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Active Frost - The Vestige


Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
A commission


Name : Frost

Full titles:
Left hand of Aor

Links to Profiles - Lover vyre - Unblessed - Mage


Age: 40
Gender: Female
Race: Silver elf
Social Status: Obvious mage with questionable motives
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status
: Unofficially divorced
Height: 5 Feet, 6 Inches
Weight: 143 pounds
Homeland: Myst
Current Home: Camp Frostlight
Other homes: Linistel
Date of Birth
: 21st of Lightshine 2084, Year of oceans
Date of Death: Died As Fronslin, Reanimated into Frost.
Status: More or less past the worst of a mid life crisis

Exaggerated hourglass on an ectomorph frame. She's small.
Hair: Long white and full of volume and luster , Down past her shoulders. It's often a little disorganized.
Eyes: Ageless Silver eyes with a bit of allure to them. She looks tired most of the time.
Skin: Healthy, with many fading scars
Identifying Marks: Scars from some activity before reanimating, She keeps them hidden most of the time, Icy blue horns, a dim glow around her person at night, A light show around her face which turns into fake eyes of light with her face concealed.
Appearance: A silver elven woman smaller than the average height of elves with noticeable curves hidden modestly under exquisite Purple and faintly battle scarred star themed robes. She sports small icy blue horns on her head that jut back like slender icicles. she's currently missing a glove on her main outfit which reveals a ring of light runes she cannot remove. There are light based shenanigans from her Magic knack.
Posture: Rather proper, though when alone it is severely lax. With a degree of hidden uncomfortable feelings from the charade.
Gait: Lively, able to move and sneak around more than sufficiently
Habits and Mannerisms: Staring at people, Seems to know nearly everyone somehow.
Dominant Hand: Left, Fights right-handed.

Only when speaking Aorian.
Pitch: A middle of the road Mezzo-Soprano
Range: Not very wide
Volume: Typically room level, though there is a softness usually in the tone of her voice.More then capable of yelling to get attention
Laughter: Giggles and chortles.
Impediments: A slight stutter when uncertain of a situation. It's hardly a constant occurrence.


Intelligence: Above average, Though this is mainly from time. She is by no means a genius.
Writing: Plainly and neatly printed common, With formal letters and Aorian documents being more presentable
Known languages:
+ Common (Fluent)
+ Elven (Fluent)
+Fae ( (Fluent in speaking, can read decently enough too)
+Aori- The language of his current house (Fluent and written)
+ Bits and pieces of other languages I will not list here.

Lures: The Arcane, The divine, The world, Magic items, Female criminals, The Stars, Rainbows, Dara Silveria, Attractive people ,Conversation.
Memory: Surprisingly in tact for now.
Allergies: None
Addictions: Sallana made wine from modified divine grapes. Blood feasts from Skragg blessed.
Strengths: Magic + Experienced + Creative problem solver and crafter + Loyal to her house + Somewhat wise + Perhaps attractive + Charitable + Lover Vyrism
Weaknesses: Uncomfortable in her current body + Does not like fighting + Prone to episodes of Mania + Needy people +Paranoia + Secretly a very envious person, she channels it into Competitiveness. + Bad at haggling most of the time
Fears: The truth about Myst, whatever it actually is + Being forgotten + Having to remember from scratch all over again + Qlippoth + Never finding the right student + Giving into her deep desires and morally questionable ideas + Lack of progress in facing off against the invasion + Giving up completely + Being over invested.
Temper: Somewhat calm unless being flirted at or instigated
Sense of Humour: Hiding under her blank stares is a very wide sense of humor.
Pet Peeves: Arrogance of man, So quick to forget

+A portal opening on a grassy knoll, unleashing a cataclysm of world shattering change. Demonic invasion is always coming, and she's powerless to slow it's progress.
+A dream where she is out exploring with a certain moor princess.

Sleeping Patterns: She sleeps with her weaponry. And has bouts of feigning sleep.


Likes to over prepare for conflicts, Going so far as to try and remember things Decades in the past just for a simple little edge. After all, Why be prepared when you can be downright qualified?

Only hunts In certain situations, after a hunt with her daughter, she has reconsidered her stance on hunting.. She considers in most cases it wouldn't be a fair fight. though she knows there are crazier critters out there.

Superstitious - Religious folklore and tales, as well as general magic studies of how rituals, pacts and other such thing work has left an impact on Frost she's particular on employing both faith and the arcane for preparing against threats.

