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Head Texture Database
Conversion to a new system:
Recently, the code of our plugin HollowCrafting has not been kind to the custom playerheads of skins and textures from the headsdatabase for minecraft. We've run into bugs where some of the heads ingame give an error title code when they're placed and broken. Our drop system is also buggy where not all objects drop the intended heads because 1.13 has changed its block IDs and we're still reeling from the updates. Our main problem is that we don't know how the code works in our limited understanding and although Tiberione has helped with crafting recipes returning, we still find ourselves with these issues.

In light of this, we'll introduce a new Head texture database where players can purchase heads. The prices have to be set as thus- and the money goes back into the server.

Head Prices
alphabet-price: 200
animals-price: 300
blocks-price: 200
decoration-price: 250
food_drinks-price: 250
plants-price: 200

/heads search x

Categories to help you get started searching:

HollowCrafting will be remaining as we still use some HW craft recipes that are non-player heads. But we're hoping that players can replace their current heads and use these new heads to prevent their decorations from being pulled up buggy. And with that, we may be able to start shelving some files for those heads. We're also in view of many new varieties of heads we weren't able to see before. The only con of this plugin is that any lantern decorations do not light up. We'll have to find a way to write code for it or find a plugin to support it. Craftrecipe for lanterns should still be available for the time being and that may be the only recipe I intend to have remain until we find a way to fix the code or promote lighting up player heads with the new system.

Ask any Q's below.
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So you say any lantern heads won’t light up. How is that going to effect those intern heads currently placed?

(Oh god, having to replace them all)


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The lanterns crafted via recipes will still light up. The ones bought by the head database won't light up since it's not a feature of their plugin. You can differentiate the heads by the craft recipie's having yellow font names while the HeadDatabase has blue font names.

The limited craft lanterns recipie we do have is found in a public post here: https://hollowworld.co.uk/threads/custom-items-drops-and-recipes.43816/

The headdatabase does have fancy new lanterns that won't light up. If you bought new ones and tried to place them, they'll just be seen as decoration. If players find this complicated, I can restrict the lanterns from the database and keep the craft recipie's as the only way to have a functional lantern- let me know below