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Frostwarts -- School of Many Things


Legend of Altera
frostwarts two towers.jpg
School of Many Things

What is Frostwarts?
Frostwarts aims to Collect, Create and Educate.
To Collect books, objects of significance, and knowledge.
To Create new books and new friends.
To Educate the young and old who wish to learn and reward them for their efforts.

Frostwarted Headmaster Kublai began this endeavor, and the new Headmaster Kadhab of Sool aims to continue it.

Their motto: Through
Knowledge, Gain Wisdom, To Find Truth.

Frostwarts has played host to many lessons and makes its many books available to all.
Find its entire collection of books [

Frostwarted Points:
All books written within the walls worthy of the library will receive 500 radiants payment and the author will receive a Frostwarted Point.
Students may also earn points by attending lessons, writing notes, and other exceptional favors to the School as decided by any teacher.
When enough points are collected, they will allow you special privileges within the school, such as access to restricted sections.
The points tally up on a student score-board for all to see, to encourage students to study and learn (see bottom thread).
The highest reward is an official Frostwarts certificate for graduated Scholar. This is considered a symbol of status and prestige!

Situated within the cold walls of Halbed. From Storm's Landing you take the boat directly in front of the Tavern and sail to Halbed, then you walk to the most South-Western point in the city, within the city walls. You've arrived at Frostwarts.

Many a person has asked the headmaster of Frostwarts how the school got by its name. The tale tells of an old deranged man sitting on the very site where the people wished to build the school. He would not move, not for money, not for food, not for shelter. His only desire was that the school was to be called 'Frostwarts', after which he'd give a very peculiar chuckle. The moment the headmaster sent a letter to Halbed's officials that he had agreed to call the school Frostwarts, the moment it was put black on white, was the moment the man had disappeared. Nobody had seen him leave or knows where he went.

In his place, instead, were a few insignificant old items that he wore on his person. This gave rise to rumors among students that the old man is still sometimes seen walking naked through the school grounds. The abandoned items have since become heirlooms to the school and may be obtained by anyone who studies at Frostwarts through very unexpected means. An item could present itself to them in a time of need, it could magically appear in a reward for a feat, or it can be randomly stumbled upon by pure chance of luck.

These items are known to possess magical properties in the theme of their origin and always display the red and white colors of Frostwarts' banner.


Lessons at Frostwarts:
Being educated here is not at all boring! Frostwarts staff endeavor to make every lesson a fun experience!
You won't be sitting in class all day, rather; the staff will make each lesson as interactive as possible.
In between lessons, you got plenty secrets to explore, books to read in the library, or learn of new opportunities from Kadhab of Sool.
To become a student, simply come to Frostwarts and start attending lessons!
When you're interested to stay at the school, ask Kadhab for a bed in the Common Room.

To host a lesson at Frostwarts, just contact me and I'll make an event for it! :)

Frostwarts Masonry 03c.jpg

Available Classrooms:
General Lectures Hall
Herbology Greenhouse
Alchemy Floor
Museum Room
Astronomy Tower
Medical Bay
Anatomy Floor
Gamekeeper House

Student's Hide-out
Room of Rarities
Former forbidden section of the Library
The Secret Passageway
The Broom Cupboard
The Foundations of Frostwarts
The Mushroomroom
The Giant Boot Riddle

Frostwarts herbology02.jpg

Divine Presence:
During the Herbology lesson by Daeron, Shalheranna blessed the Greenhouse, making all the plants flourish and grow to full health, regardless of their former states.

At a secret meeting within Frostwarts lead by Ardaric, Visage appeared through smoke and mirrors before the present group and accepted their sacrifices, disappearing again but not before telling those present to follow a certain individual in their midst.

Ventare Seymour summoned a Spectre in the foundations of Frostwarts with the protection of The Grey Lady.

Reflected a proposed deal for people within Frostwarts to be paid for letting blood in a bottle and thus providing sustenance to
Vyres. Kublai prioritized the safety of his students and the very school.

There is something strange about the headmaster.

