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The Artisan


Situated within the cold walls of Halbed.
From Storm's Landing you take the boat with the Quartz mast to Sanardu.
From there, you go to the right and take the boat with the grape on the grey sails, to Halbed.
Then you walk Most South-Western point in the city, within the city walls.

Main purpose:
Frostwarts aims to Collect, Create and Educate.
I will attempt for Frostwarts to host lessons and make IC books available to all.
Headmaster Kublai will be running this endeavor.

The idea is that all books written within the walls worthy of the library will receive 1000 radiants payment.
Students may earn points by attending lessons, writing notes, and other exceptional favors to the School as decided by any teacher.
These points will tally up on a student score-board, to encourage students to study and learn.
Students with a lot of points get boons, such as a portrait or access to the restricted section.

Famous Quotes of Frostwarts:

"I think I may have contracted Frostwarts."

"It's the weirdest name, I know, but there sat a man where we wanted to build it that wouldn't budge unless we promised him to call the school Frostwarts."

"Every book that you write within the walls of Frostwarts will be paid for by the staff."


Lessons at Frostwarts:
Being educated here is not at all boring! Frostwarts staff endeavor to make every lesson a fun experience!
You won't be sitting in class all day, rather; the staff will make each lesson as interactive as possible.
In between lessons, you got plenty secrets to explore, books to read in the library, or help Kublai on some crazy adventures.
To become a student, simply come over to any lesson! When you're around often enough, ask Kublai for a bed in the Common Room.

To host a lesson at Frostwarts, just contact me and I'll make an event for it! :)

Available Classrooms:
General Lectures Hall
Herbology Greenhouse
Alchemy Floor
Practice Room
Astronomy Tower
Medical Bay
Anatomy Floor
Gamekeeper House

Student's Hide-out
Room of Rarities
Former forbidden section of the Library
The Secret Passageway
The Broom Cupboard
The Foundations of Frostwarts


List of Staff:
Kublai Kull
Myths & Legends

Deputy Headmaster
Eastoft Altham

Theodosius C. Herennius

Olga Stonecutter

Thôrdil Bárúmur
Craftsmanship philosophy

Daeron Eldrin-Hawklight

Garrett Herennius
Magical Creatures Anatomy

Student Scoreboard:
Superior Snorkafluxes: (35<) + A copy of the key to the Restricted Library Chest

Talented Treatles: (20-34) + A portrait of themselves hung in Frostwarts
Jin - 24

Skilled Scholars: (10-19) + A copy of the key to the Foundations of Frostwarts
Fadast - 19
Sylvar - 15
Cassia - 18

Intrigued Individuals: (5-9) + Allowed to join private lectures by Frostwarts Teachers
Eria - 7
Adrik - 8

New Arrivals: (0-4)

Aelyth - 4
Jerr'co - 4
Kethron - 4
Theo - 3
Milah - 2
Hugo - 2
Flatulence - 2
Garrett - 2
Aleksander - 2
Cassandra - 2
Theodosius - 2
Dorothea - 2
Gambit - 1
Joseph - 1
Podric - 1
Asero - 1
Uriel - 1


Hosted events:

[Finished] - Grand opening of Frostwarts - 31st May 2019
[Finished] - The Missing Items Game - 8th July 2019
[Finished] - The Start of a New Term - 6th August 2019

[Upcoming] - The Greatest Literary-Award Ceremony of All Time!

Term 1:
[Finished] - How to Survive a Famine - 19th June 2019
[Finished - Myths & Legends Class - 25th June 2019

[Finished] - Bare Minimum Brick Making - 30th June 2019
[Finished] - Craftsmanship Philosophies - 5th July 2019
[Finished] - Herbology - 9th July 2019
[Finished] - Magical Creature Anatomy - 12th July 2019
[Finished] - Medicine and Responsible Damage Taking - 13th July 2019

Term 2:
[Finished] - Observations of the Bloodmoon - 8th of August 2019
[Upcoming] - Profitable Craftsmanship

Side Events:
[Finished] - To catch a Flying Menace - 26th June 2019
[Finished] - Retrieving the Wicked and the Evil - 11th July 2019
[Finished] - Sunbright R.A.D.s - 23rd July 2019

Divine Presence:
During the Herbology lesson by Daeron, Shalheranna blessed the Greenhouse, making all the plants flourish and grow to full health, regardless of their former states.

