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[Guild] The invisible book keepers


An Alteran Bard

Situated in
Praes Divina, is the Guild of invisible bookkeepers.
This is a closed guild. The existence of this guild was public knowledge while it was located in Frostwarts.
Yet now, years later, it has become a much more secretive guild of Visage worship.

What exactly occupies the guild members is not known, though it has something to do with books.
People often think of these guild-members as dusty old librarians doing boring things all the time.
Unbeknownst to them, it is quite the opposite...


"The invisible book effect, also known as the voice of importance, is the magical residue that remains within each book that is written. It's there in between the lines and connects all books in an invisible web, visible to those who know how to look for it. Whether it is arcane or divine magic is not known, but the effect is surely magical. It could be a magic leftover from Silas, or new magic from Visage."

"Invisible books, per definition unwritten, are spread out over large collections of written books. Several books from different categories and various authors can all contribute to one invisible book, that awaits to be compiled or written. Put all the books that contain references to one topic together and remove the pages that are not about that topic and you'll have gotten insight into something that the catalog of that library did not mention to have any information on: You've found an invisible book!"

"The realization of the existence of invisible books has only taken place very recently. Nowhere in archival history has there been a single mention of it. Invisible books are only perceivable by those who know of their existence and who have elaborate knowledge of a large collection of books. As such, it is a kind of secretive thing and grants one person who has read ten books more knowledge than ten people who have each read one of those ten books."

The Guild:

What is this guild?
The guild essentially is a group of players that keep records of lists of books that refer to topics of which no books are written. They do this so they know which books to put together to distill secret information from between the lines. (Imagine nobody has written a book on toenails, but toenails are mentioned in 20 different books. So the 'invisible book' is a list of the titles of those 20 books, so that one who is interested in toenails knows exactly where to read about it).

Where does this guild meet?
The current 'guild home' is set in Praes Divina, where they may meet around the large table. Perhaps if this truly takes off in the future, Kublai will dedicate a bigger part of Praes Divina to keep lists of books that can be compiled into an invisible book, only to be shared with guild members.

What is expected of its members?
What do the guild members truly do with their lives? Well, the characters' lives go on as usual. Yet, if they ever have a moment in which they're bored or got time to spend, they will visit any library and start to read books that they have not read. When they find a reference to something that interests them and they cannot find any more information on that specific topic, they write down the name of the topic. They either start looking for more references or send this topic name to the guild-home in a sealed letter. Then, all members of the guild will do their best to compile a list of book-titles, authors, and the categories they are in, which in some way shed light on this topic.

As time goes by, the guild will compile more and more lists and will have a whole lot of secret invisible books that only they can look into. These lists essentially make it very easy to get to know things about certain topics, without having to read through hundreds of books (there are over 500 in Frostwarts) in order to get the knowledge they seek. Like I said in the introduction; the invisible book effect is like a web of connected books. This guild lays bare this web so we can follow the strands and get new insights other people ICly (and funnily enough) OOCly will not be able to grasp.

That sounds like fun. I want in! How?
If you wish to join, simply read the book "The Magical Invisible Book Effect", available in Frostwarts, and approach Kublai with questions about it. That'll get things going.

Member: Gambit
Rank: Field Member
Job Description: Will be called on assignments to verify written texts with the real world and follow up on leads

Member: Kublai Kulligar
Rank: Headmaster
Job Description: Will oversee meetings, chart courses for topics, put new initiates through a trial, write invisible books.

If you want to find an invisible book yourself
To get an idea of what I mean, read the following list of books and see if you can find out what they have in common (a.k.a. what the invisible book's topic is):

In Secrets, Mysteries & Prophecies:
(1) Arcane Chambers
(2) Dwarven Prophecy pre Krummi

In Poems & Songs:
(3) Song of Korog

In People & Their Journals:
(4) Dwarven Diary
(5) Dwarven Escape
(6) Commander's Log
(7) Zustidwaer Log

Races, Cultures & Their Languages:
(8) History of The Dwarves

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An Alteran Bard
Finally a way to share all books with everyone, yet be secretive about it.
The information is all out there in the library, the knowledge is held by the guild.
No more need to keep books out of the public domain for Visage worshippers.


An Alteran Bard
Welcoming Gambit to the guild as a field-member. He will not be delving in dusty books, but take on specific adventures!


An Alteran Bard
Now public in Frostwarts!


This Invisible Book is compiled from references drawn from the following 18 books:

Evil Races: Demonic.
Queen's Port Investigation.
The Key.
Report: Despair.
It is Escaping
Negation Runes
Book of Exorcism: Vol I
Book of Exorcism: Vol II
Song of Korog
Dwarven Escape
Commander's Log
Timeline of Altera
A duel of a Queen and a Demon
The Black Orb
The Evil Nether
The Blood Moon
History Vol I.

This 50 paged book took me way too long to write. I've got a headache.​


An Alteran Bard
In secret, this is going to get a new life in Praes Divina under the banner of Visage.
Anyone who is interested in the concept, give me a shout.