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NAME: Helena Valdis
☾ || 'Hellion'. [Cymic]
TITLES: 'Lady'.
AGE: She appears to in her early twenties. {24}
RACE: Silver Elven.
GENDER: Female.
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual.
SOCIAL STATUS: She is a noblewoman.
PROFESSION: 'Representative' of the [Azarin Bank].

APPEARANCE: Helena holds herself high with a noble posture and keeps herself clean and presentable, and makes sure to wear clothing of high quality. She actively tries not to ever be seen with any lack of composure and always tries to look refined. She is elegant, in as many ways she can be.
HEIGHT: She reaches 5'6".
WEIGHT: She is generally around 125-130lbs.
EYE COLOUR: A brilliant silver, with dark lashes and brows.
SKIN COLOUR: She is particularly pale, but not unhealthily so.
BODY TYPE: Helena is slim, lithe, as many of her race tend to be. She has soft, feminine curves, a subtle hourglass in shape - Though does not appear particularly toned.
HAIR TYPE: Pitch black in colour. It has the faintest waviness to it if she keeps it pinned up for a time, but usually it is straight, and long, reaching her lower back. It is well cared for.
COMPLEXION: She is free of any blemish, her skin fair and even in tone.
HYGIENE: She bathes regularly, and smells of various herbs or perfumes.
☾ || N/A
☾ || N/A



☾ || Determined // { Helena is strong willed and hard to sway from her chosen path. She holds determination as a strong value and will stop at little to see it through. }
☾ || Patient // { She is a patient woman, and will wait for things to go her way. She has no shortage of time being an Elven woman. }
☾ || ???
☾ || Hedonistic // { An unending pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction drives Helena in many aspects of her life, occasionally blinding her and diverting her attentions. }
☾ || Selfish // { Helena is ultimately out for herself, and no one is more important. She will often put herself before others. }
☾ || ???
☾ || Wealth // { Money is what keeps Helena's world going, and with it comes all the finery and pleasures it can buy. }
☾ || Position // { Ideally, she will one day find herself in a high enough position that wealth is not questioned again and money not worried about. }
☾ || Socialising // { Truly, she enjoys hearing what people have to say and gossip is always welcome. She can feel quite lonely if she goes too long without.}
☾ || Filth // { Filth and grime is a reminder of a lesser stature than she would like, and it is unpleasant to boot. She is a very clean person. }
☾ || Lack of Funds // { Money is how Helena thrives, and when the money falls low she realises she is in peril if she wishes to keep her lifestyle. }
☾ || ??? // --- }
☾ || ??? // ---}

EDUCATION: She has an average education, despite how she wants to be perceived. Perhaps she will try to better herself.
Common || Fluent in speech, reading and writing. {10/10}
Elven (Native Tongue) || Fluent in speech, reading, and writing. {10/10}
GENERAL ATTITUDE: Helena is a cordial, observant woman who has significant interest in those around her. She is however, reserved, and exceptionally private in regards to her own intentions with people. She is not above lying and manipulating to keep herself above water, so to speak.
RELIGIOUS VIEWS: She worships none of the Pantheon.
GENERAL INTELLIGENCE: She tries to come off as being perhaps smarter than she is. She isn't below average, regardless.
GENERAL SOCIABILITY: She tries to be sociable and involve herself.
TEMPERAMENT: Relaxed, composed.
ALIGNMENT: It's hard to place.