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The Artisan
The Library:
433 books

Places & Locations: 27 Books

Laws of the Arget Isles - Aelynthi Avia Nolbrae

Altera Geography - Andrew Wallins

Tahkul Rimtar - Azetol Telvanni

Alpen Rose - Azure Cerridwen

Khárûz-Korum Law - Gromm
Lost Locations: Galo's Gultch - Gromm
Lost Locations: Gemstone Isles - Gromm
Lost Locations: Midnight Island - Gromm
Lost Locations: Mirage - Gromm

Lost Journal - James Greyhelm

Dungeon Guide - Krummi

School o Schools - Kublai

Sanctum Report - Malek Tarren

History of Zima - Nireth Cerridwen

Engem's Hound-ru - Rahm Kennys
The Evil Nether - Rahm Kennys
Old Places I - Rahm Kennys
Old Places II - Rahm Kennys

Bal'Mordah Kah'zahn Mountains - Unknown
Dawnbreak Castle - Unknown
Distellia: Introduction - Unknown
Freedom from Law - Unknown

The History of Darkmoon - Unknown
History of Valkyria - Unknown

Lake Vera Guide - Unknown
Lavish Legend #01 - Unknown
Nid Arach - Unknown
Zima'Maloj - Unknown

Plants & Creatures: 21 Books

Gardening Vol I. - Aelynthi Avia Nolbrae

Fauna of Zima - Argyl Steelscribe

Record of Return - Ashna Tel'Khovr

Herbs I - Unknown, but taught by Athryl Mithanil

Woodland Wendigo - Asero Crow

Research Notes - Bliss McGuffin

Strange Beast - Cult Leader

Wendigo Notes - Emeric Ralotumal-Seymour

Unique Trees - Fadast

Cave Report Notes - Fronslin

The Sorrows Bestiary - Gromm

A Dissection - Jin Elsattir

Bottomless Well - Kethron

An Ice Giant - Kublai Kull

Undead Wyvern - Kublai Kull

The Kraken - The Leviathan - Morgan Cerendor

Herbology & You - Sylvar A. Yllaric

Beastiary of Beasts - Unknown
Herbs & Potions - Unknown
Herbs + Potions - Unknown
Palewort Poison - Unknown

Races & Languages: 25 Books

Lavoyarde Language Basics I - Carling Montilyette
Lavoyarde Language Basics II - Carling Montilyette

Evil Races: Demonic - Gromm
Evil Races: Syrien - Gromm
History of The Dwarves - Gromm
Horgaahn Vol. I - Gromm
Horgaahn Vol. II - Gromm
Horgaahn Vol. III - Gromm

Earthspawn Vol. I - Jerr'co of Hakiaz

The Dwarves - Krummi

Fantastic Dwarves & Where To Find Them - Kublai

Landing I - Pérdomaius
Landing II - Pérdomaius

Engem Initiation - Rahm Kennys
Greyling Finds - Rahm Kennys

Silver Elf Physiology - Sylvar Arathorn-Yllaric

Dwarven Appearance in Altera - Unknown
Earthspawn - Unknown
Engems in Short - Unknown
Halfling - Unknown
Hárnhûmúr Famuz - Unknown
Horgaahn Lexicon - Unknown
Horgar History - Unknown
Humans - Unknown
Phoenix Dictionary - Unknown

