issue Sword and shield- Brought over from the old world, fond of the design on the shield. Made from steel I'd imagine. Enchants: Max bane of arthropods(4), Max knockback (2), Max Fire aspect which is decent (2), weak sweeping edge(1)
Smith unknown this was given away

+A bow fronslin made in the wild, seems to be on it's last legs
+Two masterwork bows made by Kelic Daeron one of them is enchanted with a rank 3 unbreaking enchant and flame.
92635(It's not supposed to be blue btw)

+80 steel arrows

Made by Jhaeros
+A masterwork dwarven made crossbow

Made by Kubai

+40Crossbow bolts
+20 Crossbow bolts coated in tree resin with bits of cloth stuck to them

Flame bolts prepared by Fronslin

+A Mahogany baton enchanted with a heavy smiting and a light unbreaking enchant

Gifted by Nwalme upon joining the Furvurian house

+Several Longswords of elven design originally made for stocking the enchanting store


+many Elven daggers made to stock the enchanting store

+A large two-hander meant to stock the enchanting store


+Handaxe meant for stocking the enchanting store


+6 large maces Steel quality


+Fronslin's Focus+

Fronslin's focus; An arming sword made for him by Thordil

Kogrite/brass and darkened steel pommel with a Kogrite/brass ring in its middle. The pommel ends in a flat open surface, showing the emerald sealed inside. Stag antler grip with a brass ring seperating the smooth from the ridged side, ending in yet another brass ring. The crossguard, too, is made of darkened steel with a slight curve to it and rounded edges, ending in a small brass etched ring. The crossguard bears the inscriptions "In defiance of Darkness" on one side, and "In defense of The Realm" on the other. The steel blade has a gradual profile taper and ends in a fine tip. As a result of the work of The Sacred of Korog, this masterpiece of a sword is both beautifully crafted, perfectly balanced and incredibly resilient to damage.

Other information: This was forged using the Masterpiece boon made by the forge-masters hammer.
The emerald itself is an Oval cut, but due to it being attuned into a focus would be constantly glowing a pale golden light.

Physical Description: A long sword that reflects the night sky in the blade as if one looked at the stars. If it's daylight, it'll look as if it's a plain sword with an ordinary oak hilt and crossguard, there is a clear gem in the hilt.
Ability: The weapon makes the attuned desire it when they look at it and are around it. It gives a short confidence boost upon wielding it. Around certain areas of the continent at night, the blade will softly glow white.
(This sword is on him in most situations, looking to get art made)

Art by Kamaoe 9264592644
And more on the way!

The arsenal is never complete.

+3 sets of very custom leather armor with a helmet, with a fourth on reserve.
Current enchanting project. It's very well crafted for his dimensions alone.
The one that sees use has a variety of enchants on it, but is not a finished project Prot4/unbreaking 3 on chest in legs, boots have three low rank protection enchants.
(The skin is ready)
Made by Jhaeros

Darkened steel armor made by Thordil with the forgemaster's hammer

(Image limit reached will post further in the thread some refernce pictures.)



Fronslin is weird and awkward but still manages to try and be friendly. He'd seem like he keeps certain things to himself most of the time, Like he's always hiding his burdens and grievances from other people.
He'd be forthcoming with most information as he gets it but tends to get nervous when talking about a few key things. He wonders if what he's doing is ever going to accomplish anything and thinks that most of his family being gone is his own fault. (INFP)

Religious Values: Worships the pantheon as the whole, avoids the gods (the big three) who are less than favorable dislikes doctrines that either go against what he remembers from past experiences and over zealous ignites. But he's slowly warming up to Ignis. Wants the pantheon to stay as it is.
Alignment: Neutral good - Chaotic good

Srikethrough = Abandoned O = Postponed X= Success WIP= In progress
{ Short Term Goals }
Relearn how to fight - O

Learn his school of magic and progress - X
Prototype his secret project
Investigate Star-singer - O
Charity work
get the huge scar on his back healed - WIP

Marry Valtae - WIP
Acquire additional funding - X
Find purpose in the bloodmoon campaign- WIP