Color Enthusiast - Frost is interested in color theory, their meanings, What god represents what colors. She gets a secret pleasure out of using colors when acting for a blessed of another god. Though actively doesn't cast magic around shrines with colors unless given permission

Hermit: Frost has elected to never make an uncoordinated move for a while, and has decided she prefers seclusion to interacting with certain people on a bad day. This is merely a phase and she will likely come to any summons if she has even the slightest passing interest in it. She still travels to occasionally feed herself. But she finds it more preferable to have people come to her.

Hobbies: Gardening, Reading, camping. Her studies, Magical and Supernatural research and application, considering painting again., Killing things with her magic

Colour: Why have just one?
Music: Mood music, with no lyrics typically.
Food: Cookies
Drink: Red tea from Eldpoint
Literature: Anything that she doesn't know that she wants to know.
Entertainment: Magical party tricks
Animal: Partial to unusual creatures



Body 3
Mind 5
Soul 2

Awareness 4

Ranged 5 +++ (Ranged magic)
Handling 0
Determination 1+ (Resisting magical effects)
Fortitude 2
Medicine 0
Might 3
Evasion 5+++ (Dodging)
Stealth 2 ++ (Moving unseen)
Survival 2
Melee 3
Guile 0
Thievery 0
Lore 1
Intimidation 0
Crafting 2+++(Mortal arms)
Grappling 0

Master Weaponsmith
Tailoring: Novice 0/336
Smithing: Master -Bladesmith
Carving: Master - Bowyer

Other skills:
Master fisher
Remembers how to play a few types of insturments. (Piano, Woodwind instruments, Harp)


Peaceful or Violent: Violent. Will probably hit and run.

Exceptionally skilled, But not a practiced fighter, Especially in her new body. She finds herself reliant on magic more than the sword alone.
Strengths- Implements work arounds for certain problems mid combat. Recently the ideas have become borderline Ridiculous. She's quite fast as well.

Weaknesses- Hardly makes the first strike, Holy water, Mirrors, Her instabilities and insecurities can make her unpredictable. She's smaller, and more likely to get bodied unless she takes proactive steps against more physical opponents.

Exercise: Lots of walking, Her mundane crafts

(Weaponry- Items with Lored props that see use will get a cropped screenshot in another part of the thread.)

+Fronslin's Focus+

Fronslin's focus; An arming sword made for him by Thordil

Kogrite/brass and darkened steel pommel with a Kogrite/brass ring in its middle. The pommel ends in a flat open surface, showing the emerald sealed inside. Stag antler grip with a brass ring seperating the smooth from the ridged side, ending in yet another brass ring. The crossguard, too, is made of darkened steel with a slight curve to it and rounded edges, ending in a small brass etched ring. The crossguard bears the inscriptions "In defiance of Darkness" on one side, and "In defense of The Realm" on the other. The steel blade has a gradual profile taper and ends in a fine tip. As a result of the work of The Sacred of Korog, this masterpiece of a sword is both beautifully crafted, perfectly balanced and incredibly resilient to damage.

Other information: This was forged using the Masterpiece boon made by the forge-masters hammer. Prop name is The nameless mourned.
The gem is currently the Spectral Iris. A gem housing a very dim void. It is lit- Hosting a shifting skyscape of stars and a fake night sky of every hue inside it.
Winter's shard- Her current main focus.
Frost, Her warbow.

And various other things.


Frost has knowledge and wisdom which betray her youthful and subjectively attractive appearance. She has thrown away her past life and while the worst of the storm that passed with it may have changed her deep down she is still a sweet and caring lady, Just one more obsessed with living in the moment. She no longer goes out of her way to sleep around but finds herself much happier, and much more sane as a vyre. Something which she is not quick to tell everyone about. She loves making equipment in anticipation it sees use. Taking pride in her mundane crafts much more since the recent shift of Magic toward a higher state of being. She finds it easier just to take things one day at a time, Though more often than not it causes communication issues. She is often left to lament in her own world. Which sometimes makes her come off as crazy or distant.

Religious Values: Holds a strange twisted reverence of the gods. She seems to hold favor to the faiths of Theodra, Shalherana, Korog, Sallana, And the Grey lady- In that order.
She does worship the god of magic, Though her heretical worship seems to come with less enthusiasm since the shift. She is despondent about what it currently means to be a mage.

Chaotic good

{ Short Term Goals }
Find a student (completed)
Work through her mid life crisis (Completed)
Kill some possessed and those who support their efforts Abandoned
Have fun
Kill things in creative and effective ways, Perhaps with her magic.
Support blessed activity; drop contact with the ones who fall short or antagonize.
More clothes!

{Long Term Goals }
Found a coven
Reclaim evisral spells
Make an evisral gestalt
Kill the Night star
Finish her final(?) quest for the god of magic.