☾ || [DRESS] A purple gown with gold trim, extending to the wrists. Rough ref; { x }
☾ || [DRESS] A relatively simple black dress, the sleeves extending to the wrists. { x }
☾ || [CLOAK] A fine, black cloak with warm lining and two sliver clasps. { x }
☾ || [DRESS] A dress of deep red silk, expensive of make and fitted well. Paid for by Samael for the festival hosted. { x }
☾ || [DRESS] A deep maroon gown, long sleeved and well fitted. Bought by herself for auction events. { x }
☾ || [DRESS] A deep emerald gown of silk and lace, finerly tailored by Carling Herennia. { x }
☾ || [DRESS] A white and gold gown with sections of sheer fabrics and gold detailing. Includes a mask of vines and a veil. { x }
☾ || [RING] An dark, ornate, fancy ring with a large ruby in the centre. Crafted by Thordil. { x }
☾ || [RING] A pale gold ring with unique metalwork holding a smaller ruby in the centre. Crafted by Thordil. { x }
☾ || [RING] A gold, rune-etched ring with a ruby, crafted by Thordil. Gifted to her by Eimar Ursae. { x }
☾ || A rose turned into gold (Fool's Gold) by King Cymic at the Sallana festival in Linistel, gifted to her.
☾ || A skull, taken from Nid Arach. (Given to Another)
OWNED HOMES: She has no home that she owns.
OWNED BUSINESSES: She now owns the 'Valdis Winery' in Storm's Landing.
CARRIED INVENTORY: Some coin, mint, a small dagger, and a book.
INCOME SOURCES: She gets a modest wage from her position at the Azarin Bank.

|| ☽ HISTORY ☾ ||

CHILDHOOD: Her childhood involved a lot of moving and an inability to really make friends or stay close to people. Her parents fled to Linlea before her birth but the reason for that is unknown to her, and they kept a low profile. Her father left to work on the ships and never returned before she was ten.
TEEN YEARS: Her mother taught her throughout her youth on a variety of topics but nothing excessive. She was encouraged to carve her own way in life and not to rely on her mother for she would not always be able to provide.
ADULTHOOD: Her mother shunned her to make her leave home, and then left to follow the path of the Grey Lady. Helena moved to Storm's Landing with whatever she could take with her, and seeks to do the only thing she can, survive.
Later met Samael, worked for the Azarin Bank, held severl events and auctions, adventured for the bank, climbed the ranks of wealth, opened a gambling hall, and bought a winery.

Art credits (I edited p much each one)
Anna Okruzhnova, Fernanda Suarez, Alexandra Jury

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Those held the closest.


Trusted and highly regarded.


Known, but only on the surface.

∾|| Samael Azarin // Banker of Veraci. Inheritance. Wealthy. Knows the ways of coin. Stoical. Employer. blargtheawesome
∾|| Podric Flanders // Follower of Ignis. Mildly charitable. Killer of Heretics. Luam
∾|| Andre Ursae // Founder of the Cradle. Polite and well-mannered. Rawkiller

∾|| Asero Crow // Master of Coin and Trade of Veraci. Collector. No longer all too relevant, he is content to be beneath Rogerius. A shame. Electric
∾|| Daniel Christianos // Cook. Musician. Blorbis83
∾|| Eimar // Of the 'Empire'. Generous. Kind. Well-Learned. Apparently wealthy. Wine-Maker of strange wines. Rawkiller
∾|| Raelor // Veraci Resident. Curious. Attentive. Scholarly. Writes down many things. Dislikes banks. Shao
∾|| Eria // Halfling. Quiet. Meek. Documents Seemingly deaf in one ear.. Galaxy
∾|| Rosalia // Farmer Girl. Bashful. Timid. Warm-Hearted. Lovestruck. A new budding business owner with potential. Bishop
∾|| Jin Elsattir // Tradesman. Sooleran. Jovial. Well-Mannered. Cares for Roselia, it appears. Olligreen
∾|| Ronn Holtzorc // Carpenter. Blunt. Merchant. Luam
∾|| Jaden Seeker // Sentinel of the Rangers. Broody. Watchful. Holds back aggressive teenagers. Adventurer. Mage. Capable Swordsman. CloakedReaper
∾|| Sigrid // A Daughter. Grieving. Mourning. Violent, angry, and prepared to lash out. Pity. Smurf

