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Guild Subforum Requirements:
+You must have a Prestige Guild in-game

The following are suggestions for players in how to format their Subforums. A guide made for players by players.

Proposed Stickied and Locked Threads:

Guild Introduction
- This thread should include the crest, the motto, any relevant goals or political alignments, and a summarized history of the Guild. You can list people of interest or major events that built the Guild to how it stands now.

Guild Roster - This thread should be comprised of a list of all active members of the Guild, whether integrated into the Prestige plugin or not. I would also suggest a note next to each name indicating their role in the Guild, i.e., Founder, Leader, Senior Members and Recruits, and so on. This thread should include a brief explanation of how a player can get involved with the guild both IC and OOC.

Proposed Non Sticky, Unlocked Threads:

Guild's Line of Succession | Heirs
- This thread can include a full line of succession involving any certain number of Guild members or relatives. It can provide clarification for who's third in line, fourth in line… tenth in line, twentieth in line, and so on. The immediate heir should be clearly defined and the current reigning Lord should be marked at the top of the post.

Culture - A thread that details the prominent culture/s in the Guild. Other things to detail are traditions, celebrations, religion and so on.

Events - This thread can comprise of a full list of all events taking place in the within or regarding the Guild as well as details on when they take place or if they are already completed. Optional are short descriptions of the events and links to the event threads.

Diplomatic Relations - This post can serve as a direct chart of exactly what the political standing vs. other political entities is, ranging from Allies to Enemies; where Allies will be Houses, Factions, etc. that are called upon for support or are supported during hardships or war, and can be relied upon fully by the Guild -- and Enemies are considered to be either attack on sight status, engaged in warfare with at present time, or generally disfavored by the whole Guild.

Important Note:

Religious organizations and similar groups will be included in this subforum. We will be keeping all factions to the 'Guilds' subforum.

Contents and Format borrowed heavily from Houses Template.
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