Attain a more attractive form
Be the best damn lover vyre ever again. She is happy
Explore the lesser known parts of lover vyrism, if only for a time (Consumed lover)

Wardrobe: She owns three purple coats that do not properly fit her, and a faded purple dress.
Most Prized Possessions:
Her goblet from a dwarven hoard, Any item she owns made from Vorar or Thordil., Her old coats that do not fit her, Sugar's messenger bag, Her Mage cave, The Tree of Vot (though this isn't just hers.) Her Focus. Her wedding ring
Other: Various oddites, including personal ones from over the years of her previous life
Carried Inventory: (Her wedding ring- Guardians ring) Her focus, A dark thread hat, His purple greatcoat., A white book with lavender accent there is a cresting flower on the cover. This is her Grudge book. Occasionally her messenger bag which has other things in it
Funds: Somehow manages to make money. Don't ask me how.
Income: Funding from her Nobility.
Lands: Altera
Homes: Linistel

Transportation: Carriages or walking. Might seek a proper steed at some point. So much walking...

Past Places of Residences: Renatus, Heaven's reach, Winterguard, Camp Frostlight, Azerport, And for a brief period of time Golden bay, Blackstone, Sanardu,
Places Traveled: Hawklight lands, Typically Mockingbay and Storms Landing, but also Linela. ,Burglarshire, various friend's houses.

Credit to Elz and Niah for helping me find this lovely template



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Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
Relations to do list.
If your character name is here It means you'll get a relation when I get around to it in the next few hours/days


Storm - befriended - Someone Frost was close to long ago. Since he became an Azarin Noble Vyre she has elected to keep her distance occasionally as she feels he's a person who will quickly become notorious. She is secretly bitter about him falling out of favor with her and envious of the amount of vyres he can hang out with like himself, But has decided she is too tired to worry about it. She knows she could get help from him if the stars aligned, but doesn't feel like he's someone to confide in. He is an old friend regardless. Catalyst

Anya- Cherished - A blonde woman with an ambiguous past. She claims Frost as her mother much to Frost's reluctance she has accepted this bond she has requested. She hopes she does not waste her newfound gifts-doesn't waste the arcane gift she now has. She has debated if she wants to turn her or not, But for the time being doesn't wish to teach someone how to be a Lover vyre. Specifically someone on the fence who is so.. Innocent. Iamblackrose

Keone- Bird friend(liked)- A makani who has ambitions of the sky with his formistry. Frost finds him different from past makani though it's a welcome departure. She thinks he's a standup guy who will go far if he sticks with his goals. Arget Istalri

Taelin, Forte, Dolce, Elwin

Edit: Hey PM me for a relation in private
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Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
Updated my crafting stats. Relations may be remade from the bottom up. Old relations will be imported and tweaks and also to do. Some more goals.


Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
(From the album- To kill a living book)
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Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
Townsday, 21th of Fogwater, 2308- Season of Decay

It's been a while since being a gravewalker. And being in this new body.

I've still felt uncomfortable but I'm making efforts to still be nice. Do good on my own time. I've secluded myself from the landing more often. Taken to isolation with an old friend I've long since thought was lost to us. I'm setting the foundation for something new.. Supplemental. I'm not sure where it's going yet but this is a pleasant distraction for the time being. In spite of my reservations. If someone is stupid enough to come here who ought not to It'll be on them. And not me.

Valtae continues to support my antics. I continue my efforts to provide aid when I am not predisposed with other activities. I am honestly not sure if I am happy as I am. I am relieved to be free of the curse, And even moreso to be able to spite Skragg. But this was a hasty move. I don't feel like I am as strong of a combatant. Before I didn't want to rely on my magic but now I have to. Save my touch which is more situational- I really wish I could fuse through matter like a formist. It would be a godsend in these times.

I still feel like I'm figuring myself out. I don't really care if I'm stuck as a man or woman, but I would like to be appealing. Perhaps it is my selfish nature as a mage. Or my vanity. But I like being pretty, And I like being able to fight as well. I do miss being a man. And I do miss the pleasurs and comforts it brought. Now everything between us is.. Tender. heartfelt. It is proper between us but I am striving to always convey how I feel to Valtae. I get the feeling she's taken into a lull and I'm not sure where this leads us. No matter what we've agreed that we're always going to be partners And yet with this new life. comes new exploration and opportunites. I guess the question is how many decades do I want to wait? I'm not exactly miserable. But I can't see myself being happy if I'm stuck like this after this divine spat ends.

I want to go home and fix what has happened there and retire to Vot.

Maybe build up stockpiles of weaponry for the end of the world. Raise my kids in peace and remove anyone who doesn't meet my standards. As high as they may be. It would just be nice to have a year of normality.