∾|| Cymic // Konung of Sangria. Crude. A gambling man. Socialite. Adventurer. Blessed of Jax. Tries to use crude humour on a regular basis. Cymic_
∾|| Sylvar // Student of Medicine. Intelligent. Observant. A touch caring. A touch unaware of feelings and how to address them. Cranium
∾|| Leofaren // Healer. Magical talents. Has a penchant for books. An avid collector of knowledge. A good business partner, and investor to boot. Shankster
∾|| Alek // Sailor. Handsome. A little broody. Winks a lot. Solus
∾|| Raalvara // Countess of Varyn. Fighter. Whiskey fan. Chaotic family life. Raal
∾|| Jackdaw // Crude. Tends to keep things for herself. Distrust. ToastySpam
∾|| Thomas Tindall // Observer. Investigator. A useful asset, if he is as as good as he suggests. Shankster
∾|| Thordil // Dwarven Smith. 'Prophet' of Korog. Crafts beautiful jewellery, and seemingly glowing gems too. Interesting. Jazzper
∾|| Doggett // Connected. Friend of Samael. Hard to read but possible to trust. Squidziod
∾|| Uriel // Captain of the Guard. Valiant. Young. A heart in the right place and seemingly still exploring what the world has to offer, like dancing. But be careful of his zeal. BoredBrit
∾|| Leighton Altham // Count of Eldpoint. Well-Mannered. Guarded. Survivor of the Isles, and Keeper of the lost wares. Mapboy
∾|| Kopii // Blue. Peculiar, unique, with the hair and tattooing. Seems to mean well, but is perhaps drawn in by injury... Omikuji
∾|| Carling Herennia // Seamstress. Cordial, well-mannered. Organiser of events, but remains vaguely timid. Pleasant, all the same. MelodyComplex

The undesirable.

∾|| Johnathan Windsor // Debts Owed, Debts Paid. Caution. BoredBrit
∾|| Fenric // Sentinel of Sangria. Violent. Reactive. Disregards views not his own. Colonelgames
∾|| Rogerius Ricci // Bishop-King of Veraci. Stubborn, jealous, and sour. Considers himself truly above others and makes an effort to belittle and assert himself. Blorbis83

The wretches of the world.


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This character will start with a set amount of OOC radiants, and throughout exchanges I'll update the money by sending/withdrawing it via a
house bank or people depending on if the exchange is with a player or NPC. Money IG is money IC for this one.

Job Wages || Every Monday, Helena is paid her week/two week salary of 2,000. || VIII || Total; 16,000

[+] Ventured to Storm's Landing with 500r to her name, after purchasing one fine purple gown and some basic supplies. As well as one week's worth of rent. (12th June)
[+] Upon joining Samael Azarin in gaining permission to open a bank, she was offered a position as a 'receptionist'. It is considered and later taken if for curiousity. (13th June)
[+] Given one four 'Scales' from Eimar within the Landing to show her employer. Total value of 100, 50, 25, and 3 radiants.(15th June)
[+] Samael Azarin allows her to keep the profits from the stalls at the festival she mostly organised, as he manages to get several accounts opened. She takes a total of 2,000r. (18th June)
[+] She bet 200 radiants on Kublai winning a poetry contest with King Seymour. She won. (23rd June)
[+] She attends a voyage East, and while she collects various items and treasures to log them in for auction, she finds a total of 650 radiants and keeps those for herself. (25th June)
[+] She arranges an auction, and a Midsummer Ball and accepts donations for the Ball. She later requests Samael give her 30,000 radiants for her efforts and he agrees. (28th June)
[+] Several donations come through for the Ball. Podric, 'Maceo', and Julianne. 17,000 in total. (28-29th June)
[+] More donations come through. Ardaric and Cymic both. 10,000 in total.(2nd July)
[-] Purchases a fitted, maroon dress for the auction. -2000.
[-] Donates -3,000 to Roselia's budding business.
[-] Purchases three rings from Thordil at the Summer Festival. -300r.

[+] She is paid 500 radiants for assisting in getting books from Nid Arach to Frostwarts.
[+] She sells an item on for 5,000.
[-] She pays for some services at a total fee of 3,000, but pays only -500 upfront.
[-] The rest is paid. -2500
[+] The opening of the Azarin Hall was a success, particularly from winning a 50,000 gamble from Samael himself. She brings in a total of 56,200‬ radiants.
[-] She purchases the Winery in Storm's Landing from Julian Mercante for a total of 42,000 radiants.
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More or less finished, and added sections/relations. Also another post claim.


Bring back angry react
Helena smelldis. It took me 5 weeks, 20 hours of brainstorming, 13 drafts and an 'accidental' fire involving 3 gallons of petrol and a corner shop to come up with that.