Relevant links:
Things you might want to know

There's always something that needs doing. Check out all available tasks at

Frostwarts is home to the Guild of Invisible Book Keepers: [LINK]

Ongoing Secrets, Challenges, and Minigames. Always something to do! [

Keeping up with Lana, Lana's Tour around the Continent. Read these weekly magazines [


School Rules & Penalties:
Rule No. 1:
Students will not carry arms within the school of any kind unless they are part of a lesson.

Students are permitted to bring any weapons they like, so long as they keep them concealed.

Rule No. 2:
Students will not use violence of any kind toward each other or the staff.

Rule No. 3:
Students will behave, show respect and perform according to staff's directions.

Rule No. 4:
Students will not deface or otherwise destroy parts of, or things in, the grounds of Frostwarts.

Rule No. 5:
Students endeavor to help one-another and will not purposefully distract or impede their fellow students or staff.

Removal of School-points:
When any rule is broken, the headmaster and staff may remove any amount of school-points from your total in accordance to the severity of your actions.

Denied entry to Frostwarts:
When breaking Rule No. 1, the rule-breaker may be denied access to the school.

Handed over to the Guards of Halbed:
When breaking Rule No. 2 or 4, you will be handed over to the Halbed guard-force, who will deal with you in accordance to the laws of Halbed.

Banishment from Frostwarts:
When breaking Rule No. 2, 3, or 4, multiple rules the Headmaster may choose to banish an individual from the grounds until further notice. They are not to step foot inside the school grounds, including the gardens, until the banishment is lifted.

Recurring penalty:
Failure to perform the penalty ascribed to you will result in the penalty being given in higher severity. Should one still fail to conform to the penalties given, they will be forcefully removed from the school and a bounty will be placed upon their heads.

These people have disobeyed the school rules enough to receive penalties.
Gerard McIvy - Banished - Removal of School-Points - Handed over to the Guards of Halbed
for disobeying school rules, disrespecting school staff and insulting the headmaster.
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Legend of Altera

Hosted events:

[Finished] - Grand opening of Frostwarts - 31st May 2019
[Finished] - The Missing Items Game - 8th July 2019
[Finished] - The Start of a New Term - 6th August 2019
[Finished] - The Greatest Literary-Award Ceremony of All Time! - 5th November 2019
[Finished] - Feast of Light at Frostwarts - 27th of December 2019
[Finished] - Hide&Seek - 1st of April 2020
[Finished] The Frostwarts Anniversary Ball - 31st of May 2020

[Finished] The Masquerade of the Obscure - 3rd of July 2020
[Finished] Second Anniversary Ball - 31st of May 2021

Term 1: The Beginning
[Finished] - How to Survive a Famine - 19th June 2019
[Finished - Myths & Legends Class - 25th June 2019
[Finished] - Bare Minimum Brick Making - 30th June 2019
[Finished] - Craftsmanship Philosophies - 5th July 2019
[Finished] - Herbology - 9th July 2019
[Finished] - Magical Creature Anatomy I: The Wyvern - 12th July 2019
[Finished] - Medicine and Responsible Damage Taking - 13th July 2019
[Finished] - Sunbright R.A.D.s - 23rd July 2019

Term 2: Road to Scholarship
[Finished] - Observations of the Bloodmoon - 8th of August 2019
[Finished] - Profitable Craftsmanship - 18th of August 2019
[Finished] - Myths & Legends Class II - 28th of August 2019
[Finished] - What makes the Self? - 9th of September 2019
[Finished] - Bringing Color to your Life - 10th of October 2019
[Finished] - Apparition Elaboration - 18th of October 2019
[Finished] - Greenhouse Herbology - 14th of December 2019
[Finished] - Winterfeast R.A.D.s - 2nd of January 2020

Term 3: Learning from History
[Finished] - Magical Creature Anatomy II: The Wuttgeist - 24th of January 2020
[Finished] - Greyling Culture - 30th of January 2020
[Finished] - A Thousand Voices of Importance - 24th of March 2020
[Finished] - What is Qlippoth? And how do we defeat it?- 2nd of May 2020
[Finished] - Magical Creature Anatomy III: The Arachian Bat - 7th of May 2020
[Finished] - Linistel's Language & Culture Basics - 12th of May 2020
[Finished] - A Discussion on Governments - 22nd of May 2020
[Finished] - Third Term R.A.D.s - 28th of May 2020

