Upcoming [Halloween Event] - Haunted House Adventure


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Haunted House Adventure
[Halloween Event]

A house has appeared in Nid Arach.
One day it wasn't there, then overnight it suddenly stood at the border of the tainted lands.
Whatever emerges in Nid Arach must always be uprooted, or it will fester and spawn the worst kinds of things.
Dare ye enter the haunted mansion? And more importantly; will ye leave with your wits??

Date: 20th of October
Time: 21:30h GMT+2 / 3.30 pm EST
Place: Nid Arach road from Storm's landing
Rating: Violent - Public

Optifine with Dynamic Lighting highly recommended!

Sign Up Form:
To sign up, you let me know who you're bringing and what you'll be focusing on!
Redstone Focus - You pull the levers and tap the buttons to get further, grab yourself some loot, and make things happen!
Loot Focus - You skip between the others, reaching out for abandoned items that only you can spot!
Combat Focus - You will be first to get to deal with the monsters on your path and take their drops!

Char Name: [the character you intend to bring]

Char Focus: Redstone Focus // Loot Focus // Combat Focus

Sign Up [13]:
Thryss Gravedigger - Combat Focus
Vulrye Spookhorn - Combat Focus

Asero Crowpicker - Combat Focus
Jaden Skellyjelly - Combat Focus
Kopii bonerattler - Loot Focus
Remus Wolfhowl - Loot Focus
Dove Ghostspotter - Loot Focus
Kyri Bloodspitter - Loot Focus
Garrett Pumpkinhead - Loot Focus
Cassia Hellwalker - Redstone Focus
Ardaric Webweaver - Redstone Focus
Theo Spookypants - Redstone Focus
Connor Catbat - Redstone Focus
Karn Clawheart - Redstone Focus

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Slight change in the OP. This now requires a sign up in which you choose what you'll be focusing on. No one single char shall do all the things. You'll have to choose your focus.


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Staff member
Char Name: Ardaric Tideborne
Char Focus: Can fill any focus, comfortable will all options.


Legend of Altera
Char Name: Connor Hayden
Char Focus: Redstone Focus
(Should be able to attend though I may have to cancel closer to the date)


Lord of Altera
Char Name: Kopii
Char Focus: Loot Focus

Hopefully I'll be able to make it, Sundays are weird for me as I don't know the times of work that often.


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The mansion awaits, it's almost done!
And I got staff approval for some stuff that will make this year's HollowWeen even more amazing.
Looking forward to the event!