Race Ranking - Unknown (A racist Dwarf)
A Study of Orcs - Unknown

People & Their Journals: 34 Books

Bandit's Regrets - Andrew Wallins

Anight's Findings - Anight

Archaz's Log - Archaz

b Journal - Aura Fae

The Silver Watch - Axex

Blackfire's Fall - Azure Cerridwen

Journal - Cedric Morgonorick Ferris Fellowchap Lydel

Journel de Cesario E. Sadin - Cesario E. Sadin

Shockingbay - The Fool

Gromm's Farewell: An Autobiography - Gromm

First Dream - Kublai
Second Dream - Kublai
Third Dream - Kublai
Fourth Dream - Kublai
Fifth Dream - Kublai
Sixth Dream - Kublai
Seventh Dream - Kublai
My Dreams - Kublai

Unco Babin - Krummi

Mar Dolk - Mar Dolk

Khasadia - Morna

Journal - Nine Fingers

Order Code - Order of Hospitalers - Omriel Usuyl

Dark Rangers - Peter Wise

Rahm Journal I - Rahm Kennys

House Reps - Duke Robert of Skadi

Arachnoid - Unknown
Commander's Log - Unknown
Dwarven Diary - Unknown
Dwarven Escape - Unknown
The Formonts - Unknown
The History of Delnaria - Unknown
Old Lost Journal - Unknown

Unlucky Note - Unknown
Zustidwaer Log - Unknown

Poems & Songs: 32 Books

Alta eta Ghul - Bart the Bard & Kublai Kull
Balatro Songbook - Bart the Bard
God of Luck - Bart the Bard
Halbed Songbook - Bart the Bard
I've been Everywhere - Bart the Bard

Light of my Life - Bart the Bard
Linlea Songbook - Bart the Bard
Love has never been kind - Bart the Bard
Maceo Songbook - Bart the Bard
The Mountain & I - Bart the Bard & Thordil Barumur
Queen's Port - Bart the Bard
Tale of Scourge - Bart the Bard
These Times Are Dangerous - Bart the Bard

Andel's "Tall" Tale - Cedric Mogonorick Ferris Fellowchap Lydel

Song of Khárûz-Korum - Gromm
Ragnar the Red - Gromm

Dwarven Desire - Khorug

Song of Korog - Krummi

Dwarven Kings - Kublai
Poetry Bundle - Kublai

Over Vinterhaven - Lola de Cronus

Words for the Heart - Nireth Alec

Can Never Be - Rahm
Port Silver - Rahm Kennys

3 Nations Pact - Theodosius Hostilius Herennius

Poem of Star Sky - Timocrates Laganas

Peace & Rain - Unknown
Memoir - Unknown

Wake's Songbook - Wake
Wake's Songbook 2 - Wake

Dwarven Mountains - Zarox Zarakfar

Historical Records: 58 Books

Scroll - Arstan

Azure's Notes - Azure Cerridwen

History Vol I. - Azure Cerridwen
History Vol. II. - Azure Cerridwen

Horshed's Fall - Fadast

Anhald-Amalfia - Ferrin Gundarr

Alteran History - Galim
The Battle of the Airdocks - Galim

Timeline of Altera - Gromm

Cold Cave Report - Kam Hakiaz

New Year's Fest - Khorug Stenahurr

Misunderstanding - Krummi
The Soul Griefer - Krummi
The Truce - Krummi

Yearnen's Fall - Krummi
Yearnen's Tragedy - Krummi

House Saeradan - Kublai Kull
The Blood Moon - Kublai Kull

Adventurers I - Packman
Adventurers II - Packman
Adventurers III - Packman

Battle of Mar - Peter of Hallon & Sif Sigurd

Last Exodus I - Rahm Kennys
Locun's Fall - Rahm Kennys

Exodus Prequel - Rahm Kennys
Exodus I - I - Rahm Kennys
Exodus I - II - Rahm Kennys
Exodus I - III - Rahm Kennys
Exodus I - IV - Rahm Kennys
Exodus II - I - Rahm Kennys
Exodus II - II - Rahm Kennys
Exodus II - III - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - I - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - II - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - III - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - IV - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - V - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - VI - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - VII - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - VIII - Rahm Kennys
Exodus III - VIV - Rahm Kennys
Exodus Sequel - Rahm Kennys
Fighting Chaos - Rahm Kennys
Lost Scribe I - Rahm Kennys
Lost Scribe II - Rahm Kennys
Lost Scribe III - Rahm Kennys
Lost Scribe IV - Rahm Kennys
Lost Scribe V - Rahm Kennys
Lost Scribe VI - Rahm Kennys
Trip to Thraall - Rahm Kennys

