Finished Halloween Scary Puzzle Event


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"The Pumpkinking" - By Rado Javor

It is OctooooOOOOooooberrrr....
So I'd like to invite everyone for a pumpkin-scary puzzle event this halloween.
The puzzle will consist of using passwords to unlock doors to access areas which yield new passwords to continue further.
In each new area, the attendees may pick one item from a chest of stuff, so after the event all attendees should have some goodies.
It's all in spooky celebrational halloween style, I'm sure you'll have a blast :)

I'm already setting up the area, so please do not go exploring it and unlocking doors just yet ;)

Date:Saturday 27th of October
Time: 20:00 BST (21:00 Dutch time) / 14:00 CST
Location: The path in front of Rahm's Labyrinth.

if not working together, close the door behind you after unlocking it with a password, this way nobody can cheat (or get stuck somewhere)
Don't say the passwords in local/rp/whisper chat, if you wanna tell someone you team up with, use private messages.
Make sure you got some piece of paper to write passwords down on, so you don't forget them.
Take only 1 item from each chest. Taking more will result in some people getting nothing at all, and that would be very sad (cry-emoji)

Any pumpkin heads / spiders / skulls you may have in excess, I am a potential buyer :p

The event-site is still open and people can still solve the puzzles to get to loot OOCly. ICly one of the houses and the final room have been burnt down in the name of the Good Gods.
I'll put down how the puzzles work:
- Everything is in the pumpkin patches
- To open doors, you need passwords (entered in full CAPS)
- Find the first passwords in the pumpkinpatch
- open a door with a password to get entree to a room which will hold a new password and a goody in a chest.
- Go on until you reach the final room, by that time, you've collected all the goodies most likely! Incl. a lorified pumpkin head!
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Lord of Altera
I loved your last dungeon event and would like to attend this one. You host some pretty badass and fun events :heart:


The Artisan
I'm preparing some fun items, so to be sure I have enough for everyone I need a list of attendees.
If you wanna join and haven't said you might try to join, please leave a comment!


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This is tomorrow, the starting time is for the opening of the event, if people drop on later they'll still be able to join :)


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I was supposed to be away during this, but plans got canceled
I'll come if it's still possible :D


The Artisan

This is also part of the event, a treasure hunt. If you find any of the [9/9] items, put em up in an item frame. When they're all there, the chest will unlock for a final goody to be had!

10 minutes till :D