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Hello My Friends! [Unban Appeal]

The Courier

Lord of Altera
Hello New Staff and Old Staff that remains. It's been about a year and 21 days since I was banned from this server. If I recall correctly it was because my political views were deemed extremely offensive and intolerant. As well, that I had said many racist things in OOC chat nonchalantly and to others in a very lackadaisical manner. I understand that it was inappropriate and that others do not share my views and beliefs and that I should not force others to be uncomfortable around me because of them. It's been a long while since those times and while I personally haven't changed in my views I know now to keep them around people who are close friends with me or family. There's a time and place for everything and this server most certainly isn't the place for talking of politics in any shape or form. We're here for fun! I'm here for fun! It's a hobby and should be treated like that, I'm going to treat it exactly like that. After all, I always have my own Discords to post anything that isn't PG-13 or suitable for all audiences.

I've never actually had to perform a ban appeal before so pardon me if I'm extremely bad at this. I've no intention on bringing up any past grievances or past disputes I've had with people and Staff on this server. It's been over a year, I'm fairly certain we can all safely move on from what has happened in the past in terms of disputes. For anyone who I did harm through my actions, you have my apologies for acting in that way. It was a time where I was young(er), simply looking for a few quick laughs at the expense of others completely. I've changed since then for the better! Truly, I have, I'd not currently be helping many people lose weight and work on gaining a healthier lifestyle as a guide for a gym if I hadn't. I like to think that a lot can happen in a year, while the base of my beliefs may still be the same my personality when it comes to expressing them has changed completely. I bring this up because I want for it to be apparent that my toxic behavior of the past is gone outside of just a genuinely light-hearted personality.

I take responsibility for my actions and I did end up getting myself banned because I was an aggressive individual in a friendly environment. I don't blame you guys for banning me, you simply did your job and I simply didn't listen to warnings. It was a fair trial and I got the expected sentence.

I apologize as well because I don't remember the names of the individuals I may have affected greatly. A lot has happened in the past year and trying to keep up with people who I've not interacted in over a year on a Minecraft Server wasn't truly at the top of my list of things to keep track of. So, take this broad apology to heart for it's difficult as it is for myself to be emotional let alone apologetic. If you were harmed or offended by me in anyway during my time here you've my condolences. It was an awful thing of me to constantly rag on and put others down simply because I had found it amusing at the time. Helping others in my real life, away from the internet, has taught me that it's a far more gratifying and enjoyable thing to instead build them up than tear them down. A juvenile thing to understand, yes, but sometimes it takes a bit for me to pick up on key things.

I can promise you it won't happen again, time's have changed and I've moved on from the past. I hope you all can find this appeal sincere, as I am not the best at emotional writing. Sif's an example of that after all.

I might not be lurking around much depending on the time of day and when this is looked at, for any needs to immediately get back with me just hit me up on Discord at: The Courier#2420 [Use the same name everywhere I go hehe xd]


Hello- this has been read. The team's still going through a review and they'll get back to you.


The Shadow Admín
Retired Staff
Hello Courier,

Sorry the response took so long but after the debate in staff chat there were arguments for and against to unban you. So instead of make the call based solely on who argued the loudest I decided to make it a vote. The results of the vote were decidedly in the direction to not unban you at this time. Arguments against varied however if you truly wish to return you are not forum banned, so you can participate in the community via the forums. If after a suitable amount of time has passed and you have been active showing this change in behavior and desire to be a positive addition to the community you may appeal again.

How long is a suitable amount of time? I am honestly unsure it would depend on activity levels shown and behavior during that time period. Actions speak louder then words as they say and it will be by actions you can change folks opinions the quickest.

In the meantime I wish you luck in your life both online and offline.