Voyage I - Rahm Kennys
Voyage II - Rahm Kennys
Voyage III - Rahm Kennys
Voyage IV - Rahm Kennys
Voyage V - Rahm Kennys
Voyage VI - Rahm Kennys

Assassination - Unknown
Hôrgár History - Unknown

Newspapers: 16 Books

The Alteran Gazette - Corruption Ends - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Corruption Spreads - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Cracked Sky - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Festival of Pages - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Grand Azerport Ball - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Grand Shrine at Crossroads - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Harateth - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Journey to Kavdek - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Rumors: Exodus is now - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Rumors: Self Procaimed Elf King - Gazette Journalist
The Alteran Gazette - Silverian House Falls - Gazette Journalist

The Watch I - W.A.R. Company
The Watch II - W.A.R. Company
The Watch III - W.A.R. Company
The Watch IV - W.A.R. Company
The Watch V - W.A.R. Company

Theories & Philosophies: 14 Books

Alteran Time - Alak Briza

Corruption Theory Introduction, Vol I - Archaeus

Craftsman 101 - Fadast

Feather Falling Experiment - Lana
Metaphysics I, Gravity - Lana

Truth of Sand - Lazarus

Imperialism - Markus Arcturus

C1: Altera Change - Rahm Kennys
C2: The 5 Spheres - Rahm Kennys
C3: Place & Space - Rahm Kennys
C4: Matter & Form - Rahm Kennys
C5: Potentiality - Rahm Kennys

On Loyalties - Taphy Linette

What is Beauty? - Unknown

A Spherical Altera - Unverial Xzel

Guides & Professions: 49 Books

20 year old whiskey - A.E.D.
Sooleran Spirit - A.E.D.
Night Wine - A.E.D.
Royale's Select - A.E.D.
Ni'P - A.E.D.
Northern Vodka - A.E.D.
Golden Rum - A.E.D.

Potions: Vol 1 - Aelynthi Avia Nolbrae
Potions: Vol 2 - Aelynthi Avia Nolbrae

Machinations - Alkheemist

Aspen's Goathorn Mead - Aspen Telfarn

Redstone Guild Notation Guide - Archaz

Swordsplay Intro - Azure Cerridwen

Harp and you - Bjorn Bainard

Medical Damage Relief Notes - Cassia
Profitable Craft - Cassia

Brewing Basics - Colan Culter

Cliffside Brew - Esther Mangolia

A Cooking Lesson - Jin Elsattir
Sooleran Dyes - Jin Elsattir

Temple Building - Krummi

The Sugar Canes - Lemarc Duggan

Spicy Chai - Maloki Viola

A Guide to Glass - Niko Variclav

Alchemy Notes - Rahm Kennys

Survival Guide V1 - How to survive the catacombs of Hierax - Rodgrik Ghoulswiper

Bestbitter Guide - Seth

Airships & Coal - SkyCloud

Alchemy Recipes - Unknown
Anxiety - Unknown
Art: Doppeltanz - Unknown
The Base of Alchemy - Unknown
Bomb Glider - Unknown
Crafting Arrows - Unknown

Dress to Impress - Unknown
Famous Alteran Cuisine - Unknown
Greyling Diagram - Unknown
Harming Potion - Unknown
Health Potions - Unknown
Injuries I - Unknown

Magical Refreshment for Elves - Unknown
Poppy's Blood - Unknown
Potion of Poison - Unknown
Regeneration Potion - Unknown
Rogue Proverbs - Unknown
Writers guide to mining - Unknown
Writing: Tips - Unknown

Smithing Guide - Vernicus

Basics of Booze - Yorrick Goldfist

Tales & Fiction: 18 Books

Northern Tales - Axex

The Tiny Spider - Azure Cerridwen

Wurbeld & John Jangles - B. Olini

Everlasting Fire - E.L.O.
A Mug of Ale - E.L.O.

