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Hakovi t1.png

Name: Hakovi

Other Names: Hako, Kovi

Titles: Po

Age: 17 years

Race: Po Makani

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Current Residence: Travelling

Homeland: Vata'inu

Social Status: Commoner

Current Mood: Positive

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Hakovi t2.png

5'9" | 177 cm

Weight: 110 lbs | 49 kg

Eye Color: Blue

Bird Type: Crow - Jackdaw

Skin Color: Dark Grey

Feathers: Black and grey, with some blue and lighter grey traces here and there.
Overall he keeps his feathers tidy and preened.

Wingspan: 15 feet 7 inches | 4.8 m

Build of Body: Strong upper body mass, but overall rather lean.

Head Feathers: Some stray messy feathers at the back and top. He doesn't seem to notice.

Beak: Medium length, black and slightly curved.

Claws: Black, kept quite sharp, especially on his feet.

Is Seen By Others As: An active birb, who laughs a lot.

Scarring on his right foot.

Voice: He speaks louder than most Alterans, and sometimes even other Makani.
His laughter is rather bird-like.


Hakovi t3.png

Hakovi is an active, playful and curious young Makani.
He has a tendency to go with the flow of his life
, and rarely worries about tomorrow.
With people, he is mentally durable and social, often seeking for people to chat and practice his Common with.
Though often wary, he appears curious of many little things, and seems to have a pull towards all things shiny.

● High Ground | It brings him a comforting feeling of home, and works as an escape route.
Shiny Objects | Something Vata'inu barely had, and something Hakovi has found himself drawn to.
● Humor | In Hakovi's mind, life is too grim to go through without laughter. It isn't difficult to make him laugh.
Nighttime | The ability to glide through the air and blend in with the night sky is simply a fascinating feeling.

● Rubble & Caves | Bad memories and uncomfortable terrain to traverse. Caves especially leave him frustrated.
● Selfishness | He's a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this though, hoarding things.
● Water & Rain | He's not a fan of not being able to go and glide whenever.
● Stoic People | It's unfortunate to have a sour face for longer than a day.

● Social | While not the most easy to approach, Hakovi enjoys speaking with others and has a tendency to linger around.
● Crafty | Being clever has helped him out of a predicament or two, and he's sure it'll help him in the future as well.
● Gliding | Something he takes great pride in. It's not only a way to escape, but a way to have fun.
● Carefree | Hakovi has a rather simplistic view on life, and doesn't let small things bother him.

● Loud | Even for a Makani, he tends to laugh and speak rather loud. It doesn't seem like he notices this though.
● Shiny Objects | He won't dive to death for them, but he's willing to do stupid things to acquire a few.
● Weak Bones | Just the Makani things. He tries to avoid all close-combat for this reason.
● Naïve | Foolhardy, impulsive and young... He still has much to learn.

● Immobility | The thought of no longer being able to move or glide freely is one Hakovi has trouble handling.
● Claustrophobic | He isn't a fan of tight or small spaces, especially those built by people.

● That of a Po Makani

● Yakai | Fluent
● Common | Proficient, Illiterate

Religious Inclination: Manna, though it has changed after the Great Disaster.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral ?

Hakovi t4.png

Allergies: Onions, cabbage, garlic, kale, and most mushrooms.

● Bumblefoot |

Sleeping Habits: Normal, often sleeps with his wings around him for 'shelter' or warmth.

Energy Levels: High, he is very active.

Eating Habits: He enjoys various fruits and meats, and bread when he can get his hands on it.

Exercise Habits: Lots of gliding and walking, travelling.

Memory: Fine

Eyesight: Fantastic

Unhealthy Habits: N/A

Drinking Habits: He does not drink.


Hakovi t5.png

Types of Food: Grapes, Cherries

Type of Drink: Water

Hobbies/Pastimes: Gliding

Color: Orange

Place: Ledges ig?

Hakovi t6.png

Type of Food: N/A

Type of Drink: Strong Alcohols

Hobbies/Pastimes: Waiting, Sailing

Color: Grey

Place: Caves, Rubble

Hakovi t7.png

Typical Habits:
● General Makani Habits | Feather ruffling, wing shifting, head bobbing... Just the makani things.
● Talon Tapping | Especially using the talons of his feet, he tends to rhythmically tap on surfaces when idling.
● Delicate Hands | Hakovi becomes very gentle and careful when handling "shinies", afraid he'll scratch and ruin them.

Notable Possessions:
● Strange Barb | A serrated dagger-sized dark grey barb. It appears a stone-like material.

Prized Possessions / Shinies:
● Strange Glass | An unrefined piece of frosty glass, twisted in unnatural ways.
● Cold Coins | Some flat gold discs. Idk what face they got on them, but he got some.
● Sapphire Earrings | An unfinished pair of silver and sapphire earrings.
● Gems | Two sapphires, two emeralds and a ruby.
● Golden Bell | A palm sized golden bell.

● Silver Jester Bell | Yeah...

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Lord of Altera

Hakovi t8.png

Name | Title (Yakai) - Translation
"Quote" - "Exchange"
Short Relation Description

Side note: I know the Yakai titles aren't 100% correct, but y'know what, I'm working with what the Lexicon is offering me and havin' fun with it.

Akmavei | Nadiahli - Sister
"This is the Library!" - "The what?"
While the two don't truly know each other, Hakovi considers her family. He's happy to meet other Makani again.

Thryss | Makahli - Helpful Woman
"Oh, and you'll have a cool, silver scar, when I cut it."
Hakovi has only good things to say about this one... Besides that time she spat on his wound.

Celaena | Keiya Yohm - Soft One
"Makani hands not made to be gentle." - "I see, though you are very gentle, are you not?"
Celaena has been very nice company for Hakovi. He appreciated her noticing his careful way of handling jewelry.

Etrius | Mediya Ayuda Natuus - "Shiny Storage"

"Do you have any gems?" - "Got 'em stored in my workshop."
He may or may not be in danger for saying that.

Foxbells | Lei Rei'tuus - Colorful Fox

"Wait, wait, is a Makani selling feathers? How much?"
She was... Interesting.

Drew | Veinan Ayyei - Groundling Guard

"Cookie?" - "Yes."
Not only can he carry Hakovi on his shoulders, he also offers cookies each time they talk. This is very good.

Maple | Ahmabi Ayahli - Joyful Young
"It's a bell. I've had it for eight years now."
Hakovi met Maple back in Astrum when she was still a child. Meeting her again was very fun, and her bell was epic.

Ronak | Soyah - Idiot
"'Ad trade ye a' few gemstones fer tha'."
The two haven't had many chats, but Hakovi believes he's a fool for always being hurt, and for how easy it is to steal from him.

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Makani that hate my character:
Hakovi (Soon-to-be)

Perfect. Another makani to annoy and fail to pluck feathers from.


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did the rleaitons, but uh no proper listing for these, just kinda shoved em in by memory
i rly want to use the lexicon more but it do be lackin just a lil
but i will still try, for it is incredibly amusing