Term 4: The Dark Term

[Finished] Ciphers and You - 10th of July 2020
[Finished] Why Democracy Fails - 2nd of August 2020
[Finished] Aches and Pains - 16th of August 2020
[Finished] How to Carve Stone - 30th of August 2020

[Finished] Lana's History of Everything pt.1 - 20th of September 2020
[Finished] Lana's History of Everything pt. 2 - 12th of October 2020
[Finished] Metaphysics of Altera - 6th of November 2020

[Finished] Stormwind R.A.D.s - 22nd of November 2020

Term 5: Friends and Foes
[Finished] The Study of Warfare - 14th of February 2021
[Finished] The Stars and You - 11th of April 2021
[Finished] On Flora and Healing - 9th of May 2021
[Finished] Bare Fencing - 27th of June 2021
[Finished] Alteran Demonology - 11th of July 2021
[Upcoming] Exploration of the Sciences - 25th of July, 2021

Side Events:
[Finished] - To catch a Flying Menace - 26th June 2019
[Finished] - Retrieving the Wicked and the Evil - 11th July 2019
[Finished] - Flora Determination Field-Trip - 1st of January 2020
[Finished] - Archeology Field-Trip - 29th of March 2020
[Finished] - The Land Where Time Stood Still - 4th of May 2020


Student Scoreboard:
50+ unique students have already attended Frostwarts lessons!

Superior Snorkafluxes: (35<)
Certificate of Graduated Scholar + A portrait of themselves hung in Frostwarts + Wall of Fame
Jin - 45

Lana - 40
Cassia - 37

Talented Treatles: (20-34)
A copy of the key to the Restricted Library
Luna - 23
Freia - 22
Woven - 21

Skilled Scholars: (10-19)
A copy of the key to the Foundations of Frostwarts
Fadast - 19

Sylvar - 17
Milah - 17
Garrett - 15
Lucian - 15
Eria - 14
Lanna - 12
Monty - 12
Adrik - 11
Stella - 11
Sofia - 10

Cyrus - 10
Xozu - 10
Valerie - 10

Intrigued Individuals: (5-9)
Ability to take a bed in the Student Dormitory
Aelnic - 9
Eren - 9
Aelyth - 7
Anwar - 7
Raelur - 7

Kaarina - 6
Set'iki - 6
Alexander - 6
Aryn - 6
Granny Jade - 6
Ruvan - 6
Raeyna - 5
Kethron - 5

New Arrivals: (0-4)
Podric - 4
Jerr'co - 4

Desdemona - 4
Jorvun - 4
Asero - 4
Illy - 4
Falco - 4
Rae - 4
Malark - 4
Avalyn - 4
Aki - 4
Kharn - 4
Cymic - 3
Dorothea - 3
Bok'ra - 3
Albert - 3
Cassandra - 3
Uku - 3
Linden - 3
Amethyst - 3
Fronslin - 3
Nuvan - 3
Peter Eljin - 3
Andrew - 3
Hugo - 2
Flatulence - 2
Theodosius - 2
Rowley - 2
Elexana - 2
Vlad - 2
Jal'Ezra - 2
Sugar - 2
Ihzmoz - 2
Aimie - 2
Marceau - 2
Eva - 2
Kazu - 2
Ragnar - 2
Katherine - 2
Connor - 2
Raigo - 2
Lillian - 2
Thure - 2
Ardaric - 2
Ronak - 2
Umbra - 2
James - 2
Storm - 2
Erwin - 2
Foxbells - 2
Miya - 2
Marian - 2
Varg - 1
Basil - 1
Achilles - 1
Asher - 1
Kopii - 1
Gambit - 1
Joseph - 1
Uriel - 1
Theo - 1
Nwalme - 1
Rook - 1
Raven - 1
Ventare - 1
Quilll - 1
Eastoft - 1
Dara - 1
Mira - 1
Leonce - 1
Peter Longtree - 1
Helena - 1
Silk Tongue - 1
Florence - 1
Nylatheria - 1
Cassius - 1
Clement - 1
Lek'Maloj - 1
Raalvara - 1
Candace - 1
Alek - 1

