Finished [Frostwarts] - Observations of the Bloodmoon


The Artisan
"Observations of the Bloodmoon"

The Blood Moon has been sighted times before, though the lingering state of it seems to be something unprecedented in history.
At least, Frostwarts' library has no books detailing a similar event as what happens now.

To further our understanding Kublai Kull starts off the new term with the first lesson on this 'blood moon'.

The workshop will start off with a small introduction on blood moons of the past,
after which we shall do some star-gazing and see what we can find out about this current blood moon.

Bring your spyglass if you have one!

Setting: Public
Rating: Peaceful
Date: 8th of August
Time: 21:30h GMT+2 / 2.30pm CST

Lannis Elz Squidziod

To get to the Astronomy Tower, follow these instructions:
[Storm's Landing] -> [Sanardu] -> [Halbed] -> [Frostwarts] -> [Astronomy Tower]

Go to Spawn, find the ship with the white mast. It takes you to Sanardu, find the boat with the grey sails and purple grape on it. It'll take you to Halbed, walk through the gates and make your way to the most South-Western point of town, you'll get to Frostwarts. Inside Frostwarts, go left up the stairs above the general lectures hall, then left into the students' tower, all the way to the top.



The Artisan
All are invited to join on this collaborative mission to find out as much of the current state of the moon as possible.


The Artisan
This was intense and insanely cool. I had no idea anything like this would happen and it was above expectations.
Glad that reinforcements arrived or we'd not have made it out so easily I think.
Amazing, thanks Elz and thanks all those attending, very immersive RP!!