Slim Jim Daniels - H. H. Doyle

Gold and Glory I - Isabella Elenren

Flock of Wings - Kopii Grey
The Highest Fish - Kopii Grey
Knight of Dirt - Kopii Grey

The Dark Tomb - Krummi
Journey of Glain - Krummi
Stormhold Quest - Krummi

A pumpkin Tale - Kublai

Ridge Runner - Peter Wise
Young Greyling - Peter Wise

Adventure Vol. I - Ronsan Redfield

The Bunny, Rabbit, and Hare - Sylva Atkinson

King Grisly-Beard - Unknown

Games & Gambling: 4 Books

The Gambler's Grimoire - Balatro Wise

House & Heretics - Cedric Lydel

Adventure Book I: Heart of Redstone - Gromm

DarkShine Game - Kublai Kull

Warfare: 5 Books

Three Nations Pact - Theodosius

Naval Warfare I - Unknown
Naval Warfare III - Unknown
Naval Warfare IV - Unknown
Naval Warfare V - Unknown

Department of Mysteries:
The Divine: 25 Books
Skraag's Touch - Ater Impes

Expedition Port Silver - Azure Cerridwen

Shalheranna - Citrine

Small Scroll - Saint Dormus

The Guardians of Immortality, book 1 - Dum'ni Plug
The Guardians of Immortality, book 2 - Dum'ni Plug

Divinity I - Fadast
Divinity II - Fadast
Divinity III - Fadast
Divinity IV - Fadast
Divinity V - Fadast

Seeker's Recount - Joseph

Tenants of Silas - Kethron

Prayers to Korog - Khorug Stenahurr

Song of Korog - Krummi

Book of the Beyond - Melzar

Reflecting on Shadows - Pierrot

Codex of Flame - Samuel du Montant

Jishrim's Letter - Septimus Aetherson II
Skiera's Knights - Septimus Aetherson II

On Shalheranna - Unknown
Rumors: Jishrim - Unknown
Theodra - Unknown
Vorar Chat - Unknown

The Grey Lady - Ventare Seymour

Divine Balance - Volare

Myths & Legends: 10 Books

The Great Empire - Dav'id Engem

Vermella's Legend - Dorothy

The Great Book Wipe - Rahm Kennys

Zustid's Meaning - Sylvar Arathorn-Yllaric

Dwarven Origin I - Unknown
Dwarven Origin II - Unknown
The Rise of Murrgarog - Unknown
The Death of Murrgarog - Unknown
Murrgarog Sequel - Unknown
Tahkul a Zustid - Unknown

Artifacts, Items & Relics: 9 Books

Echoes - Corven Rhodes

The Task - Galim Aeltus

The Quarter - Krummi

The Gods Blades - Septimus Aetherson II

The Blemish - Unknown
The Cursed Book - Unknown
Defense of Turia - Unknown
Korogite - Unknown

Stone of Dargur - Unknown

Secrets, Mysteries & Prophecies: 31 Books

A Warning - Covenant of the Heavensend

Safehouse #01 - The Curators

Queen's Port Investigation - Iskvander

Notes: Ley Lines - Kethron Dramaign
Stormbringer - Kethron Dramaign

Worn Journal I - Kopii Grey

Scalliwagborn - Krummi & Gromm

Dwarven Prophecy - Kublai
Frostwarts Doors - Kublai

The Elder Tree - Leofaren Venna

Code Uncoded - Lazarus

Heart Prophecy - Oracle

Clarissa - Scar Enthrel

Arcane Chambers - Unknown
Archaz' Maze - Unknown
The book of Exorcism - Unknown
The book of Exorcism: tome 2 - Unknown
Books Prophecy - Unknown
Desert of Souls - Unknown
Dwarven Prophecy - Unknown
It is Escaping - Unknown
The Key - Unknown
The Mute - Unknown
The Pit of The Blind - Unknown
Remda Rtteaielur - Unknown
Report: Despair - Unknown
Riddle of Auld - Unknown