Kam - 1
Tehlmir - 1
Draekemi - 1
Lorabella - 1
Hellmann - 1
Halvar - 1
Golden Count - 1
Wren - 1
Maebh - 1
Ashna - 1
Thryss - 1
Dr. Phylactery - 1
Tol'lek Koto - 1
Briarwood - 1
Tremella - 1
Gwenipher - 1

Poor Performers (>0)
Gerry - Minus5
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An Alteran Bard
I wish you happiness with this project a million times now and a million times over. I have 100% faith in you and your abilities! ENJOY!


Legend of Altera
I wish you happiness with this project a million times now and a million times over. I have 100% faith in you and your abilities! ENJOY!
Thank you, man. It really means a lot. I've got some big ol' shoes to fill, that's for sure.


Legend of Altera
A big thank you to Lana Wake (I am Wake) for donating three more of her books!
  • Wonders of the Eastern Continent -- Lana Wake -- Explanations and history behind a few of the most impressive structures in the Eastern Continent.
  • Historical Annals of House Kane -- Lana Wake -- A book commissioned by Asher Varyn notating the history of House Kane.
  • Metaphysics VII: Spiritblessed -- Lana Wake -- A detailed explanation of Spiritblessed using personal accounts from those afflicted.
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Legend of Altera
Sussurous has traded in 64 new books!
  • To Tybalt -- Habin Lydel -- A goodbye letter with unknown origins
  • Task of Blood -- Unknown -- A blood-stained log of a person building a portal to the nether
  • b -- Aura Fae -- A log from a voyage across the sea with mysterious omissions
  • Worn Journal -- Corporal Róisín Moore -- Journal of an Ignis-worshipper on a crusade against the undead.
  • Muddy Book -- Unknown -- A book notating the meaning one can find in a tree.
  • Ancient Journal -- Unknown -- A log from a journey into the Sea of Storms to find new land.
  • Fallen Light -- Squid-Beard -- A brief history of Arcturus.
  • Book of Remedies -- Squid-Beard -- A book of natural remedies.
  • Whiskey Recipe -- Mikael Dubois -- A simple recipe for whiskey.
  • FT - Wulfric -- Luke Packman -- A register of feats and influences at Fort Toil of Wulfric.
  • Poems, vol 1 -- Asero Crow -- A list of poems by Asero Crow.
  • The Clouds Clear -- Rahm -- A poem about family
  • Aewin's Shanty -- Balatro DeCronus -- A shanty of a pirate lord from a volume called The Harlot's Veil.
  • Half of my Money -- Rahm -- A comical song written by a homeless man.
  • Dwarven Appearance in Altera -- Unknown -- A story of the interaction between early Dwarves, Humans and Elves
  • Charisma -- Rahm -- A study into what makes a person charismatic.
  • Bounty -- King Tybalt of House Marr -- An old bounty by a follower of Rahas.
  • The First Sermon - Unknown -- A journal entry about attending a Grey Lady sermon.
  • Trashed Letter -- Grey -- A mysterious letter.
  • Persuasion Paths -- Rahm -- A study into persuasion tactics.
  • Silence Spiral -- Rahm -- A study on how people converse in groups.
  • Elven Poem -- Unknown -- A poem written in Elven.