Magic practice
Gardening and landscaping some divine grounds.
And child rearing..
With perhaps some fun studies and exploration of this world on my own.

It would be nice to compile my knowledge in a place. I am not as verbose as some of the scholars. But Mortality is fleeting for all of us. And while it sickens me- the thought of what I know falling into the wrong hands. I believe it should be worth recording. Including some of my personal history I do not fully remember.

I still wish to prepare a purge for the vyres but I'm going to ignore my gut until a need to kill one occurs. I will wait. And when it happens I will know.. And I shall not hesitate. Besides Journal. I didn't mind being a vyre. were it any different, and the enemy and the nature of the curse different- if I were not married and dedicated to upholding some semblance of being respectable to the pantheon and Shallherana.. I would certainly consider it something appealing. But I hold fast to my feelings and I am happy to be free of the temptation and possible.. Promiscuity it brings. I don't think I could take another friend turning yet, But I feel


I am reminded that I must be patient to get what I want. All of what I want. And that sometimes I will need to make self-sacrifices to get them.

I doubt I would ever make it into history, whatever happens. But for the first time I find myself wanting to be remembered. I no longer wish to fade away. But I feel that it's not possible.

I need to keep setting groundwork so that when death sticks for good. People aren't caught unprepared.

I'll amass my power tell no one. And carefully figure out the right pieces to the board. Just like I used to do.

And if my worst fears come to fruition.. I won't just say I told you so. I'll act. They can call me a monster for all I care. I'll die casting the spell I've come to anticipate using.

But I think I'm overdue some peace and quiet. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm free to have it. I suppose I should just make sure I earn it. Valtae's not quite at the point where the hospital can be left manned by the others. And I still have some spells left to teach.

There's still so many loose threads frayed in the wind. Can't tug on them. Can't meddle with everything. All I can do is follow orders from back home. And be the best that I can be in the meantime.

With love, Journal


P.S Mage question of the day, Can Cognimancer's fall for their own illusions? Could I make myself look like someone else like I would If I was consumed by the curse? It beckons a question of the true Unknowable. It's a niche I wouldn't mind filling though I do not believe it possible right now.
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Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
Just getting some IC thoughts down on paper. Don't expect a prop for it IG yet. But if someone is in a situation to happen upon it DM me


Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
Art update
Master Boywer now
Going to just uh..
Update this later. haha.

Stats are being looked at. They need touch ups and more consideration


Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
14th of Snowdown, 2309

Still feel weak in this form. Don’t think I’m weak enough to rely on my magic, But I’ve tried to pick up the bow again, Been staying in Riseport. Want to help the Theodrans.

At first, I was thinking of opening shop there, Then I had a realization, I’m probably the only one crafting arrows that explode, sure there’s a time an place for them. But I’d rather not use it on people or mundane animals.. Abominations should be fair game. In any case I’ve started to stockpile them for a rainy day as they say.

If I see a market for the things I might consider it, But I don’t think most people would want to pay much for one arrow. Maybe Jishrimites.. Because you know.. Conflagration.

Oh! I started Sketching up a new look. Purple robes, New boots. I’m going to work toward new gear, Just lighter gear. Something I can always be moving around with.

I think I’m popular enough that people would still know it’s me, Even with a hood- Though I’m not really too worried about it, I’m just excited for new clothing! My current stuff is a little snug and my body keeps adjusting. Some things just do not know when to quit I guess. Been like this ever since I lost the Gravewalker gift.

I still have worries, But they are not world ending worries. Which while it’s nice, I will probably have some sort of issue eventually. Often times even though I am qualified I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Sort of feels like this thing with the theodrans is just to see if it will stick.

But I like them! I wish some of the other ones were here. Thyrss, Som, Marian, I don't think they like Dayton, but I hope he's alright anyway

Newbie who I made the holy symbol for is here. She took a tumble clearing out some ruins of Skraggites. I didn’t realize that such a natural enemy thing was something that they shared. Perhaps it’s an overlapping of Domains. Skragg doesn’t wish to die, Theodrans wish to survive?

Maybe I’m overthinking this.

Taelin is back, Few years older. I would write what she’s been up to, But she went off to do her own thing once more.

Some things never change at least :)


P.S Shop's still probably coming, But I gotta build up a stock


Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
I would have to keep a damn google doc at this point.


Remember what was. For what is yet to be.
Alright everyone, I'm making a google doc with relations as long as I like.
If you want a blurb to stroke your ego go ahead and DM me and i'll write it.

When I'm satisfied with the quality of it, I'll copy or post a link to it here.

Until then, I'll be trying to wake my butt up. And facelift this profile.