Finished [Frostwarts - Nid Arach] - Retrieve the Wicked and the Evil


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Retrieving the Wicked and the Evil

Headmaster Kublai has received word of dark tomes which lay unprotected within the walls of Nid Arach.
With the intention to keep these books out of the hands of those that might use them to do harm, Kublai hopes to retrieve them.
Know thine enemy, it is said, and much can be learned from such dark knowledge about the everlasting evil in our world.
Kublai asks for a party to be formed to explore Nid Arach and return these tomes safely to Frostwarts.

Once the books arrive in Frostwarts, they will be securely stored and locked away from sight.
Permission and access to the books will only be given to those with valid reasons, simply by talking to Kublai about it.
To Kublai, it is imperative that these books remain out of the hands of no-gooders or the innocent.
Yet, he thinks the words must be preserved so that they may shine light upon the darkness where they were written.

Anyone joining this party and returning with the books in one piece, will receive five-hundred Radiants.
Scribes that join and write about the adventure may earn a thousand Radiants if their book makes it to the library shelves.

Setting: Public
Rating: Violent (chance of injury or even death)
Date: Thursday 11th of July

Time: 21:30h GMT+2 / 3.30 pm EST

I've asked staff to be sure that this is not some weird form of alt abuse.
Luckily, it is not, and I'm allowed to do this Frostwarts / Nid Arach cross-over event!
The main reason is that I want some real evil stuff in the forbidden section of the library, to give it some significance.

Sign up in the comments by filling in this quick form. Spaces are limited.
First 8 get a guaranteed place, others are put on reserve. Oftentimes 1 or 2 people can't make it.
So reserves got a fair chance of still making it to the team.

Character name:
Why is your character joining the party:

Party [8/8]:


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Magus of Nothing
Username: TheGreyling
Character name: Fadast
Why is your character joining the party: Having just gained access to the Frostwarts library, the allure of more tomes which are not supposed to be read intrigues him deeply. Ostensibly he echoes Kublai's desires to keep the books out of the hands of those who can't be trusted with them - realistically, he just wants to read them.


Lord of Altera
Username: Cranium
Character Name: Sylvar Yllaric
Reason: Enacting scribe to record details and any necessary materials needed for the journey. He very much encourages the pursuit of these books and can also be an enacting doctor for first aid and such.

He'll remain behind in the combat department but is decent with a dagger for self defense.


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Staff member
Username: Jasper151627237
Character name: Milah Sicarus
Why is your character joining the party:


Loyal Servant of Altera
Username: SirShanksalot
Character name: Leofaren Venna
Why is your character joining the party: He agrees with the motive of keeping dangerous information out of the wrong hands.


Lord of Altera
Username: SirLiam1124
Character name: Podric Flanders
Why is your character joining the party: the dark order are a bunch of nerds and don't deserve their books. also pod trusts kublai more than most people to not do something stupid with the books in nid arach.


Legend of Altera
Username: GalaxyCrazyWolf
Character Name: Garrett L. Herennius
Why is your character joining the party: Future resume material idk squire training


Lord of Altera
I'm not 100% sure if I'm able to go, I might have something to do for a car thing at that hour but they haven't called back about it so I'm hoping that I'll be able to do this. If not then I'll let you know.

Username: Omikuji
Character name: Kopii Grey
Why is your character joining the party: To act as an emergency healer if things get hairy. Also is rather curious about the whole thing.


Legend of Altera
Username: MelodyMusica
Character name: Essannkah
Why is your character joining the party: Curiosity and to help protect if need be even if she isn't the best with fighting


Legend of Altera
It's full but i'll be a reserve just in case~

Username: Icanra
Character name: Snarebrooke
Why is your character joining the party: His own motivations to find several rarities or oddities that might catch his eye.


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Be advised, we start near Nid Arach, a bit down the road towards Storm's Landing. We do not start at Frostwarts!