  • Special Recipe -- Unknown -- An oatcake recipe with an alarming message on the back.
  • Strong Attitudes -- Unknown -- A study on passion.
  • Compliance -- Rahm -- A study on persuasion tactics used in bartering and asking for favors.
  • Echo in a Vault -- Unknown -- A map of the Northern Kingdom with mysterious coordinates.
  • Anonymous Sonnet -- Unknown -- A sonnet describing a lover's choice.
  • The Wolf Legend -- Unknown -- A story about an albino wolf.
  • Brass Council 2 -- Kublai Kull -- Log of a meeting of the Brass Council.
  • Wedding Invite -- Somnastra and Dayter -- A wedding invitation.
  • Guild Training 2 -- Unknown -- A letter sent to those within a guild, giving a challenge.
  • Gemini's Note -- Gemini Thorne -- A threatening letter.
  • To Lord Athrendu -- Lord Fronte -- An invitation to study the Corruption.
  • Dear Old Friend -- Unknown -- A mysterious letter of forgiveness.
  • Journal Excerpt -- Lenae Silver -- A journal written in Fey.
  • Journal Scrap -- Lenae Silver -- A journal written in Fey.
  • Letter For Tybs -- Darten Engem Arctus -- A friendly letter written to Tybalt.
  • Papa and Alanna -- Luna -- A goodbye letter with unknown origins.
  • Rahm's Letter 1 -- Rahms -- A letter that once held a gift.
  • Rahm's Letter 3 -- Rahms -- A letter about the Engem tribe.
  • Bank Opening -- Raelor Adralei -- A firsthand account of the opening of the Azarin Bank
  • Short Letter -- Somnastra -- An alarming letter.
  • An invitation -- Unknown -- A note advertising the Aeyran Pub.
  • FT - Edgar -- Luke Packman -- A register of feats and influences at Fort Toil of Edgar.
  • The Fall of Home -- Azure Cerridwen -- A large tome noting the fall of the Northern Kingdoms.
  • Trial of Ciaran -- Unknown -- A log of the trial for Warden Niall.
  • Stirling Rights -- Wollston Cerendor -- A list of rights for the lands of House Stirling.
  • A Census Island Guide -- Unknown -- A census guide to Port Silver.
  • The Code to Food Market -- Falco Bearlins -- Veracian laws to be followed in the food market.
  • Natura Ritito -- Elder Tree Alanis -- An advertisement on the location of Shalherana worship.
  • Vermella Poster -- Linden Duskgrove -- A poster for a gathering of Vermella worshippers.
  • Journel d' Sadin -- Cesario E. Sadin -- The journal of what seems to be a madman.
  • Tybalt -- Thomas DeBrown -- A letter informing King Tybalt of Habin Tybalt's death.
  • The key -- Valcor -- A note written in Elven
  • Warhammer of Pain -- Arachian Source -- Information on an Arachian artifact.
  • Rootmoss -- Arachian Source -- Words of a follower of the Arachian Lord.
  • Putrid Overspill -- Arachian Source -- Information on an Arachian artifact.
  • Cloak of Decay -- Arachian Source -- Information on an Arachian artifact.
  • Broadaxe of Blood -- Arachian Source -- Information on an Arachian artifact.
  • Coin of Damnation -- Arachian Source -- Information on an Arachian artifact.
  • Arachian Secrets -- Arachian Source -- Information on Arachian Steel.
  • Trade Manifest -- TO BE EDITED
  • Last Will - ms -- TO BE EDITED