{Long Term Goals }
Continue learning about the world and the divines

Stop it from happening again
Guardians work
Finding a place he can practice his craft en masse Perhaps a lab or a sort of tower.
Find a way to get the mages and blessed to cooperate with one another
Build Trust and information with other mages through avenues of cooperation
The digsite
The plates of information - O

Wardrobe: Black cloak roguish outfit, fancy red robes, Grove outfit, A snow outfit good for blending in, and the aforementioned leather armor. Skins and pics coming soon
Most Prized Possessions: 3 single plain gold rings, A dull silver locket usually kept bedside filled with hair, A golden locket given to him by a friend. A guardians member's ring. 2 jeweled necklaces and a plain gold neckalce Sugar's messenger bag
Other: Children's drawings, A broken red fishing lure, enchanted books, A sinister looking snake bandit brace, a few bits of charcoal, lapis + books
Carried Inventory:

Starsinger, A bow and quiver of arrows, A small backpack, A smiting 3 dagger, Food, money, a change of clothes, guardians ring, salve, bedroll and camping supplies, a prototype facial mask made by Andre, a map and notebook and something to write with, A flask, emergency jerky, white blanket
Funds: Somehow manages to afford his growing arsenal Has ambition to one day make himself not have to just manage by in his endeavors
Income: From jobs taken for adventures Doesn't realize the amount of wealth he spends sometimes. Jewelery from adventures, Funding from Vorar for various research
Lands: Altera, Whiterock, Linistel, Mockingbay
Homes: None; Possibly mockingbay, Ask him about it
Pets: None, Considering getting a messenger pigeon for an aviary

Transportation: Carriages or walking. Might seek a proper steed at some point. So much walking...

Past Places of Residences: Renatus, Heaven's reach, Winterguard, Camp Frostlight, Azerport, And for a brief period of time Golden bay, Blackstone, Sanardu
Places Traveled: Hawklight lands, Typically Mockingbay and Storms Landing, but also Linela. Most Recently Burglarshire

Credit to Elz and Niah for helping me find this lovely template


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This is where fluff n extra stuff goes.
Looking for art by the way
Sailing_Elf THANK YOU
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| R E L A T I O N S H I P S |

Romantic interests

--Valtae Dur (Love)-A forest elf fronslin has found himself entwined and enthralled with lately She reminds him of the good parts of home. Now betrothed, He hopes to start another family. He dreams of her when he is away.The_VALKYRIE

Loved(Family or close friends)
--Citrine (. . .) - His Biological granddaughter, She's so busy ruling that they haven't had the time to develop any sort of actual bond. The subject is complicated but at the moment there is no way to prove his parental status over her. regardless he checks in from time to time. He gets the feeling he's too serious around her, He takes on work that he can't tell her about without possibly making her concerned.Samiwashere

--Lilac (Coot kid; Sugar's daughter.. sort of) A caparii child he is uncle to She's a sweet kid, and he would watch over her as a caregiver if need be Cukie1

--Sugar (I won't forget our adage)A caparii woman he's come to trust in recent years both of them have their issues but she's the closest he has to a sister, something that he's not used to having but A very nice experience to haveRuu

--Elwin Dur (Adopted)- The son he never asked for, But loves anyway. He Worries over the accident prone Child, But tries to instill his values in him nontheless. He hopes to follow through on his promises. Rang3r0wns94


--Cassian (Envious of) - Once struck him as pompus, Cassian seems to turn to him for advice and wisdom. Spending so much time around him has changed his mind on his original assumption. Impressed by the way he knit a family together for himself.Cassian has proved invaluable in Assisting fronslin in offical matters while he began the new path set before him. Baron2537

--Vorar (The Elemental) The automaton put him in charge of his group, and he's been slowly trying to fill the role he's been given. He's going to have to git good and fast. He trusts him without question and desperately wants to succeed in the task he's lain out for him. He's seen what he's done in the past and knows that the organization that's being revived has accomplished in the past. If he could sit down He would ask an endless stream of questions but there are more pressing matters. Baron

