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The halflings are typically a lively people who have had a difficult past and now face dwindling numbers. Long ago, Queen Grief culled their numbers to create the Greylings, and ever since they have been working to regain their sense of identity. Whether this is in a caravan, or in cities, it is a mark of the halfling people that they live life with a degree of optimism for the future. They bear the stigma of a thieving stereotype in cities due to their size, but it is in no means true for every member of the small folk.

Height: Females tend to average between 3’ft and 3’8ft. Males can stand between 3’5ft and 4ft tall.
Weight: Females can weigh anywhere between 30lbs and 50lbs. Males are usually between 40lbs and 70lbs. These weights could increase or decrease based on muscle mass, diet, health, and/or height.
Build: A halfling’s build is more akin to elves than dwarves, despite the size. They boast a slight frame and diminutive size. They are, at times, confused for human children because of this.
Eyes: Gray, blue, green, brown
Skin: Frequently are a fair skinned and pale race. They do, however, have a propensity for freckles.
Hair: Halflings tend to have auburn hair, though blonds and redheads are found among the race as well. It is extremely uncommon, if not unheard of, to see a black haired halfling. Facial hair can be grown to a small degree, but few halflings choose to.
Other Traits: Halflings have small, pointed ears. Despite this, their hearing is hardly different than a human. The soles of their feet tend to be rough and calloused from going barefoot frequently.
Lifespans: Halflings tend to live up to around 80 years old, though their small bodies experience physical degradation around 50 years. Around 70 years they also experience mental degradation. Halflings are considered mature at 16 years.
Pregnancy: 10 months. (Twins are common)

None unique to the race

The Roavers

(Credit to Cherry, Fitz, Michcat, and the Lore Council)
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