And we've got some new books from the latest lesson!

  • Notes on HoE -- Ronak Rothguard -- Slightly damaged notes on Lana's lesson.
  • History Notes I -- Uku -- A brief description of the early history of Altera.


Legend of Altera
A new book from Lana's latest lesson:
  • The History of Everything Part II -- Lucian Moonstone -- A continuation on History Notes I.
And a book from Lana herself!
  • The Blackrush Secession -- Lana Wake -- A study of the Blackrush Secession and a brief history of House Varyn, commissioned by King Asher.


Legend of Altera
A couple of new books from Lana's latest lesson:
  • Metaphysics Note -- Lucian Moonstone -- A general starting-point to Alteran Metaphysics.
  • Metaphysics Note -- Umbra Night -- Additional material on Lana's lesson.
And several other new books!:
  • The Ashen Blight and Qlippoth -- Lana Wake -- A study of the Titan Qlippoth and his relation to the Ashen Blight.
  • 2305: The Blight -- Lana Wake -- An in-depth record of The Qlippoth Crisis of PC 2305, and the first one-hundred-page book in Altera.
  • The Book of Skraag -- Unknown -- A defense of Skraag from the perspective of one of his worshippers.


Legend of Altera
~ Attention Students! ~
Now that seven lessons have been held, the fourth term has officially concluded, and, as many of you may know, anyone will be able to test their knowledge in the upcoming R.A.D.s Test! If you'd like to start your studying and note-taking early, these are the books you need to be looking at!

~ x ~

Lesson 1: Ciphers 101 with Prof. Foxbells:
-- On Ciphers by Cyrus Lavender, located in Guides and Professions --
-- Ciphers and You by Kazu, located in the Student Common Room --

Lesson 2: Why Democracy Fails with Prof. Thure von Hardanger:
-- FoRBtM/The Failure of Mob Rule by Lucian Moonstone, located in Warfare, Combat and Governments --
-- Monarch Lecture by Elexana Armskirk, located in the Student Common Room --

Lesson 3: Aches and Pains with Prof. Eastoft Altham:
-- Aches and Pains by Lucian Moonstone, located in Warfare, Combat and Governments --
-- Strain Injuries by Rae Astrid, located in the Student Common Room --
-- Ezra's Notes by Jal'Ezra, located in the Student Common Room --

Lesson 4: How to Carve Stone with Prof. Olga Stonecutter:
-- Chiseling 101 by Aleksander Payne, located in Guides and Professions --

Lesson 5: Lana's History of Everything pt. 1 with Prof. Lana Wake:
-- History Notes I by Uku, located in Historical Events and Reports --
-- Notes on HoE by Ronak Rothguard, located in the Student Common Room --

Lesson 6: Lana's History of Everything pt. 2 with Prof. Lana Wake:
-- The History of Everything Part II by Lucian Moonstone, located in Historical Events and Reports --

Lesson 7: Metaphysics of Altera with Prof. Lana Wake:
-- Metaphysics Note by Lucian Moonstone, located in Theories and Philosophies --
-- Metaphysics Note by Umbra Night, located in the Student Common Room --

~ x ~

~ Good Luck! ~


Legend of Altera
A couple of new books from Thure's latest lesson:
  • War Defined -- Xozu -- A philosophical look into the meaning of war.
  • A Child's Notes -- Luna -- A child's notes on warfare.
  • Art of Warfare -- Amethyst -- General notes based on Thure's lesson.
And another new book:
  • The Ash Hound -- Asero Crow -- A study of a creature known as the Ash Hound.


Legend of Altera
The Frostwarted Library has grown!

Some books from Lana's lesson on Constellations:
  • Constellations -- Xozu -- A description and history of Alteran constellations along with some personal thoughts on each.
  • Stars -- Monty -- A short summary of Lana's lesson. It seems the bottoms of some of the pages are damaged. (Damn you, glitchy 1.15 books)
  • Constellations -- Luna Crow -- A description and history of Alteran constellations.
  • Constellations -- James Varyn -- Brief notes on the Alteran constellations.
Some books from Lana's lesson on Medical Flora:
  • Medicinal Herbs -- Luna Crow -- Descriptions of the appearance and use of a variety of medicinal herbs.
  • Herbs -- Monty -- Notes on a variety of medicinal herbs.
And some miscellaneous new books:
  • Avians Part I & II -- Alfonso Casares -- A full guide of a vast array of Alteran bird species, mundane and otherwise.
  • History of Alteran Languages -- Lana Wake -- A study of Alteran languages and how they have changed over time.
  • The Call of Crows -- Diwyneb -- A short story about a witch's daughter.
  • Metaphysics VIII: Constellations -- An in-depth study on Altera's constellations.
  • The Young Adventurer -- Ronsan Redfield -- A short story about a poor farmer's son.
  • A Thousand Swords -- Rhaedral Brynn, Rescribed by Aelnic Brynn -- A book describing strategies in warfare.
  • Alteran Languages: Common -- Lana Wake -- A guide to help those learning Common as a second language.
  • Quick Notes on Flora Healing -- Lana Wake -- A quick reference book for using medicinal plants.
  • Lana's Book of Medical Flora -- Lana Wake -- An in-depth description of medical flora and their usage.
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Legend of Altera
The Frostwarted Library has surpassed 700 books!