--Thordil (Smith of Aeroch Rimtar)- Thordil Is someone Fronslin has come to trust from the sheer amount of cooperation and generosity from his smith, And doesn't know the first way to go about thanking him for all his hard work and useful equipment he's brought into his life. He's also quite Well spoken, but doesn't seem to reveal his whole hand right away. He likes that he stays neutral, a very common thing they both have these days when it comes to most political matters. Jazzper

-Daeron (Elf in charge) An elf much wiser and older to himself, One of the few people he would consider to be an elder in his eyes, One who has seen more than he could imagine, Yet still embraces Shalherana. He puts a good deal of Faith in his Former housemate And hopes to Assist in the future. Jstar


--Kethron (Fellow nerd) - A fellow mage who helped him along after his teacher died. The two muse about magical theory together. They go pretty far back, Starting around Aldred's Incursion Heie

--Kitrana Dawnriver (Rahas follower)- Good egg doesn't fuck around, Too headstrong but good intentions keep her going. Curious to see what happens in her life. godfather1

--Josef Mandovi (Former housemate)- Someone he's reconnected with since leaving furvur, he's helping him research something, the two's age have led them to get along rather well. he's starting to trust him. Squidziod

--Aesro Crow (The dragon slayer) -Reliable Idiot, Close friend, Dated his grandaughter a long time ago but is now happily married. Slow to learn but eager to please.Electric

-Cymic (The Infamous) Someone who was able to cheer Fronslin up about alot of slumps that he was going through, Despite all the rumors Cymic was surprisingly good company; The encounters usually leave him Better off than when he was before.. His only gripe is that cymic has a way of poking fun at himself. Cymic_

--Ayda (The ranger) - Cassian's wife , A surprisingly strong mage with a stronger temperment, She's been able to make him realize a great many things during the times of his failures. He considers her a friend, but every Situation where she helps him leaves him feeling like a hinderance. Ayda

-Milah (Glove girl)- An evist trained by someone who has fallen out of his favor, She seems to only say important things, And has a mastery of a branch of spells he finds particuarly difficult. The two keep running into each other. He also feels a certain kinship, Possibly in that they were probably sparked around the same time. Jazzper

--Leofaren (The Healer)- Both of them have changed so much. While They don't spend much time interacting these days, Perhaps one day They'll catch up more than just a conversation at a time. Shankster


--Joe (ranger in training)- Interesting fellow, he wants to trust him and his mentor for some reason he's an interesting person who he wants to know a bit better. JoeJoe

--Rai (Lady of Austrum isle)- One of valtae's friends who now a mother, She seems very pleasant and happy, If not odd choices of food.Galaxy

Podric (Podric)- Podric... He likes podric as a person, Not much else can be said atm.@Luam

Karn (Thing under the bed)- One of the last of the greyling race, Fronslin tries to treat him with respect and it has done well to Bolster relations. He knows he's up to something, But Could never be certain what. A helpful fellow in most cases. ironassassin

Tideborne(Seasoned lineage)- A man trying to rebuild what he once had, a relatable goal, Curious to see what he does to get there. Tideborne

Tylla (Strange religion)- A nomadic human who refers to Shalherana as an all god. Inquisitive about her culture, enjoys her choice of food. Hopes to educate her about local religion and it's practices in time if an intrest is shown. Blorbis83




Unsure of


Wary/afraid of

-- Certain Ignites (Over zealous) - Has seen what the Ignis doctrine looks like at it's worst. Doesn't like the doctrine claiming Ignis as the only god.





-- Jishrim (Ticktock) - The element of insanity has long plagued Fronslin's life in many forms. He's seen the mad-god himself and usually recognizes his machinations.
-- Aldred - (More like Aldead!)

Missed list
Morna, Melosa, Juno, Ryia, Idon, Annabeth, Augustus, Olive, Alex, Tybalt, Larike, Chaeyra, Roian, Silverhand, Bolvar firestorm, Gael Dugald, Gerry(?),Tourmaline, Joan
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For now here's a preview of the armor I'll be wearing when the skins done

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This was taken care of.
cc2cb064f6a5533c0806af59e6d524eb.png This is the armor thordil made for fronslin, It's very high quality I ran out of image space on the OP
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Relations list is online, Will update missing people as I rp now. Poke me if you want to be up there sooner.

Also some updates in there on the OP
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