Ripped Page I - Unknown
Ripped Page II - Unknown
Squinky Stangle - Unknown

The Arcane: 8 Books

Enchantments: Protection - Kethron Dramaign
Enchantments: Jewelry - Kethron Dramaign
Four Disciplines - Kethron Dramaign
Path to Magic - Kethron Dramaign

Mysticism - Rose

Icebolt Spell of Water - Silverstream

Curses & Counters - Unknown
Lycanrias Magic - Unknown

Restricted Sections:
Forbidden Attic: 4 Books
Dirty Diamond I - Soul Allister

Greyling Maid - Unknown
The Lewd Caparii - Unknown

Sally The Fluffy Pirate - Unknown

Restricted Cellars: 18 Books

Ebon Book - Harlot's Veil - Balatro
Voiceless Tome - Harlot's Veil

Magherdashadur - Borus Greatbane

Curator Symbols - Curators

Book of Rites - Dark Order
Dark Order Goals - Dark Order

Fool's Bugs - The Fool

Unpredictable I - Impovaratis

Rune Reading - The Jaden Coven

Pillar Book - Leoric Packman

Beckoning I - Unknown
Beckoning II - Unknown
Dark Ignite - Unknown
Essence of Chaos - Unknown
The First Chapter - Unknown
Nid Arach - Unknown
Resurrection - Unknown

Spoor's Spores - Whitespoor

Common Room:
Students' Works: 22 Books
Blood Moon Notes - Adrik
Profitable Craftsmanship Notes - Adrik

Masonry Lesson I - Aleksander

Herbology Notes - Cassandra Glade

Anatomy - Cassia
Blood Moon Notes - Cassia

Eria's Notes - Eria D'Amryun
Herbology - Eria D'Amryun

Combat Techniques - Fadast
Herbology 101 - Fadast
Wyvern Anatomy - Fadast

Cooking Booking - Flatulence

Gar's Food Book! - Garrett Herennius

Hugo's Notes - Hugo

A Craftsman - Jin Elsattir

A Discussion - Jin Elsattir
Medicinal Garden - Jin Elsattir

Start of a New Term - Kublai
Sunbright R.A.D. - Kublai

Survive a Famine - Sylvar Arathorn-Yllaric

Undead "Wyvern" - Theodosius Herennius

Herbology Notes - Unknown
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The Artisan
The build is progressing fast as I spend a lot of time on it. I think I'll have the main bit done by tomorrow :) will post a scr shot later tonight. Right now I'm walking home from work at 20.30h:(


The Artisan
Update, my friends! After the last Nid Arach event, I'll start hosting lesson events.
Not boring classrooms where one person talks and the others stay silent, but lessons where everyone can PARTICIPATE!
Tagging the active followers: Jase Torgorbash Tideborne Cymic_

Lessons at Frostwarts:
Being educated here is the opposite of boring. Frostwarts staff endeavor to make every lesson an amazing experience!
You won't be sitting in class all day, rather; the staff will take the knowledge right into practice.
For every lesson that you've completed successfully, you'll get a +1 during any lesson related /roll.
The more you study at lesson events, the more practiced you'll become, the greater your chances of success!
Once you've reached +10 on every roll, you can become a teacher yourself and host events of your own making!
A scoreboard will show the score of each pupil.


The Artisan
The exterior and some of the interior is done. Done enough to be open to the public! Will announce and post the first event thread soon :)


The Artisan
Added a list with the books we've got in the library now and in which categories they are! Hopefully people will come and read soon. I'll be making an event shortly!


The Artisan
+ Added 8 or so rooms in the second post to give you an idea what it looks like now :) Hyped for the opening event!!