From Vidar's Lesson:
  • Longsword Stances -- Freia: A description of different fighting stances in the Anhalder art of bare fencing.
From Kublai's Lesson:
  • Demonology -- Aelnic: A history and analysis on Alteran demons.
  • Demonology -- Luna
  • Demons -- Monty
  • Demontology -- Rae Astrid
  • Demonology -- Freia
Restricted Books:
  • Demon of Doom -- Unknown: A strange, short passage, seemingly from the perspective of a demon.
  • Fatakiin -- Unknown: A short, old passage describing some kind of prophecy.
  • The Great Game -- Moonlight: A guidebook on worshipping Visage, along with a history of the god.
  • Alteran Languages: Fae -- Lana Wake: A guide to learning Fae, the language of the Caparii.
Other Books:
  • Crime and Punishment -- Unknown: A list of crimes and the punishments given for them. It is unclear what authority these laws were designed to be enforced by. (An IC rendering of The King's Law)
  • Oswell Log 1 -- Rosmund Oswell Esq.: A detailed log of an expedition in 2259. It seems to be inside a castle transported from the Nether.
  • Spiders & Silk -- Rosmund Oswell Esq.: A bestiary of the Giant Spider, found in the Sorrows.
  • Spirits -- Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek: A study on spirits including their history, origin, and methods of freeing different types.
  • Shooting Stars -- Rosmund Oswell Esq.: A study by a royal astrologist on meteor showers, specifically those that repeat.
  • Alteran Craters -- Rosmund Oswell Esq.: A study by a royal astrologist on Alteran craters and how they came to be.
  • Fallen Star -- Verasar: A log of an experiment run on heavenstar rock fragments.
  • Metaphysics II: Magical Energy -- Lana Wake: An in-depth study of the schools of Arcane magic and how they function. (Updated from original)
  • Metaphysics IX: Gods and Titans -- Lana Wake: An in-depth study of divines, figments, titans, and blessed.
  • A Lover's Hand -- Anwar Attia: A love poem.
  • Lingering Musings of a Lover -- Florence Valhart: A study of the tenets of Sallana
  • Tusks on the Potter's Wheel -- Mazoga Rok, translated by Kam Hakiaz: A love story between a trio of Earthspawn.
  • Magherdashadur -- Borgrus Greatbane: A story written in Horgaahn. (Moved from the Restricted section)
  • Covenant Mission -- Paul Stonecipher: A description of the mission and founding of an organization that set out to contain the heavenstones.
  • Guardians Rules -- Fronslin: The rules for the Guardians of Altera.
  • Vera Forge Deed -- Vorar-Elem Polvur: A deed for a forge in Vera Vigi
  • Frostwarts' Heirlooms -- Kublai Kulligar: The story of Frostwarts' founding, and the Frostwarted Artifacts.
  • Storm's Sickness -- Alfonso Casares: Description of a recent undead-related plague (Floodlock, 2308).
  • Alteran Languages: Rede -- Lana Wake: A guide to learning Rede, the language of the Kalstaat.
  • Immortals and the Cradle -- Lana Wake: An in-depth history of immortal constructs.
  • On Vyres -- Fronslin Menguar: A personal account of the state of Vyres after Jishrim took Life, and a history and description of the curse itself.
  • Alex's Catalogue of Enchantment -- Alex: A catalog for an enchanting shop.
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Legend of Altera
The Frostwarted Library has grown!

New Books:
  • Treatsie Against Jishrim -- Lana Silviera: A persuasive work about why Jishrim should be thought of as separate from the other gods due to his dangerous and evil qualities.
  • Underdark Shield -- Lana Silviera: A study performed on a shield found in Qlippoth's vaults.
  • Metaphysics X: Modern Vyres -- Lana Silviera: An in-depth, up-to-date study of Vyrism in its many variations.
  • Introduction to Mathematics I -- Jonah Noether: A study and handbook of basic mathematics and theorems.

  • Tome of the Falcon -- Unknown: A strange book about vision with a cipher at the end.